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What would you like to eat?

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  1. Chicken breast in cheese sauce with brocoli.

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  2. Steak with champignons in garlic sauce.

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  1. Alo, is what I would say when I pick up the phone.

    I have another nickname but you can call me Ghotha.

    I've been looking for a nice place to bring my role-playing to and this looks like a nice one. I have been mostly writing but I've been role-playing a whole lot too for the past... Eight years I think.

    One interesting thing I might say is that I come from the Domincan Republic, and I am a product of my environment, which gave me a whole different outlook on pretty much everything than your average internet person. I've been told that my ideas for stories and roleplays are so far away from the standard train of thought of most folk that they can't even begin to put themselves in the role.

    I think that my experiences are just out of the norm for people from more fancier upbringings.

    Also, I l♥ve dancing, reading, drinking, writing, women*, making music, guns, boxing, cars and cooking.

    I look forward to finding cool folk to roleplay with regularly, I like hiring myself out to people who seem to have good ideas going on.
  2. Howdy, @Ghotha! Welcome to Iwaku. :3

    I think you'll find a lot of writers who are very much interested in some of your unique perspectives and how they influence your fiction — that or maybe I'm just some strange person (??). Iwaku has a rather large and fairly broad spectrum of roleplayers in any case, so at the very least I'm sure you'll find some people who are familiar with it. :D

    If you're interested in writing by yourself, we have a Blogs feature and the Writing and Art Museum section, each of which are great places to show some of your work to your peers, here. ^.^

    If you need anything, feel free to send me a message and I'll see what I can do for ya'; happy roleplaying!
  3. Welcome, Ghotha! :D I think you'll fit right in with all of your unique ideas and roleplay skills~. Have fun!

    p.s. Those poll choices are nasty... xD
  4. I wanted to choose both. T____T

    Also, welcome to Iwaku! :D
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