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  1. This pretty much copy and pasted from an earlier post I made on a different site with a few edits

    Hello! I have just joined, but I've been rping for several years. I'm currently looking for some new people for romance rps.

    • MxM. I do MxF too, and might be persuaded to do FxF if there's a good plot.
    • Somebody who can post with proper grammar and spelling. Length isn't an issue for me, since I can only do a paragraph on a good day, but I don't mind if people give me more or less than that.
    • Somebody who is willing to rp over email or pm. This is for both convenience since I always have my email open, but because I like a bit of privacy and would prefer to not use a board anybody could read.
    • Somebody who can be mature, but this doesn't necessarily have to mean graphic. I want somebody who can approach mature themes like depression and mental illness and not turn them into jokes.
    • Any genre really except sci-fi. I like a bit of plot with my romance as well.

    Pairings I had in mind:
    • Vampire/pretty much anything
    • Angel/Demon
    • Teacher/Student
    • Bully/Bullied
    • Anything you can think of, honestly

    Feel free to pm me or post here.
  2. I'd be up for an MxM! Message me and we can talk!
  3. I'm up for an MxF! PM me if you want. :3
  4. I recently took a hiatus from Iwaku but I'm ready to get back in there! I could try doing a MxM but I've never done one :o I can do MxF. The angelxDemon one interested me :D
  5. I'm definitely interested. An angelxdemon MXF sounds good to me.

    Catch is I only play female. Which I know can be an issue.
  6. I'd be interesting in giving this a shot. Feel free to message me and we can try to set it up! :)
  7. I'm interested in a water nymph/demon rp. My character preferably being the demon. I have at least a small part of the basic plot.
  8. Hey there, I would like to try a Vampire/Knight MxM rp if your interested, it would be in a medieval setting :)
  9. I'd be interested in a MxM Vampire/Human pairing (I'd prefer being the vampire), granted you're still looking.
    Message if you're interested?
  10. A M x M Demon/Angel? I have an idea for it. I'll message you.
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