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  1. Soooo... I was searching for a good RP site to join and suddenly I found myself on here
    it was like magic... or fate... or.... something sappy like that.

    Well I'm REALLY bad at introductions ... so hmmm...
    I can tell you that I'm female... and pretty awesome.... annnd yeah.... <.< >.>

    sooooooo... I guess I'll go role play now.... -scuttles away- xDD
  2. Welcome, dearie. I hope you have fun and enjoy the site and all the its that come with it.
  3. Ah! I see you're from Jersey! Me too. :) My name is Keagan. I'm really bad at introductions too haha, whether it be RP or not. xD

    What kind of things do you enjoy roleplaying?
  4. Thank you Ella. ^^


    Yay!! More Jersey people!!! :DDDD
    um.... I like modern fantasy A LOT, Horror, anything realistic... but really I'll try any type.
    I'm not too picky... a good plot is really all it needs. :P
  5. You are welcome, dearie. :)

    Modern Fantasy is fun. You've got a terrific line up of role play genres. ^_^ <3
  6. Oh my goodness I love realistic RP. Q AQ I don't really do many other types, mostly because I'm not imaginative enough for fantasy/sci-fi type things unless it's...well...realistic. XD But I mostly prefer contemporary realistic type settings.

    I'm huge on characters and plots too! I love elaborate one x one roleplays with long-term plots and lots of character growth! o uo
  7. :DDD YAY!!! Someone who loves Realistic RP's too!!
    Exactly, most of my fantasy RP's tend to be more realistic, lol.
    But if it seems fun I'll sometimes join a crazy non-realistic fantasy RP. xDD

    Elaborate one x one RP's are great, when you have an amazing plot with someone who's really good at RPing.
    I've had some that have lasted a loooooong time with some interesting plots. Group is always fun too though.
    Having a group of people makes thing interesting, especially when it comes to character development. Lol.
  8. Your name...awesomeness XD.

    Welcome to Iwaku, Necrophilia! It's a pleasure to meet you.
  9. thank you Cosmos!! :D
    I like your name too... I have a thing for one word names. :P
    Nice to meet you too. :3