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Aloha, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Menorain, but feel free to call my Meno. I get that typing eight characters can become a pain. Either way, I'm thoroughly looking forward to getting to know you all. It's truly my luck that I came across your forum by pure happenstance. I've been out of the roleplaying scene for a couple of years, but I'm hoping that I can still knock off the rust and get back into the swing of things :wink:
Welcome Mr. Menuman. I'm one of the admins of this forum. Enjoy your stay and don't feed Chaos. He's needy. Trust me on this.
Menuman XD

I'll heed your words of advice, O wise admin. Thanks for the warm welcome :)
There are many strange mods that live on this forum, including the Mistress Diana. Though they are all helpful creatures.

Men O Rain...

It's.... Raining.... Men....

*screams at the walls as he dragged to his cell*
XD Ah I have heard whispered tales of such shadowy folk. No doubt I will have to keep my wits about me when requesting their reputed knowledge of all things roleplay.
That's just Asmo. No one pays attention to him anymore. :cow:
Welcome to the site.
Welcome to the site, I do hope you enjoy your stay. Anyone with a Blue, Purple, or Red name is part of staff, and if you need any help at all you can go to them, though most regular members are quite helpful as well! If you need anything at all, I'll be certain to point you in the direction you need to go, or help you find the person you need to contact. Hope to talk to you soon!
Greetings! I am Zypher your local friendly global RP mod, and general MoMusu guru~ Welcome to Iwaku!
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku I am the leader of Silverwing wolf pack Shadow (Snowy) Ike, please just call me Ike. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them the best I can. So do enjoy your stay at Iwaku Meno.
Oh my dear fans, my thanks to you all for the warm welcomes and kind wishes. I have just submitted a character profile to a roleplay that I think is no longer accepting characters (despite only being on it's second ooc page). HOW VERY LOL.
Hello, it's nice to meet you and I'm very pleased that you chose to join us after finding us. I'm Kitti, and "Meno" makes me think of minnows...
Well, no one has as of yet referred you to our roleplay resume. A little information there will help us to help you if you ever want to be pointed in the direction of a roleplay you might like and is often a great help to those running roleplays in finding members.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
Everyone has already said hello and been so nice... Now I dun wanna! D:< *Kicks at the dirt.*

....Hello and Welcome anyway! XD
See. The Mistress is now throwing dirt. Diana behave in front of our new guinea pig member.
Hahaha! I know. The friendliness was genuinely unexpected. Just keep the dirt away from my hair.

It's okay. Catnip works really well on her. And most of the cat based members.
I am not one of them. Just so we're forewarned AND forearmed.
My name does not actually make me a neko. >(

**quick attempt to stay on topic**
I hope you're enjoying your stay here so far....
Hahaha Yeah, I had an interesting time in the cbox last night. AND UPDATE. My profile was flat out destroyed in the roleplay that I applied for. Ah! For shame XD
That's cos I challenged Grumpy's manhood.

He's an angry and insecure wife-beating Scotsman.

... and he's not even married.

.... he beats OTHER men's wives.