All the Roleplay Starters I've Ever Had for My OC, Electra Serpetine

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  1. ((Hello again everyone! Here's every starter I've ever had, this is very unorganized, so bear with me. Some of them want specific characters, some you can choose who you want to be. You can always message me and I'll be happy to write or rewrite one of these prompts for you. Thank you.))

    ((Vampire AU please be Harry Osborn or Loki or I would sell my soul for both. I would prefer them to be very dark. I would also like to try this with the Doctor, or Hannibal. Be anyone you wish from any fandom.)) It was a midsummer's sunset and Electra lay in bed as she often would after her acting classes. Laying on her side, she memorized her lines. Suddenly, she heard a banging sound. She looked around. There was nothing. She ignored it. Suddenly, she looked up and saw a/two figures, she couldn't make out who they were, because then she felt a sharp pain at her hip and suddenly, green splotches stained her vision as reality faded into black.

    place, between these words, when she suffered. What right did they have? Not only that, but she had an awful day at school today. She almost had no hope for the upcoming year. She was so tired. On top of all that, she could feel her depression returning, and she couldn't do anything about it. ((You can be anyone. My name is Electra, or at least, my spiritual name. Some very rude things have been said to me over the last few months, hell, I've been told to kill myself, and I'm on the verge of tears today, after all the healing I've done. I really don't want to talk about it, I just want to rp it out. Thank you.))

    Hi, would you be interested in playing Harry Osborn or Loki for my OC? I'll write you a starter, but I would love to see what you come up with.

    ((Hot waiter AU. I thank my dear hot waiter for this idea. Replace the name if you don’t want to be Harry Osborn.)) Electra slipped on a green-blue dress that reminded her of a woodland elf. She had straightened her hair as perfect as she could get it and carefully put on as much makeup and her mother would allow. Finally, she got into the car with her mother and sister. They were going to her favorite restaurant. The moment she got there, she went up to the hostess, “Can we please have Harry O. As our sever?”

    ((Kitty!Electra. Please be Harry Osborn.)) Electra lay fast asleep in bed one midsummer night. Finally, her life was at peace. She had dealt with her demons, and they had not returned for days. Now, she’d learned to love herself, but still, she longed for someone. Her eyes flickered open. She felt a presence. This had been happening for days. Suddenly, someone grabbed her and put a syringe inside her hip. When she woke up, she was in a small cage on a velvet sofa. She looked down to find her body completely different- she was now a grey tabby cat. She wanted to scream, this couldn’t be happening, not when everything was okay, but all that escaped was a meow.

    ((Bonnie and Clyde AU. Please be Harry Osborn or Loki.)) Guns, cigarettes, and eyeliner had now become a large part of the life of Electra Serpentine. One night, she was at a family event, and all of a sudden the door broke open. It was Harry/Loki, and he had a gun. One for him. One for her. And Electra took the gun, they were both teenagers angry at the world. Then they took as much money as they could, and then they ran. They sat on the tiled floor of a washroom in a hotel room as Harry/Loki smoked a cigarette and Electra lay in his lap.

    ((Vampire Au. Please be either Harry Osborn or Loki. )) It was mid summer afternoon. Electra decided to spend the day by the creek nearby her house. The clouds began to be colored gray, but rain did not come. She began to hear footsteps behind her. She furrowed her brow. She must have been hearing things. Suddenly, she was held tightly from behind. She looked up and saw red eyes glaring down at her.

    Electra kneeled at her bedside and sobbed into her blanket. Tears of heartbreak dampened her long black locks. She'd loved someone dearly, and she lived in a fantasy world thinking of him. She couldn't have him. She fell in love so easily, with so many people. His name was Tom, and he'd broken her heart. He said he loved her but he did not mean it. He said he just wanted to have fun. That's all, as if she were a toy. Now, she prayed in a whisper to no one in particular. She prayed to any one who would listen to show her the love she yearned for. She prayed that her parents wouldn't hear her sobbing. That always ended terribly. ((You can be anyone, but I would love a Loki or Harry Osborn.))

