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  1. As I am sure you're probably guessing by now, I love vampire roleplay themes, which is what this one will be. What a surprise right? Anyway, I am looking for someone willing to roleplay as a male vampire who has a bloodslave (which will be played by me, a female).
  2. I must admit, vampires aren't my usual, but if you still need a partner I would happily play that role. It would be a change to play a dominant character as well, because I usually play passive-aggressive characters. But, I enjoy being challenged if you want to take a chance with me for this role.
  3. Sure! I should note though, that I hadn't planned on my character being a sexual bloodslave. Just a bloodslave. But I would be happy to rp with you. :)
  4. That is totally cool. I could probably be a little pushy with the blood part and such, but if there was a sexual dominance I had to portray, I really don't think I could pull it off. If that was something you'd want, I'd have done so. But, a blood slave is just a human that stays with a vamp and is pretty much on call for feeding, right? I don't want to be ignorant of that. ^^;;
  5. Yes.

    Perhaps your character could live in a mansion or something?
  6. Yeah, that would work. One blood slave but multiple others that work around the place?
  7. Yeah I'm fine with that idea. I'll send you the link once I get something up. :) It might take me a bit but I'll work on it and we can still plan things out if we need to here.
  8. Sounds good to me. I'll be waiting then. :)
  9. I sent you the link through PM. Will look forward to rping with you!
  10. Awesome, I'll look at it and get a post out sometime this evening then! :D