Allow me to introduce myself

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Louis Cyphre

Original poster
Hello there, I am Louis Cyphre. Sure you all get it by now if not look at the signature and put two and two together, I was suggested to this site by my good friend Soullesshuman. I hope to enjoy role-playing with all of you and having fun, great insane demented fun. I enjoy anime, manga, video games, and pen and paper games and having fun. Hope to enjoy my time here.
Rawr Hello Friend! Make yourself at home.
Welcome to Iwaku, Louis. Hope you enjoy your time here!
*Squints at Louis' Siggy* I dun no nuthin bout no politics. Can I use manners instead? D:

Hi and welcome to Iwaku! :D Always glad to have friends of friends!
You you're demanding that we give you permission to introduce yourself?

Your methodology is flawed.

Also the people with the fancy coloured names are staff. Give them your questions, we they feed on them.
Welcome to the site. :D Hope to see you around.
Welcome to the site, Louis!
Hehe. *pets Soul* Good Soully! ^__^ *gives Soul cookies*
Anywho, enjoy your stay here and err....have plenty of 'fun.' ^^

*tips hat*