    ((The Walking Dead/Zombie Apocalypse AU. Please be Harry Osborn or Loki. If you want to be Loki, change Harry's name to his. I would kill for both. :))) Electra lay in the tent in Harry’s arms. She was so grateful that she got to stay with the seventeen year old boy. She mourned her family, not knowing a single thing about where they were or if the Walkers had got them. Tension streaked the air now a days. Nothing was left besides fear. She stroked the locket that Harry gave her for her birthday in the winter. Now, it was summer, sweat shone on everyone’s skin. “Harry,” she murmured, “It’s never going to be okay, is it?”

    Stress overcame her. Electra buried her head in her pillow. A binder lay in her lap of music for the play she was in this summer. She enjoyed acting quite a bit, however, singing was an entirely different story. Her music director told her she was tone deaf, and she didn't even deny it. It was true, and now she had to preform in front of so many people. She sighed, and then heard a knock at her window. ((Please be Loki or Harry Osborn. Actually, play anyone you wish.))

    Electra Serpentine was one wiser than the rest, but when it came to her emotions, she was vulnerable. She was just a teenager, but her parents had thrown her out of the house just a week ago. She found an abandoned shack in the woods, near a creek, and she was adapting there well. One night, she was dressed in her finest clothes- a leather skirt and high heels. She had nice clothes because she packed before she left. Really, what happened was her mother threatened to kick her out and she said 'fine.' She walked into the cafe nearby. She just sat down and she cried. ((Please be anyone you wish. I would kill for a Harry Osborn, sadistic or not. I would love a Loki, however a Tony or Natasha would be great too. Sadistic Loki would be awesome. I would literally sell my soul if you could be both Harry and Loki, dark intentions or not. I would give my first born for sadistic, dark Harry.))

    (Little Electra and teen Harry Osborn/Loki Au, super excited about this one. If you want to be Loki, change Harry's name to his. Obviously, I just want something fluffy.)) Six year old Electra sat in the back car seat as her mother drove her home from school. It was her first day of summer vacation, but there wasn't much she could do. Her parents worked most of the time, and her dad came home at 5:00. So, they hired a babysitter, and Electra absolutely adored him. She saw that he was waiting outside their door and she ran to hug him.

    ((Please be Harry Osborn.)) Electra lay on a long, velvet black sofa with Harry's head in her lap. Her silvery pink pajamas shone as they were satin. She ran her hands through his hair, massaging his scalp. She couldn't sleep these days, and Harry, he couldn't sleep without her. He would have these horrible nightmares. Eventually, she stopped coming home before her parents noticed she was gone to comfort the seventeen year old boy. They couldn't do much to hurt her anymore. She couldn't believe his father would leave him alone in such a large house during summer vacation.

    It was finally Friday. Electra looked forward to this day every week, because her classes were over and the teachers would stop caring whether or not they stayed in their dorms. To her, that meant a weekend with Harry. She was suppose to meet him for dinner at this fancy place down town tonight, and then they would spend the night together somehow. She slipped into a dark blue, lace dress and put on some makeup and jewelry. She crawled out her window, she had a single dorm, no one would miss her, and she locked the door. She called a cab and clicked her high heels as they drove the the restaurant. She waited for someone to show her to their reservation. ((Boarding school Au. Please be Harry Osborn.))

    ((Professor! Loki. Loki is hiding out in Midgard and gets a job as a professor to pass the time. You can also be Harry Osborn, just replace Loki’s name with his. I would actually prefer a Harry right now.)) With a mind full of wisdom and a spirit full of fire she made her way to school. It was the first day, and she was dreading it already. When she got her schedule, everything looked dull, but she had her favorite class first hour- mythology. She walked to class and sat down in the front, for the back was taken. Many of the people in the class were just placed into it because there was no room elsewhere, but Electra loved mythology. She looked behind her, oh, it was her worst fear. A girl who bullied her was in her class, Gracie. She tried to look un-noticeable, but the man who came out of his office caught her eye.

