Aluminum Ant Colony

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Ochalla, Nov 2, 2013.

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  2. I almost feel sorry for the ants but I also think that this is utterly amazing. I have conflicting emotions over this!
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  3. That.... That's actually really neat. And truthfully, I've always kind of wondered what ant colonies looked like ever since I was a kid. Like, as a whole colony, not just a side view from a cheesy plastic ant farm container.

    When they pulled the casting out and held it up, I was reminded of creeping vines. I wonder if that's somehow a connection?
  4. That's really awesome. It satisfied my dark side, too. Because I hate ants with a fiery passion.
  5. Those look like harvester ants.

    I love ants. They are amazing carpenters. I do not like the fact that this d bag cooked them alive, but whatever.
  6. Yeah, cooking these ants alive is not cool. They're actually really peaceful and chill guys. If you step within their nest, they don't immediately go to deathcon 5, they actually give you a chance to go "oops, sorry" before they start biting yo ass. Also, they're an important food source for the endangered horny toad.

    Now, fire ants... I want to see those bastards cooked alive.
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