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    Winter was here, and Luke longed for the beginning of the snow and the carefree days that always followed. But he knew this year would be different. Long gone were the carefree days when he could do anything he wanted, whenever he wanted (within the rules of course).

    Tomorrow he would be 18, and that meant the start of his real responsibilities. Of course, it also meant that he'd be able to find his mate, so there was some good in it.

    Luke sighed, dropped from the branch a few feet off the ground he'd been laying on, and started walking through the woods back towards town. Tomorrow would be different, and today was almost over. But he still had a few hours left.​
  2. image.jpg Ace stood outside his home a very small place almost no bigger then a shack and only a small portable heater to stay warm. He hated winter the cold made him sick every year. If he were allowed to turn wolf then his fur could keep him warm but omegas really ever shifted. Ace would though now and then go on tiny hunts far away from the pack to run and act like a wolf.

    He knew tomorrow was going to be a party and he would be there but not as guest but as a servant putting up decorations and cooking food he couldn't eat. He just wanted it to be over with. Tomorrow his main bully was going to be alpha and he felt that he might be in danger.
  3. Luke shifted and ran the rest of the way back through the forest, the large black wolf easily cutting a path through the undergrowth. He shifted back to his human form right before breaking through the treeline and emerged into the open area where most of the shacks and huts the omegas lived in. Farthest away from the center of town they could be without actually being in the forest, which they were forbidden from without the express permission of a superior.
  4. Ace lifted his nose into the air sniffing the light breeze. His hair stood on the back of his neck as he caught the male's scent. He glanced around before starting to retreat back to his home. Out of sight out of mind. If he could hide maybe the alpha to be will leave him a lone. Opening the door he glanced around again before slipping inside. There was no lock on the door omegas had no privacy. They also couldn't deny letting in another pack member unless it was another omega. There was a pecking order among the omegas and often fights over small amounts of food would break out among them. Ace though kept to him self trying to stay away from everyone else. Away from fights and useless wounds.
  5. Luke silently passed through the group of huts on his way into town. Usually he'd take some time to harass one of the omegas, but he wasn't quite in the mood today. He did bang threateningly on Ace's door as he passed, however, a smirk on his face as he imagined the boy cringing inside. "We're going to have fun with you tomorrow," he smirked, loud enough for him to hear, before he quickly walked off again.

    Luke went back into town, and spent the few hours left in the day with his friends before turning in for an early night of rest.
  6. Ace jumped at the loud banging moving to the other side of kitchen table incase the male came in he would have a table between them. His ears twitched very slightly at his voice'fun? Nothing is fun with you' he thought as he stayed where he was. He stayed silent pretending not to be home. As he listened to the male leave he slowly relaxed and sat down. He grabbed a loaf of bread braking it before taking a bite of the bread. Tomorrow in his mind was going to be nothing but hell. The sooner over the better.
  7. By the time Luke woke, the town was abuzz with activity. To celebrate their new alpha, there was was going to be a massive party and festival that everybody could attend. Except for the omega's of course, who were there to serve everybody else. Luke got dressed and went to the party with a grin. Today was the last day of fun before he would have to officially take over.
  8. Ace woke up at dawn heading to the alpha's house he quickly got to work on cooking. Cooking was his talent the whole pack loved his food though Ace could never taste his own creations. Most of the dishes were different type of meats. Seared salmon, bbq chicken, rare steaks, ribs, beef stew, chicken and noodles, beef kabobs, and many other dishes lined the counter top till another omega showed up. The youngest of them 13 year old Dime was luckily super puppyish and cute that one one could bring themselves to hurt the young omega. He got easiest of the jobs carrying the food out to the banquet tables outside and then just did cute things to get tossed a piece of meat now any then like a begging dog asking for a treat.
    Ace was now working on the five layer cake he was covered in icing, flour and other ingredients as he was standing on the counter to reach the top of the cake to put the words'happy birthday and congrats new Alpha Luke'
  9. Luke followed the smell of food, entering the kitchen. For now, he ignored Ace, instead greeting the youngest omega with a little smile and giving him a pat on the head as he grabbed one of the kabobs and fed him a piece. He turned to Ace suddenly, staring at him for a moment in silence before he walked over to stand beside him and licking a little bit of the excess icing out of a bowl beside him.