    ((Please be Harry Osborn or Loki.
    Really I want them to make up eventually and then have angry make up cuddles.)) "I loved you…" Electra choked as tears streamed from her eyes. "I can’t believe you did this to me!" She sobbed, her voice almost shouting. Her heart had dropped and her hope in others was lost. Perhaps she was a fool to think she could live in peace for this long. She was a fool to love.

    The sky was dark and the stars were lit as Electra Serpentine lay in bed. She was startled by the feeling of a presence. She jolted up, finding it was only her lover, Loki. She smiled and reached out to embrace him, only to find him pouncing on her and pinning her hands above her neck. He left bruises along her neck. Electra's heart beat faster. ((Please be Loki))

    Loki had been pestering her for months.He wanted a child, but she couldn't give it to him. She wasn't ready to be a mother, she was too young, and they weren't even married yet. The last time Electra saw him she was lying in Loki's arms until she fell asleep. Now, she woke in a dark room. She was strapped to a silver table in the center, in a short hospital gown. A chair was on the other side. In that chair, Loki sat putting on some gloves. A table with sharp instruments was beside him. He grinned a devilish grin as Electra struggled. "What's going on?" She whispered, still in shock. His hand only crept up her thigh.((You can also be Harry Osborn, just replace Loki's name with his.))

    ((TW: Suicide. Tell me if you want a new prompt.)) On the midst of a panic attack, tears ran down her face as she shook and began to gasp for air. Only her mother could do this to her. "You're so selfish! You think you're old enough to make decisions on your own!?" She yelled at Electra. Electra simply curled up in the blanket around her tighter. "Stop your crying!" Her mother screamed, "it's pissing me off!" "I'm sorry I'm not good enough for you, but that doesn't mean you have to terrorize me every time I'm depressed!" Electra defended, but before she could continue, her mother slapped her across her face. A few moments later, her mother left to go to bed. Electra remain on the floor in fetal position. She ran to the kitchen where she squired every prescription medication her family owned. She took them in her room with a bottle of water. She took a handful of pills, but one person came to her mind. Please be Harry Osborn or Loki or anyone. I just need comfort. Don't you dare tell me I need psychological help, because I'm not stupid, and I've been there and nothing works.))

    ((Please be Harry Osborn. MILD SPOILERS FOR SPIDER-MAN 2. Electra is my OC,by the way, so I don't mean Elektra or Aftershock. Also, this is not suppose to be female Electro, Electra is just my OC. She's usually paired with Loki)) Electra Serpentine lounged on a soft, velvet sofa. It was late at night, she was in her silvery pink nightshirt. She couldn't sleep. Neither could Harry. He took her in a few weeks ago when she ran away from home. He said he knew how it felt to be thrown away. Now he lay, his head in her lap, his arms wrapped around her leg. She stroked his hair soothingly.

    While her parents were away, Electra packed her things in a large duffel bag. Tears ran down her face. She was going to run away. She had no idea where to go. She looked down at her cell phone. Harry Osborn always said that she could stay with him when she's had enough. She called him, "Hey, Harry," she sniffed, her voice weak.

    ((Please be Harry Osborn.)) It was always the ones she loved dearly who broke her heart. She lived to love, but no one loved her. Electra simply stared into space. She wasn't sad. She wasn't happy. She was feeling incredibly numb. She always thought of Harry, but when her parents intervened, Harry tried to stay away so she would be safe. She couldn't stay away. She got out her cell phone and decided it was time to admit something to him. She texted him, "Harry, I'm in love with you."

    Electra lay in bed as she waited for Harry to come home from school and then work with his father at Oscorp. They had been living together for a week now. The boy was seventeen, and he was already on his own, and Electra and her mother got into a heated argument, and she threatened to throw her out. Electra simply left. She was so sick of all the pain. She was exhausted, clad in her night clothes, ready to sleep. Still, she waited. The door opened with a bang. Harry walked in, seeming furious. There was something wrong, and it killed her on he inside, the look in his eyes. "Harry?" She murmured. ((I would love sadistic Harry.))

