All Work & No Play

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  1. The beeping of an alarm shook her from the dreams that were flashing before closed eyes, pulling her from a pleasant sleep on that Wednesday morning. It was another day at work, seeing as she was waking up at six o’clock in the morning. A yawn spilled from her lips as she stretched on her bed, urging her body and mind to wake from its sleep as she reached over to turn the alarm clock off. The annoying beeping was going to be stuck in her head for hours, or at least until she got her coffee and actually woke up. Getting up from her bed, the woman set about to getting ready that day, taking a shower and picking out a professional attire for work.

    A hour or so later and she was driving in her car, heading down the freeway towards her work. She had a traveler’s mug full of coffee in her car cup holder, and the radio blasting music as she prepared herself for another day at work. Truth be told, she loved her job. After graduating college with her business degree, she was quick to get a job and one she actually enjoyed. It was for a small company, but she was able to put her business skills to work in advertising and designing new ways to get more and better business.

    Pulling into the parking lot, she quickly grabbed her bag and coffee, before locking up her car and heading into the building. Smiling and offering good mornings to the people she passed, Harley continued on her way to her office. She was currently working on a few assignments in order to pick up business, a lot of which was time consuming and called for her to spend most of her days in her office. That day, though, she was going to take it a bit easy, work on a new advertising slogan or the likes. Setting her mug of coffee down, Harley tucked a strand of auburn hair behind her ear as she sat down at her desk. Let the day slowly begin.
  2. Daniel groaned, morning had come fast for the male, his eyes slowly opening to look about the room of his small apartment. Empty as always, sparsely furnished. Student loan payments kept him from living the high life, his low position in the company kept his revenue low. With a groan he rolled out of bed, glancing to his clock, awake before it... joy. With a frown he dug out a suit, grey and somewhat loose upon his athletic but thin frame. Tying on his black shoes he dug around for his keys and wallet, shoving his phone in his pocket before he he grabbed a quick piece of toast and a glass of juice. Out the door, down two flights of stairs, across the street and into his old truck he coaxed the tired beast to life with a sputter and a roar.

    The drive was easy, he lived not too far from his workplace, the fact that his radio didn't work made it all the more drab however. After searchingthe parking lot for a long while he finally found a spot, pulling his truck in and grabbing his lap top bag before slipping from the drivers seat and making the trek into the building, combing his dark hair quickly as he went. Grey eyes lifted as the secretary just inside the door greeted him, a quick nod and a good morning was given in return. He was running late, just because he forgot to account for daylight savings time.

    Hurrying up to the elevator, trying to keep calm, make it look like it wasn't a big deal, like he was supposed to come in now. Of course Harley would be mad at him, she usually seemed to hate his guts. He was supposed to help with the slogan, damn his life. He liked her, she was a gorgeous woman, she was smart, yet she barely gave him the time of day, at least in his on opinion. He'd kill to have her be willing to come with him for a drink or even a quick coffee, yet no projected luck could be had.
  3. Checking her watch with an irritated look in her eyes, Harley realized that the time to start working on the slogan had already passed. They should have already had a few ideas pitched out, so that way they could decide on the best one and go with that. But Daniel, like most days, was late getting to work. Harley, like most business people of her stature, liked to be punctual. She liked to start on the agreed upon time, and didn’t like to be kept waiting. So when she finally saw Daniel coming off the elevator, she sighed heavily as she stood from her desk, making her way over to the door, “If you would hurry, we can start on this slogan.”

    To Harley, she didn’t seem rude or unfair, simply adhering to how a person of her position should act to employees that didn’t make it on time. Of course, she certainly realized she might be pushing it sometimes, but she knew nobody around here would bother with it. Moving back to her desk, Harley sat behind it as she waited for the other to enter, placing papers in correct order as she wondered how the day would go, hoping quickly so she could have the slogan done and ready to be pitched to the board.
  4. He lifted his eyes once more, a frown quickly crossing his features in response to her words. "Sorry, day light savings time..." He replied quickening his pace don the short hall and into her office. For a moment he fumbled about getting a chair, his slight awkward tendencies showing, knocking the thing over which was followed by quick apologies as he finally sat down across from her and drew an old notebook computer from his bag. "What company is this for?" He asked quickly, knowing she was upset just by the look on her face and the tone of her voice.

    He didn't make eye contact with her, he rarely truly did. The male seemed a bit nerdy, in college he had kept mainly to himself, his own business degree coming from a small community school.
  5. Rolling her eyes at the excuse she was given, Harley waited for him to sit down across from her before she began. Though as he fumbled with the chair, knocking it over in his haste, she sighed heavily and rubbed at her temples with her pointer fingers. The day had just started, and she could already feel a headache coming on. Once he finally managed to sit in the chair, Harley folded her arms on the desk as she looked over at him, “Now that you’ve settled, the company sells houses. They want a catchy slogan that is unlike anyone else’s.”