    This is where he'd usually start teasing or torturing the younger man, but he just didn't feel up to it today. For some reason, the thought of hurting him felt wrong.
  10. Dime smiled from the pat and happily ate a piece of the kabob happily"Thank you Alpha" the youngest one already calling him alpha. Ace glanced at the two"Dime I'm sure your going to need help with the cake go gather a few more omegas" he said softly and calmly. The young omega gave a nod and took off to do as told. Ace finished with the icing ignoring Luke as he climbed off the counter before lowering his head in a slight bow"good morning...Alpha Luke" he said not wanting to call the male alpha. It didn't sound right. He was surprised the male wasn't toruring him he figured he would wait till later. He lifted his head as acouple more omegas came in Ace have a smile thanking them for their help as they moved the large cake outside.
  11. "Did you make everything yourself?" Luke asked suddenly. There was a lot, and he couldn't really believe the young man had made it all himself. He was about to ask another question before the kitchen door swung open and one of Luke's friends entered, an older man known as Jacob. The man had a smirk on his face when he saw Ace. He walked over, but Luke quickly intercepted him before he could reach the omega.

    "Have you tried any of the food yet? The omegas did a very good job on this party. At least from what I've seen so far," Luke said.
  12. "Yah I've been up sense 4:30 cooking" he said when asked asked something it was expected for an omega to always give an answer. He glanced at the door as Jacob walked in. Walking towards him he was about to retreat to go outside and help decorate but froze when Luke had moved to block Jacob from him. 'He must just be in a good mood and don't want anything to ruin the party' he thought trying to come up for the reason that he wasn't being messed with. Listening to Luke he blinked in surprise at the comment no it was a complimate something he had never heard from an alpha plus this was Luke the worse of the worse.'..maybe he is sick?' He thought trying to figure this out.
  13. Luke just smiled as he redirected Jacob's attention on food, a relatively easy task. The elder wolf quickly left the kitchen again, leaving Luke and Ace alone now that most everything had been carried out and the other omegas were off doing other tasks. The alpha turned to Ace again. "4:30? I hope you've eaten something," he said suddenly, far more concerned for Ace's wellbeing than anybody had ever been, let alone Luke.
  14. Ace watched as Jacob left and he looked at Luke. Though instincts made his gaze fall to the ground. An omega was not suppose to meet eye to eye with an alpha. Hearing him his eyes widened slightly very surprised by the comment."um...are you feeling alright?...yah I ate a little" he said very little his rations were getting low and he only ate one egg this morning before starting to cook. Ace was use to being hungry his stomach never growled it was use to the treatment. Ace took a step back feeling uncomfortable around the alpha right now but found himself back against the counter.
  15. Luke chuckled. "Better than ever," he answered, and it was the truth. He felt fantastic, and he really didn't know why. He grabbed another kabob from a tray that still hadn't gone out, popping off one of the pieces of meat and chewing on it while he listened. He glanced up when he heard the soft thud from Ace backing into the counter, confused for a moment.

    "I'm not going to hurt you," he said without thinking about it, and after a moment of thought, Luke knew that to be the truth too.
  16. Ace watched Luke's every move wondering if the male was just trying to get his guard down before striking. He couldn't help but glance up when he heard those words suddenly Ace couldn't help but to start laughing. He rarely ever laughed"hurt me? Not going to hurt me? Sense when? We grew up together and from the time you could you and your friends have attacked me more times then I can count...I'm not dumb I don't know what game your playing but I'm not falling for it" he said and side stepped away from the male with a bow of his head"if you excuse me I have things to do"he said and headed for door.
  17. Luke raised an eyebrow when Ace started laughing, the sound making him angry. "You were not excused," Luke suddenly snapped out, grasping Ace by the wrist and pulling him back. "How dare you laugh at me," he angrily growled, moving to slap the boy quickly. "Apologize," Luke hissed out, even as his anger began to quickly dissipate. He already felt bad about hitting him.
  18. Ace yelped as he was pulled back knowing he was now in trouble. He knew this kindness couldn't last. The slap made him lower his head whining and yelping as he tried to get away"I'm sorry I'm sorry!" He yelled out now scared and just wanting to get away from the male.
  19. Luke slowly released Ace, looking at the boy. However, he slowly moved to block the door and prevent him from leaving. He wasn't done yet. "What are you sorry for?" he questioned, voice soft but firm.
  20. Ace watched as the alpha moved to block the door"...I um...I'm sorry I laughed...but I wasn't laughing at you...more at the situation..I couldn't help it" he said with a whine
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