    Electra was laying in Harry's arms. It was late at night. She was dreaming of Loki again. She woke and she sighed. He wasn't coming back. It had been three years since he came to see her. He wasn't coming back. She had a new life now, with Harry. Oh, how he let her run away from her family to him. Loki left her, even though he promised he wouldn't. She opened her eyes and saw Loki, staring at her with a mischievous grin. She knew he wasn't hurt with that grin. ((Hey, Electra's writer here. I realize that I barely rp with a Loki now, and I felt bad. This is just a fun little thing, it doesn't affect Electra's backstory with either character. Please be Harry and Loki. Or we can share one character. Either way.))

    ((Id be happy to rewrite this starter for any character, especially Harry Osborn.)) Electra Serpentine was a great lover of physics. She had figured out how to travel to another world - Asgard. She must have hit her head when she arrived, for she woke in a cozy bed. She couldn't find a way out of Asgard, or even the damned room, but it was better than her home. It wasn't until she spoke to the dwarf who kept her in the room that she realized she would be sold as a servant. Before she knew it, she was sitting on a tiled floor, in a long, black formal gown, handcuffed as a pale man with dark hair and a green cloak circled her. The room seemed like a bedchamber. The dwarf spoke to him, "You can take her for one hundred gold coins, she can't cook, but she does what you ask out of kindness. She's a rather obedient one... Perhaps more of a mistress than a servant, always giving affection... Of course, you don't find one as pretty..."

    The dark haired girl rushed through the corridors of the prison. She walked so quickly and yet so gracefully that even the guards couldn't keep up with the clicking of the heels of her shoes. Electra was in her finest outfit, interrupted by Thor at a dinner with her family. The moment she was told that Loki was in prison and was being tortured, she demanded that Thor take her to him, but he had no idea what she was planning to do. She didn't care about the fact she had school the next day or a life to live, all she cared about was Loki as she mumbled the spell that he had taught her under her breath to get into a place which was locked. There was no way out of the prison cell for either of them now, unless they were to be let out. "Two years, two freaking years, you've been gone, and I've been suffering every moment. If you're here, I will take it as my will to bear everything you do and protect you," she said sternly.

    A prison cell in Asgard was the last place she wished to be. All she wanted was to visit her lover, Loki, and managed for the first time to travel using the Bifrost from Midgard to Asgard. She found the palace of Asgard, but she was taken by guards. They held her in this prison for quite few days. They had tortured her, marks from whips scarred her torso and many bruises were on her body. "Loki," she screamed constantly. Electra just wanted him now, he wanted him to save her, and as soon as she began hearing those familiar footsteps she began to call for him louder, almost crying tears of happiness.

    Dearest love Loki, I have been suffering in pain every moment you have been gone. I keep trying witchcraft to get myself to you, but no matter how much energy I put in to traveling through the realms, I just wake on the floor with a bloody head. I often dream of you. I don't know if this is your way of checking in on me, but I apologize that in those dreams I ruined every piece of clothing you had. I miss the late nights you would appear in my bedroom and we'd lay together and rant about my family. I miss kissing you in a dark corner after you had snuck during family events. It has been far too long since you have seen me in Midgard. Six months is far too long. Everyone leaves me, you know, but I never will stop believing in your love. I refuse to believe you have left me, but hope is slowly draining out of me just like happiness. Love, your mortal lover. ((This is an RP starter, so if you like, you can reply as my Loki. Also, please don't yell at me.))

    Sitting in a corner, she avoided the others in her family. Family events were Electra's nightmare. She faced anxiety, judgement, and was always reminded of how much of a disappointment she was to them. "Loki," she'd sit in a corner and whisper for him. She wanted nothing but his arms around her at this moment. It had been long since he had come to see her, but she yearned for the sound of his voice and the feeling of his lips. She would have loved to see her family's reaction to him, being very religious, it would have been gold to see the life drain from their eyes when he told them they were in love.

