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  1. Anastasia stumbled out of the door to her house. She could still hear the constant yelling behind her, but that was all it was at the moment. Yelling. She wasn't able to discern what was being yelled or who it was being yelled out, be it her or her mum, as she just wasn't listening. This didn't any different though. It was nothing new. It was, after all, her morning routine. She had managed to wake up before her Dad had, and was ready for school by the time the house was full of life. Angry, loud life.

    She pulled at her shoulder length blonde curls and pressed against the bruises on her arms. Doing so had become a habit when she wasn't thinking about anything. She reached the street and turned to see her now quiet, innocent looking house. If only the world knew what happened behind those doors... No! She thought to herself. No one can know. She could never bear the thought of having anyone know.

    The school was only four blocks away, and so, with a sigh, she started her journey onwards. A few years ago, she had made a little game for herself on the way to and from school. She would try to think about something good that had happened in the last week. She wasn't allowed to use the same one twice, and she would stop at the school gates until she had finally thought of one. Sometimes, she would be so late to class that a letter had to be sent home. She would plead, beg at times for them not to tell, but rules were rules. She shuddered now, thinking about what would happen when a letter was sent home. Then she remembered the family of sparrows she had seen only yesterday, and sighed in relief. She wouldn't have to be late today.

    She arrived at school and walked through the gates, thinking about which class she would have first, then which after that, then after that. She was in grade 12 and would, if her memory was correct, be in General Math class first up. She never felt depressed about any of her classes. They gave her something to think about. She loved learning.

    As she walked through the school grounds aimlessly, waiting for the bell to ring to signal first period, she spotted her friend. He was really the only person who talked to her, and who she talked back to. She wouldn't tell him about home, but she loved listening to him talk. She walked towards him and waved awkwardly.