'Allo! :3 Nice to meet you!

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  1. Hi! I'm Rika! ^-^ It's an honor to meet whoever is viewing this thread/posting on this thread. I'm not really sure on how to do introductions, but my friend told me to sound all smartical-like, and act like you know what you're doing. U-Umm.. I'm pretty sure I failed, so he also told me to tell a few things about myself! Okay, so:

    1. I love my cat! His name is Staccato James. :3 He's a dapper gentleman.
    2. I like Dance Moms. 8D It's a show, and you should watch it!
    3. I think anime is beautiful! Sent from the anime gods!
    4. I support gay marriage, and I do not judge anyone at all, whether it be what they do, or what they prefer, or whatever! :3 We're all weirdos here, no?
    5. I love to sing, act, and play piano! I'm not very good at it, but I love doing it! 8D
    6. I hate math. Math will burn in Hell.
    7. Ironically, I am an agnostic. XD
    8. I'm lazy. Like, really, really lazy. But who isn't lazy?
    9. :3 I'm pansexual.
    10. Aaaand, I'm eating tomato soup and potato chips right nao! :3

    Well, that is all I've got. He didn't give me any more advice about introductions, so I hope this will suffice! Mwah! ^-^
  2. Welcome to Iwaku fellow GLBTQ supporter and I as a gay man tip my hat off as thank you for your wondrous support!

    But as far as math burning in hell, tisk tisk. Love math.


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  3. Oh my goodness, you helped a whole lot! :3 Thank you so much! *giggles* :lol: Math is going to die. I stabbed it.

    But anywho, thank you so much! :3 Smile lots!
  4. Staccato James is a fine name for a cat : )

    Welcome to Iwaku, glad to meet you!