    She stood, looking at herself in the large mirror in her and Loki's marvelous room in Asgard. She was in a fine, long, satin white dress with small emeralds embellishing it. Electra's heart pounded, it was time that she would marry her love. She heard the familiar footsteps coming behind her, and she turned. "Loki? It's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding," she laughed, "And this dress took and hour to put on, don't even start on the Asgardian wedding on of making love before the ceremony."

    Shutting the door behind her, quietly, Electra got down onto her knees and began to sob. She was in her dark closet, her dark hair wet from tears. She had gotten into a heated argument with her mother, and her mother had said the most awful things to her. She felt as if therei was no hope. All she wanted to do was curl up next to her love. Her love had helped her through all of the terrible times with her mother whoso had a temper problem, but he'd/she'd been gone for some time. Where was he/she when she needed him/her most? She choked on her tears, trying to stay silent so her mother wouldn't know where her safe place was. ((Please play anyone you wish. I would love a Loki. A Natasha or Tony would be great too.))

    Electra kneeled at her bedside and sobbed into her blanket. Tears of heartbreak dampened her long black hair. She'd loved someone dearly, and she lived in a fantasy world thinking of him. She couldn't have that man, she just couldn't. Now, she prayed in a whisper to no one in particular. She prayed to any one who would listen to show her the love she yearned for. ((You can be anyone, but I would love a Loki or Harry Osborn.))

    Electra Serpentine was one wiser than the rest. She was just a teenager, but her parents had thrown her out of the house just a week ago. She found an abandoned shack in the woods, near a creek, and she was adapting there well. One night, she was dressed in her finest clothes- a leather skirt and high heels. She got into a bar because she looked much older, but she didn't take a drink. She just sat down and she cried. ((Please be anyone you wish. I would love a Loki, however a Tony or Natasha would be great too. Sadistic Loki would be awesome.))

    (Professor/teacher AU. Feel free to be anyone, though I would love a Harry Osborn.)) With a mind full of wisdom and a spirit full of fire she made her way to school. It was the first day, and she was dreading it already. When she got her schedule, everything looked dull, but she had her favorite class first hour- mythology. She walked to class and sat down in the front, for the back was taken. Many of the people in the class were just placed into it because there was no room elsewhere, but Electra loved mythology. She looked behind her, oh, it was her worst fear. A girl who bullied her was in her class, Gracie. She tried to look un-noticeable, but the man who came out of his office caught her eye.

    How long could he have been gone? Electra Serpentine pondered over this question all night, in her sleep, through her dreams. Where was Loki? It had been a whole month since she saw him. She was convinced he left her, but she didn't want to believe it. A tear streamed down her cheek in her sleep, her brow furrowed. Things between her mother and her had been heated. She needed him now, and her heart was melded with his. She believed in him. He's going to come back, she thought, as she shifted in the blankets wrapped around her in bed.

    She thought that all she needed to heal was love. But then, she realized that love did not exist. If love did exist, her mother wouldn't treat her the way she did. If love did exist, her father wouldn't have left her. If love did exist, someone would have held her when she needed it. If love did exist, she would not have been sitting in a corner, slicing her wrists until she herself was sick. It's not that she lost faith in love entirely, Electra believed in spiritual love, love between the Gods she worshipped and humans. She believed in love between animals and humans. But, humans loving humans she didn't believe in any more. She curled up on her pillow. She didn't cry. She had to be strong in this world. ((Please be Harry Osborn or Loki.))

    Her life was finally at peace. Electra Serpentine conquered her demons, her fears, and best of all, learned to coexist with her mother. It was kind of like being in oblivion, but she would have to do it to get by. She learned to love herself and be strong, and she didn't fell alone. Not since Harry Osborn had come into her life. She was just taking a bubble bath before her date with him. ((Boarding school Au, be Harry.))

