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  1. So I'll keep this short and sweet! Looking for one or two people to do an alpha/omega-verse roleplay with yours truly. It would be MxM and I would strongly prefer to be the omega. I have some ideas below, but I'm up for nearly anything. Doesn't even have to be werewolves, maybe it's demons. I'll also be happy to combine this with fandom stuff (Naruto, Free!, Attack on Titan, Inuyasha, a bunch of others)!

    Basic Plot #1 (Contains: Incest, Mpreg.):
    Character A is an alpha wolf, who is the older brother of Character B, an omega wolf. When Character B goes into heat, Character A finds he can't control himself, and thus begins their twisted relationship. We can later decide if Character A & B live together at home still, if A is visiting B or vice-versa, and so on. An optional twist is that A or B have a possible mate lined up already, just to make things complicated.

    Basic Plot #2 (Possible Mpreg.):
    Character A is an alpha wolf, and Character B is an omega wolf. Characters A & B have been close friends since childhood despite their differing classes, and A often protected his companion from neighborhood alphas who liked to bully him due to the fact that he was a male omega and seen as weaker. As they grow older, B finds himself falling for A, as he always had a small crush on him. A pretends not to notice, even though B tries very hard for his affections. What happens when in their first year of college they become roommates? Will they become finally mates or will tension grow and feelings go unsaid?

    Hit me up below or through PM. Thanks!​
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  2. Sounds like fun :)
  3. Added a couple plots~
  4. Id So do A X)
  5. Ill PM you c:
  6. I would love to try the option B, if you still are interested and seeking.
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