    Unlike the man across from her, Harley was assertive, always knowing what she wanted and how to obtain it. She was rather dominant, and wasn’t easily pushed over or walked on. More so, she was doing the walking on and what not. She had been top in her class, mainly from how she obtained her goals and the way she wasn’t afraid to play dirty.
  6. Daniel nodded, quickly trying to look up competetors slogans. "Well... That makes things tricky. A lot has been used, 'nothing new under the sun' and what not." He replied daring for a moment to look up to her features only to note her annoyance and look back down. He continued searching, tossing out a few cheesy ones that had no chance of being used. It was an attempt to show he was trying. Daniel had graduated in the middle of the pack more or less. A bright man but too worried of failure to take large risks. "How about, 'our deals will make you squeal' and have a mascot of a pig? Animals are popular right now." It was simply an idea he was tossing out.

    His features, albeit of general attractiveness. Nothing above and beyond by any means but not ugly in any way, betrayed his concern over the idea. The male knew he was tossing out a rather dumb idea but it was all he could think of in essence for a decent slogan. Then again his skills lay more in visual designs and similar advertising.
  7. Leaning back in her chair, Harley tapped her chin as she looked to the ceiling, realizing that it would be a hard fetch to get the company the slogan they were desperately needed. There wasn’t much in the sense of new, and so they would really need to dig deep for this one. Daniel had finally had a good point with that one, and now they were either going to have to convince the company that whatever they came up with was the best, or they would have to forfeit the deal and watch it be passed to a different company.

    “Animals are in, Daniel. But not pigs. Nobody wants to buy a house with a pig as the mascot.” Her voice held annoyance at the idea the other threw out. Pushing bangs aside, Harley looked back over at him as she tried to think, “Think bigger. We need something catchy, and something that will be stuck in someone’s head.” The woman opened a notebook that was lying on her desk, and started skimming through the pages. She had already gone about writing down slogans from other businesses, trying to see what hadn’t been used before.
  8. Daniel frowned a bit more as she spoke. He was used to that tone in her voice but it still was discouraging. Releasing a sigh he lowered his head, remaining silent for a bit before he spoke up again, "what about a cute mouse and pull a Geico, call it the house mouse." He spoke lookin up to her seeming to actually like his idea. She probably wouldn't and he prepared himself for the inevitable disappointment again while his eyes returned to his netbook's screen.
  9. Placing her elbows on the table, the woman linked her fingers as she set her chin on top of her hands, looking over at Daniel as she ran the idea through her head. Sighing heavily, she closed her eyes momentarily before opening them and looking back over at the man, “We’ll keep it in mind. Write it down and we’ll pitch it later.” Harley was unsure of how the company would react to it, seeing as the idea had already been used by a different company. But hopefully seeing as the two companies ran different businesses, it wouldn’t be an issue.

    “Any more ideas, Daniel?” she asked as she looked back down at her notebook, lifting her pen as she started to jot down information.
  10. "Yes ma'am..." He piped up, taking out a small notepad and jotting it down. His eyes lifted to her a moment, looking to see if it was even remotely worth while to her to do it. With a small sigh he sat back in his chair trying to think of more, trying to impress her somehow, he knew he wasn't, after how long he had been here he was certain. "I can't think of anything..." He replied looking up once more, offering a half broken smile, simply trying to look less worried than he was.
  11. As Harley watched Daniel jot down the idea in the notepad, she gently pushed bangs from her forehead as thoughts passed through her mind. She had heard rumors around the office and tidbits of chat passing between coworkers, but she had never actually taken it into account. She had never actually attempted to see if they were true or if it was just more rumors. Lifting her pen to her mouth, Harley played with the end of the tip with her mouth as she watched Daniel.

    Many of her coworkers had said that the rather shy male found her attractive, and Harley was wondering if she should actually see if it was true. Letting a soft smirk fall onto her lips, the woman stood from her chair, moving to the door to her office in which she closed and locked. Letting the blinds hide what was happening in the office, she turned back to her desk but instead of sitting behind it, she sat on the side in front of Daniel, gently crossing her legs as she looked at him, “Then what are you thinking of, Daniel?” She asked with a gentle tone, smirking gently as she looked at him.
  12. Daniel had begun to stand, assuming she was preparing to leave and he should too. The click of the door's lock and the plastic flutter of the blinds took him by surprise. Eyes cautious and a bit curious followed her only to let himself sit back down, staring up at her while she seated herself before him. He took a moment to swallow a growing lump in his throat, trying to keep his eyes from wandering too much, the slight nervous embarrassment readable on his face. Her question took him off guard, stealing his voice. His eyes lowered, trailing from hers down her wonderous form. "N-nothing ma'am." He replied, a small hitch in his voice while he figited with closing his computer bag. How could he tell her he liked her beyond the subtle clues he had offered. "I-I was wondering if you wanted coffee..."
  13. As she now thought about what her coworkers had told her, Harley was now able to actually watch Daniel and focus on how he reacted around her. Watching him grow nervous and fidget around with the bag on his lap, the woman smirked gently, figuring that what the others had told her was true. As he tried to keep eye contact with her, Harley chuckled softly as his gaze went from her eyes and down her body. When he spoke about getting her coffee, the woman let a ‘tsk tsk’ sound come from her mouth as she stood up, moving towards Daniel. Moving around him, Harley let a hand drop to his chest as she moved behind him, “Perhaps I’m not in the mood for coffee,” her voice had taken on a seductive edge to it, trying to see just how far she could go with Daniel.