    (( Boarding school AU. Please be Harry Osborn.)) It was late at night, and Electra couldn't sleep. Not at all anymore. Her life was actually okay now. She got into this beautiful school because of her grades while others got in for their money. The other girls made her life hell. And... And she had to give an oral report tomorrow. Those were always hell, and she'd already had a panic attack preparing it. She had a single dorm because all of the teachers loved her. She should've been happy, she was away from her psycho mother, she could do pretty much anything she wanted, but the darkness kept coming back and telling her she was worthless and ugly. So did the other girls. Her mother didn't even love her. Did love even exist? She didn't think so. She was still healing from the darkness overcoming her a year ago. She opened her window, and she climbed down expertly. She went towards the creek nearby so she could be near her only true love, nature, however when she got there, she found she wasn't the only one there.

    She had been praying to the great god Loki for over a year now. She'd only seen him in dream, and she did a wedding ritual with his spirit, which was all she could feel of him. Their love was very real. Loki did not mind her mortal lover. Her mortal lover, Harry Osborn, didn't mind it. The seventeen year old boy didn't know that it was very real, and not just spiritual. Neither did Electra. One night, after a date, Electra lay in Harry's arms in a hotel room, and suddenly, she felt Loki. The next moment, he appeared in front of her. ((Please be Harry and Loki. Harry is seventeen))

    Electra Serpentine went to bed crying for the first time all summer. She thought the darkness had passed, but her sister said a few words, and she convinced herself she was worthless and unlovable. She curled up in fetal position in bed with the covers over her head. Her mother didn't even come to comfort her. She felt so alone. And then, she heard a tapping on the window. ((Please be Harry Osborn or Loki. I need the comforting.))

    The darkness was coming back, she could feel it. She was in the same situation the night before as she was a year ago. She cried herself to sleep. Her sister had said one little thing and it set her off completely into tears. Then, at dinner, she was so irritable, just her family's voices would hurt her head. She longed to run away. Electra couldn't even tell anyone what was going on because her mother would start terrorizing her when she was depressed. She felt so trapped. That night, she ran away into the woods. As she was walking, a car pulled up. ((I would love sadistic Harry or Loki, but anyone would be nice.))

    ((TW: Self harm)) As the darkness overcame her once more in her life, she longed for her blade. One night, she lay in bed, thinking horrible thoughts and feeling so alone. She got the blade from a pencil sharpener and ran it over her hip a few times. Electra didn't see blood, it was dark and she stopped before she could go too deep. She would not go back to that hospital. No. She went back to bed and slowly felt horrid inside. Tears came, and she heard a tapping at the window. ((Please be Harry Osborn or Loki but anyone will do.))

    ((Please be Harry Osborn. I can rewrite this to fit any character though.)) Slipping on her favorite dress, a dark blue, lace high low, Electra Serpentine brushed her hair one final time. She put on her studded high heels and finally opened the window. It was 3:00 AM. Electra's parents would have killed her if they found out her and Harry loved each other. She climbed out to find one of the seventeen year old's drivers waiting for her. She got into the car and clicked her heels until the driver took her to the surprise place that Harry said he'd meet her. There, she saw Harry.

    We have two lives. The second one begins when we realize you only have one ((Tom Hiddleston quote.)) Electra Serpentine was a normal girl, but ever since the incident in New York, she realized there was so much more to life than she was living. There was a world outside of her own. She spent her days gazing at stars through the darkness that passed through her life. But, one day, the darkness returned, and then she began to pray to anyone who would listen to live that life beyond hers. She went to sleep one midsummer's night, and she woke up, in another bed. In a cottage in the woods. But, these weren't Earth woods, nor was that an Earth sun. When she began panicking, an strange looking creature appeared before her. He explained what had happened, that she was in Asgard and a the Prince had listened to her prayers. Then, the creature handed her a sword, armor and a beautiful dress. He told her that the Prince wanted to personally train her to he a warrior. He had taken interest in her for her ability to battle her own demons. Before she knew it, she was kneeling before a dark haired man on a throne, laying down her sword before him.

