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    Hey! I'm Eruna! I'm really interested in trying to seek creative people to join me in a 1x1. There are a few things I would like ya t'know before ya come in and say, "We'd make a great team!" Because if ya can't cope with how I do things, then we aren't gonna have lots'a fun, and that's kinda my goal in roleplaying. I want to enjoy the roleplay, and appreciate effort. I want to be able to enjoy rereading our masterpiece.

    "Organize! Organize! Organize!"
    I like to have things organized. I want details on exactly what you want, and in return I will tell you exactly what I want. For starters, I want to be able to distinguish between OOC and IC, so please tell me your choice of OOC, whether seperate pm/thread, parenthesis, brackets, footnotes, something else, or all of the above. Yeah I'm kinda a brat when it comes to organizing.

    Character Creation
    "So that's how characters are made!"
    Yes, I do have premade characters, and if you want one for our rp, please tell me. If I find you using the character outside of our rp, I will kill you so hard you will die to death. I typically use a character sheet (see spoiler) for character creation, subject to change per plot.
    Character Sheet (open)

    If you prefer a preset character I only need the parts with a *
    (Insert preferably anime picture here)
    Name: Last, "Nickname," First
    Age: (Self Explanatory)
    *Pairing: MxM
    *Smut: Yes/No
    Synopsis: (Short synopsis of your character's personality/bio)
    Other: (Anything else?)

    Grammar, Activeness, and Post Length
    "Guess what? If you don't try your best, I'll shoot you like this, okay?"
    I want decent grammar. You must capitalize, use correct punctuation, and use good spelling for the most part. A typo or error here and there doesn't matter. Also if you need to change grammar to show dialect, that is also allowed. But if you made to much errors, I am shoot you.
    I would like you to be able to atleast write 100 words, or 3 5-7 sentence paragraphs. Of course we all have writer's block but you can't always use that as an excuse.
    As for activeness, I would appreciate at least once every other day, and if you know you will be gone, please tell me; I don't bite, unless you're tastey food, in which case come here so I can eat you.

    How I Like to Play
    "I like romance; All types!"

    Okay, so yes I can play both genders. With that I can play any sexuality as well. FxF, MxF, and MxM. HOWEVER I want to play female characters in MxF, but for the rest I like playing either top or bottom, so yeah. If you have read everything, please tell me a joke when you reply or pm me.

    Let's get started!

    My Plots and Pairings
    The bold roles are the ones I really want to play. If their is no bold role in a pairing or plot, then I have no preference. Genders can be changed :)

    Master x Enslaved Gladiator
    Childhood Rival x Childhood Rival
    Hacker x Average Person
    God x Human
    Ghost x Human
    New Race x Human
    Scientist x Experiment

    Fantasy (open)

    Valkyrie x Bestian
    This story takes place in the world of Enisquere, where the two main races are split into two different kingdoms, based on the continent each one is located. There are six continents, but two of them are neutral, and the last two are home to clans and villages of smaller races. For the most part, the smaller clans and villages show loyalty to one of the two kingdoms.
    One kingdom is known as the Kingdom of Valkerie. Their land is mostly covered in ranges of mountains, and is the only place in the world where floating islands are found. With this knowledge, most would correctly assume that the majority of them have some types of wings, though those wings vary in shape and size, from feathery to bat like, to even wings that seem similar to those of a fairy. The Valkerie are mainly known for there vast knowledge of the world around them, as well as literature and history.
    The other main kingdom is the kingdom of Bestia. It is a land of large forests and plains, and while the Bestias don't typically have wings, they too have humanoid structures. The only difference that separates them and this extinct race is one or two characteristics of a land animal most of them being forest animals. Bestias are strong warriors with enhanced senses of smell, vision, and hearing.
    The entire world is at war, but each and every creature in Enisquere believes in the prophecy, though even this varies in the eyes of many individuals. The most common variation is that a god and goddess will come down from the sky and finally declare a winning kingdom of the war, based on who is a better race, wiping out the rest of the inhabitants.
    Another variation, this one slowly increasing in believers, is that the god and goddess will appear from two different races and unite the world in a large time of peace.
    Despite the fact that the world is in a non-stopping war, there are times of peace issued everywhere at once, in order to keep ups the flow of trade between continents. Every third day of the month, a festival is held in one of the bigger cities.

    Miscellaneous (open)

    King x Normal Girl
    A mysterious hooded man finds his way into a girl's place of business/home smelling of blood, rage, and death, and collapses. As he is cared for, he begins to reveal his past, his is the King/Last Heir of the King and has survived a coup by a rival house. He is now hellbent on a quest to regain his rightful spot and needs her help.

    Miscellaneous (open)

    Tiger x Dragon
    A young girl now graced with a inherited power finds herself facing off against her ancestor's greatest enemy. Along the way she meets a special person from an ancient ninja clan who decides to help her with her quest.

    Slice of Life (open)

    Normal Boyfriend x Fujoshi(Yaoi Loving) Girlfriend
    In this one, after years longing of being in a relationship, the guy mustered up the courage to finally ask the girl's hand in marriage. The girl, however, bluntly and without second thoughts, declined.
    The girl issued a challenge to her boyfriend, if he could take on her challenges to survive and remain straight after her attempts to get him on a yaoi love story. Then, she would accept the man's request and will marry him.However, if he does not, well. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't mind as she does, enjoy yaoi scenes so muchand had prepared this challenge specifically for that anyway.

    Horror (open)

    Two friends who came from the same orphanage met again after years of no contact with one another. They both happened to visit the place they used to call home at the same time. But what stood upon them, shocked them. Their orphanage was not how it was, at least not anymore, it was old, abandoned and an eerie aura now surrounds the place that held so much of their childhood memories.

    Alright, now I'm exhausted. That's about it. These should be updated from time to time, so please pm me or reply below if you are interested at all.
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  2. What did the bird say when its cage fell apart? "Cheap, cheap". That was horrible wasn't it? xD

    With that...amusing joke aside, I'd be interesting in doing the Tiger x Dragon plot with you.
  3. "Never believe quotes you read on the internet." -Abraham Lincoln

    Was that a joke? IDK...it's all I could come up with on the spot.

    Anyway, the Ghost x human one sounds interesting, and so does the scientist x experiment one so either of those would be great!
  4. Hello. Looking at this thread has sparked my interest so, I would love to do a roleplay with you.

    I am looking for a slice of life, mostly -- but either of these ones can work.

    Master x Enslaved Gladiator
    Childhood Rival x Childhood Rival
    Hacker x Average Person
    Normal Boyfriend x Fujoshi(Yaoi Loving) Girlfriend

    If you would like to roleplay with me, please respond here, or via PM so we can get started on planning!
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