Allo There! Noob in Need Here...

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  1. So, as I said in the title up there... ALLO THERE! What I am trying to get at here (poorly) is that I haven't done a mature roleplay yet! So because of my inexperience, could someone, how do you say? "Show me the ropes?" Just so I get an idea of what goes on in here. Perhaps a nice little basic plot.
  2. I can ^^

    What sort of roleplays do you like? From there we can go on and create a basic plot or I can find one that might interest you. :D
  3. Oh, well, I suppose a Romance Novel would be good for a start. I also prefer playing females if that's okay with you.
  4. That is fine :)

    So, romance novel...I think I have an idea you might enjoy.

    I've got a slight thing for elves, so this idea is heavily based on that sort of thing. In the Elven territories, there is a large separation between elves that live in the city, known as city elves, and the elves that live in the wilds, called Wild Elves, though they all have their own names for their tribes. My character would be the leader of one of the tribes, and for whatever reason he is arrested by the elves of a city. Your character would be one of them, like she could be the daughter of an earl or lord or anything you want and the rest would go from there.

    If you're not too interested in that, I can probably make up another idea :D
  5. I like... I like. Very imaginative (the good way.) I like elves as well, so that works too!
  6. Okay ^^ Anything you want to know about the plot? Would you like me to drum up a character sheet or shall we just wing it?
  7. Whatever's easiest for you! It's your story!
  8. I prefer to describe as I go, so if there isn't anything else, I think I can post the thread ^^