    Electra was on her knees now. She had called him an hour ago to her house. She was in the middle of a breakdown, but it didn't show. There were no tears to come out. No shaking. No hyperventilation. Nothing of the usual, just a feeling that if she had to bear one more moment of the pain, she would absolutely lose it. "Take me home with you, I can't stay here for a minute longer, please," she begged, hugging his knees. ((Please be Harry Osborn (17) or Loki (17)))

    Electra curled up in her bed. It was the middle of the damn night. Why did this have to happen? If she woke her mother, she would just get yelled at. Tears steamed down her face as the horrid thoughts kept coming back, and before she knew it she was shaking and hyperventilating. The worst part was that she did not know if it was all in her head. No one ever gave her a straight answer. Her only hope now was her only love in the world. She knew that once she got though this, she would be okay for another few weeks. But she always needed someone when the darkness came over. She grabbed her cell phone and called him, "Hey," she sniffed. ((Please be Loki or Harry Osborn or anyone really.))

    Looking into her mirror, Electra fixed up her clothes. She wore a black pencil skirt and a gray top. She pulled her freshly straightened hair to the front. She slipped on her shoes and put on some earrings and her necklace, a gift from the God, Loki. Today was her first... Internship. Well, it wasn't an internship. Oscorp had taken an interest in her, and since she wasn't old enough to intern, they wanted to talk to her about how she could help out until then. They wanted her. She was told she was the brightest of her generation, and one of her teachers, very fond of her, was a good friend of Norman Osborn and got her an opportunity. She looked at her phone, pulling up that email, she read through it once more. "Harry Osborn, seventeen will be speaking to me," she said out loud. Someone would be picking her up soon.

    Electra was so sick of life, so sick of waiting for love that did not exist, so sick of refreshing her Facebook page every thirty seconds to see if that cute waiter had replied to her message. She felt as if she was annoying him. He had a life, a love, and she was jealous of him. She couldn't have him. He was too old and was gay anyways. She laid down. Why did the people she admire always prove to her that love did not exist. Her phone vibrated. It was a good friend of hers.

    Electra cast her circle on her bedroom floor, creating the magical space to do her work in. Rose petals lined the circle and a red candle as well as a picture of the Great God Loki adorned her altar. She removed a necklace from her altar- it was charged with Loki's love and energy. She had spoken to him many times through the circle, but it wasn't as if she was hearing voices in her head. She would get thoughts which were not hers, and he would talk to her. She loved him very much, and she was convinced that there was only one kind of love to exist: between the Gods and humans. Today she wrote a powerful spell to invoke Loki, hopefully feeling his presence stronger than ever. What happened was unexpected when she said those last words, "Great God, Loki, in my presence you appear before me!"
    ((I would love a plot))

    There was a deep pain on her neck. She moved her hand to go over the inflamed skin. Lovely. Just what she needed. A lymphf node and a headache. She shifted on her side and sighed. She'd forgotten to take her medicine the night before, and everything went to shit that following day. She snapped at her mother so many times tonight. And then some people had the nerve to tell her she needed a therapist when she tried reaching out and doing something to help herself. Electra was annoyed now, with a mix of wanting to cry. Nothing worked. Not therapy. Only the meds partially worked. Even then, everyone hated her, and love did not exist.

    It took Electra Serpentine very long to figure out her own illness. She figured out that what remained of her depression was entirely situational. Living with her mother was hell. She had a temper problem, and whenever something went wrong, it was always Electra's fault. She hasn't spoken or seen her father in two years. OiHer sister was a bitch. And lastly, she was sure love did not exist. One night, she packed her nice things- skirts of leather, dresses of lace, necklaces of crystal, and heels that could be used as weapons. Her mother bought her nice things, but that couldn't never make up for the way she treated her. She couldn't even practice her own religion. She couldn't be sad, or else she would be chastised. Electra had ordered a tent online, it was black and easily hidden if anyone came looking for her. No one would. She left her mother a letter threatening if she had the police coming after her, Electra would tell them about the horrid things of the past. She opened her window and she traveled far into the woods. She set up her tent with all her things by a creek. There, she went to sleep. Her eyes fluttered open when she heard the crunching of leaves. ((Be anyone your heart desires, though , I would love a sadistic Harry Osborn or Loki.))l

    Hey! Are you interested in rping with me on tumblr? Please check out my blog, I'm looking for a Harry Osborn, Loki, Doctor, Kirk, Khan, Hannibal, Will Graham, Sherlock, or Bones. I would also love an RP with elves or living cosily with a Hobbit. I would also love The Doctor.))

