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  1. I am Necropolis, and I am also bored. My RPs are too slow paced, so I need people to constantly send me RP requests and/or PMs so I will not get bored. I will do any type of RP, even liberteen, (I mean, if that's okay with you...) as long as it's SOMETHING to DO! The three main characters I play as are:
    Undead ice magic user, for fantasy RPs...
    Cyborg w/ Evil spirit, for fantasy and sci-fi...
    Unusually nervous human for historical or libertine RPs...
    I can easily create other characters if need be, and I can even be the bad guy... ;)

    So for the sake of my sanity, please post quickly, as I am liable to accept all Rps except for libertine, as I am below 18 years of age (almost 15).
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  2. Hillo! I'm Finnika, and Im going to be honest, I'm 19 years old. I can't seem to get a job so I hang out all day, always hoping to here back from my RP partner. I have Damien, an android, Luxamous, an incubus, Onyx a vampire, and Karma a Blood Masayz (a race I made). Those are my main, but I have a new one, Keiran that I'd like to try soon.

    I love fantasy, mixed with drama, action, and romance. Libertine can be added in any RP I do, but considering you're a minor I wouldn't think it's appropriate. Er, anyways, I might have a plot idea depending on whivh character you use. Heh well, I will await a PM if you're interested. Lemme know if you have a specific plot idea, or if you'd like me to use one of my specific characters. Im pretty fluid.
  3. Cool! I don't really have many ideas about RPs though, so I made this so people could ask me to join easily. I'm sort of like an RP mercenary. ( _~_ )
  4. I have, at least somewhat, a plot of an insane asylum. I'd like to do an RP where a patient is claiming to be hundreds of years old and have special abilities that got taken away from them by a curse. A new doftor is hired and since this is their first case in the feild outside of classes, the doftor is given only o e patient, the crazy supernatural. Eithrr they fall for each other of the dr believes the patient. Just a thought.
  5. It sounds good, but I am not good at those types of things, so please correct me if I make any mistakes.
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  6. To everyone else: No matter how many RPs I join, I can still accept more.
  7. I don't mind doing this, so long as you are willing to flex with work and school (usually at least a post during lunch when at work, and then classes it depends on the class.) I don't do Liberteen really at all, Age-correct or not, (and in this case it's an Impossibility, being that I'm 20, almost 21 (in October), so you need not worry about that.) I do Fantasy and Sci fi.

    My only truely real character is a Dragon who's an orphan, witnessed the deathes of his friends and family before being homeless for a time, so Bad guy or ally, or ally and a bad guy character could work. Whatever you wish.
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  8. Okay, so do you want me to join an RP with you?
  9. if you like
  10. That's sort of why I made this thread, so, yeah.
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  11. Hey! I was wondering if you'd be willing to do a modern, or a creepypasta roleplay with me? If not, I created a fantasy thread titled "Medieval-fantasy fun anyone?" if you're interested in that, rather than the two suggestions I gave. I'm flexible enough to work out a plot with you. :3
  12. If you want, I could do all three things with you. With the Modern RPs, I have actually been making a character that would work well in almost any type of Modern RP. The Creepy-pasta RPs are more my sister's thing, so she can help me decide what to do in the Creepy-pasta. As for the medieval fantasy, I can use one of the characters in my current RPs if you want. He is a young wizard who learns more magic the further he goes. The amazing thing about him, however, is that he retains the knowledge he's learned in other RPs. For example, he could learn how to summon an elemental in one RP, and he would still know how in another. The catch about it is that he does not have any recollection of how he learned these things or the people he has met.
  13. Then sure. xD (sorry, After work I don't always think clearly. xD)
  14. Hey! I got a fantasy idea I thought would be fun. It's cliche but we can spice it up I think. :P

    I'm almost 19, so no libertine but I think it'd be really fun to do a fantasy/action/ romance thing. :)
  15. Okay, that sounds good! Just shoot me a message or invite me to your RP.
  16. Mine's always accepting. It's a crossover between Poke'mon and Sword art Online. IC is in my Sig, and you can get to the sign up thread from there.
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  17. Hey there.

    I understand your plight. o3o
    Therefore, I feel the need to invite you to rp through IM's like I do. o3o I'd love to be your partner. It's fast paced and way easier in my opinion for people who want quick paced responses and all. I'm really into anime, and specifically yaoi, but if you're into straight only, I can occasionally do that.
    I've been rping for many years so I'm experienced.

    If you're interested, let me know. o3o I should be up late tonight so. x3 I'm on almost constantly too. I do have a job but it's part time and 2-3 days a week and I'm on around it so. I do also have classes but I'm on during them often as well.

    BUT even if you aren't interested, let me know. xD I'd love to give it a shot with you~. :3
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  18. I happen to know a bit about Pokemon, since I watched about 10 episodes of the first season. I know everything about SAO, since I watched all the episodes of season 1 & 2 with my sister, who is a big fan of the season. I may not know all the Pokemon creatures mentioned, but I know a few like lugia and snorlax, basic cards like that.

    Thank you for the offer, and humbly accept it, especially with a person so understanding as you.

    @Sonder, do you still have a RP you want me to join? Same goes for @FireDrake150.
  19. I am still interested. ^^ Join or create?
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