Alsperia: A Montowers RP

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    Alsperia, a peaceful world filled with only humans. A world that existed on one land with diversity within various areas.

    A world now changed by the emergence of eight towers.

    These strange towers rose from the earth and introduced a tremendous variety of fantastical creatures. From angels to zombies, Alsperia was broken apart by the rising towers. Its massive land broke up into multiple islands; climate changes, political struggles, and financial stresses occurred within every island. A new political system was formed to accommodate the new setup; now every island was its own state.

    Six months after the towers, chaos still reigns within each state. Social, political, and environmental problems plague the world. You are but an adventurer within these times. What will you do?

    Alsperia is a high-tech medieval fantasy RP filled with many mythical races and beasts. It is loosely based off of Montowers: Legend of Summoners, a mobile game found within the iOS and Android stores. Players can choose whatever magic and race they wish to have. The sky's the limit, and almost anything is possible within this world. This is a highly freeform RP and is fun for all types of RPers, be they beginners or experts.

    What will you do in this new world?