~Alpha Male~ A wolf RP~(In need of a male character)

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  1. A romance role play.

    In need of a male character who's a paragraph Rper

    The male character is the Alpha male of a pack and Saya is a lone wolf who's pack had gotten killed by a clan of vampires. With a forest that goes on for miles and miles, her mission is to find aid within another pack before the clan of vampires come to finish her off, in attempt to capture her and use her wolf form for their own needs. With the giant forest that is shared between the wolfs and the vampires, it's hard for the two races not to clash in hatred.

    When the Alpha male finds her, he takes her in. After a while of traveling together with his pack, one look away from her, gives the vampires to snatch her and take her as their own.

    Damsel in distress time.

    The Male Alpha has the urge to not go after her but has found himself on a decision to make. With his heart telling him to go on and take her and his mind telling him not to get his pack involves with the vampires, for their safety, he is stuck on what to do.

    Saya's wolf and human form
  2. This sounds fun! PM me!
  3. Ooooohh. My interests have been piqued. I like the idea, and would enjoy RPing with. I average 2-3 paragraphs depending on the situation, it may be only one or many more. There a couple of points I would like to clarify, but they are mute if you have no interest.

    If you are still available, and interested in RPing together send me a PM. Happy typing!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.