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Hello there!
So I am always looking for fun new ideas to try out. I play female and only female unless using a supportive character to help strengthen the role play. There are many things that I do and seeing as I'm posting on the Libertine role play board that means that I am okay with mature content including romance. Saying this, if there is romance in our role plays it is NOT going to start out with a sudden interest that leads directly to sex. I feel like if there is going to be romance there is to be something that is created. So if you want romance you better be willing to have a nice plot line or twist that feeds life into the role play.

Okay so with all that rant out of the way lets get down to business. I am looking for someone who challenges me. I am VERY submissive as a character and like the strong hopeless romantic types. I play female as I said before and enjoy when my partners play male characters and it's better for my that you are actually a male, no offense to anyone but males just play males better than females. So if you have any plots or twists that you are wanting to try out hit me up. If I'm not interested I'll let you know. Forgive me if I take awhile, sometimes I forget to reply so be patient I'm still trying to figure this site out.

Thanks <3

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Hey :) Spotted this and was wondering if you'd be interested in thinking up a plot. I'll let you know now, I'm really keen on doing a Fallout based RP, with original characters and maybe following FO4's plot loosely. If that's an interest to you, I'd love to talk with you about it :)
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