    She wouldn’t deny that the man was attractive, in a sort of way. Perhaps him being fond of her could be used to her advantage, seeing as how he was already getting nervous just by her asking a question and sitting at the edge of her desk before him. This could definitely provide a bit of fun for the woman.
  14. The gentle tsk made his features frown slightly, lifting his eyes to her while she spoke and rose. "What... What do you want then?" He questioned, eyes tracking her as she walked around him, unable to keep from looking to her legs and up. The touch to his chest made him shiver slightly, his heart thudding within it. He feared she could feel it while he gulped slightly. His fidgeting grew a bit worse, bitting at his lip while he dipped his head slightly. Why was she doing this? Why now when she often seemed to despise him or simply see him as an annoyance? He didn't verbalize the concern, though he did lift his head to look up to her a moment, confused and nervous admiration within his eyes. She was his 'Susan Glenn'... His goddess on a pedestal. Now that she touched him his mind was going wild.
  15. So the rumors were true, she knew it just by how Daniel acted when she placed her hand on his chest, watching him intently as she moved around him. Hearing his stuttered question, Harley chuckled softly as she once again moved in front of him, “Oh, I want plenty of things.” Her eyes were on his face and then traveled down his body as she once again sat on the edge of her desk. Crossing her legs in front of her, Harley smirked as she looked over at Daniel, as if trying to gauge something in the man. Raising her right hand, she tapped a finger on her chin as she continued to smirk, “The real question is if I think you’re up to it.” Her voice and words were full of unspoken intentions, and Harley smirked the whole time.
  16. David bit at the inside of his cheek, watching her as she traveled along him and sat again. His eyes drawn to her legs for a moment before she took his attention with her voice. Nervousness and a bit of apprehension were apparent upon his features while he watched her. "Up to it?" The way she spoke made him tremble in his chair, his heart racing faster. The innuendo behind her voice was intoxicating, invigorating even. It made him shift slightly to hide the slight tightness within his pants from her words.
  17. Smiling as she leaned back, placing both hands on her desk as she supported her weight, Harley continued to watch Daniel. She was enjoying the way he was getting so nervous just by how she touched him and spoke to him, a lovely sight to see someone so apprehensive before her. Harley liked being in control, she liked to control what happened around her and control who was around her, Daniel was just another one for her to control. She was a powerful woman, and liked to keep the power in her hands.

    Chuckling as Daniel asked the question, Harley nodded her head as she licked her lips, “Yes, but I’m not sure yet.” Leaning forward once again, she tapped her finger upon her chin as she looked down at the man, letting her eyes travel down his body. When she spotted the slight bulge in his pants, Harley chuckled softly again, “Then again, you just might be.” As she spoke, her eyes traveled back to his face as she raised her brows seductively, wondering if he might catch on to what she was suggesting.
  18. She was beautiful, his mind couldn't push that back. The way she leaned back, almost presenting herself to him and yet he knew she wasn't. His breath got caught in his throat while she looked at him. He could tell where her eyes went, the chuckle making his realize all the more the tightness in his pants. The way she spoke, the way she manipulated the subtle wondrous parts of her body, they were visually intoxicating to him. He felt his knees shake slightly, dipping his head just a bit before her, almost submitting to her words.

    "J-just tell me what to do." He spoke, his voice barely a stammering nervous whisper. He found his stomach tensed, almost knotted in the excitement. Was this a dream? Was he still in bed? He had to be... there was no way she would act like this... Or was there. His eyes trailed along her, looking to her legs, almost wishing to kneel before them and kiss them. He was a man, he was expected to be strong, to be in charge, but this woman twisted that paradigm on it's head.
  19. Listening to him basically submit to her, Harley closed her eyes for a few seconds as she marveled in the feeling of having someone at her mercy, wanting to give into whatever she told him to do. Opening her eyes to look back down at Daniel, she wondered as she watched him, wondering what was going through his mind as she contemplated on what to have him do. Admittedly, she had never done anything in her own office, having always been so focused on her work and getting things done. But now she had Daniel in here, so willing to please her as he continued to sit before her, obviously not simply getting up and leaving her office.

    “Mm…what to have you do first?” The question itself held so much more than what she spoke, and Harley chewed lightly on her lower lip as she looked down at him. There were plenty of things running through her mind at the moment, and she wished to act upon all of them, but perhaps she would start slow with him. Sitting up straight on the edge of her desk, Harley slightly smirked, “Come stand in front of me, Daniel.”
  20. He stood as asked, his cheeks red while he shifted slightly, having to adjust for the growth in his pants. Keeping his head tall he looked to her, a bit of confusion in his eyes as to what she would have him do. He must be dreaming, the girl of his dreams, the girl he had longed for, was now eyeing him... being seductive... showing interest in him even. It just made him quiver a bit beneath his pants, his growing bulge making him groan just a bit from the containment.