    Electra woke and she lit a candle. It was of mint and eucalyptus. That scent always calmed her. She paved her bedroom floor. School was soon. Too soon. Tears streamed down her face because she was so anxious. She could feel her breath becoming heavy. Oh no, she could feel that horrible pit building up in her stomach like a wound tearing open. School. She would have to socialize again. She was taking college courses this year, and she would be so stressed. She wished someone was there to comfort her. ((I would love a Loki, Harry Osborn, Doctor, Kirk, even Hannibal or Will Graham! But be whoever you wish! Schools on Monday and I'm freaking out guys...))

    ((TW: Suicide. Please be Loki, Harry Osborn, The Doctor, anyone you wish. Just be kinder than actual people are. Pretend that love exists for me. Don't you dare tell me I need therapy, because nothing, not even the drugs will work on me.)) It started on a whim. A whim to work on her art journal. She kept it hidden behind a basket of yarn. She moved the basket aside and felt something sting. Lovely, a splinter. Electra tried getting it out on her own, but she couldn't take it, and she was anxious and was even sweating over it. So she went to her mother. Her mother removed part of the splinter, but as she tried to remove the other part, Electra grew pale. She felt like throwing up, and there was a ringing in her ears. She was fainting over a stupid splinter. When she told her mother her mother started yelling at her about how weak she was. Electra explained it was because of her anxiety, but her mother turned it into a conversation about what a horrible daughter she was and how she should have just left her like her father. Electra knew one thing then. She wanted to die. She lay in her bed, tears in her eyes, just getting over a panic attack.

    Electra wanted to love life. She wanted to be one of those people who believed love existed. But she couldn't. She wanted to die. She didn't want to kill herself, she just wanted to disappear. Of course, she thought about it. For instance, last night her mother got into a fight with her about what an awful daughter she was and how she should have just ran away from Electra like her father. She went to bed in tears. Now, she was sure of two things: love did not exist and also she wanted to die. She sat at the dinner table with her /lovely/ mother and sister. She stared into space, wishing someone could just take her away. ((Please be The Doctor, Loki, Harry Osborn or whoever your heart desires.))

    Her day had been absolutely horrible. It was going perfectly fine until the last hour of the day. Her schedule said her first college class started at 2:00. So Electra went to class at 2:00 to discover that the class had started at 1:30. She was so embarrassed, even though it was her stupid counselor's mistake. When she was sent to go take care of the mistake, the counselor was in a meeting. She wanted to cry as she went outside and called her mother to tell her to pick her up at 3:00 and that she had missed her first college class. She waited outside for a while, her leg shaking. Why did such little things make her so anxious? ((Please be anyone, I would love The Doctor, Loki, or Harry Osborn.))

    Electra had two sides. One was very innocent. A villain’s dream. So easily manipulated. So naive. So soft and so victimized. So trusting. That side almost liked being hurt.
    The other side was the opposite. She was sick of the Little Miss Sunshine inside of her when in reality she was more of a dark little thing. She had cruel thoughts, but she often hid them away.
    The innocence inside of her took over, one night she was in bed. Before she knew it, there was a strange noise in her bedroom. She stood in her silvery pink satin pajamas. ((I would love a Dark Doctor, Harry Osborn/Goblin, or Loki, but you can be anyone.))

    Gentle and sweet were her kisses on his chin that night. It was a beautiful night. It started at about 3:00 AM, like their dates usually did, so Electra's parents wouldn't murder her. A circle of rose petals surrounded them, with a box altar, adorned with candles, a wand, a pentacle, crystals and much more. She sat in his lap, watching the candle light and letting her mind become light at the smell of incense. Eucalyptus, her favorite. She remembered a time when she wouldn't let anyone touch her, how her timid she was at first. Now, she was perfectly at peace. ((I would love anyone but I would absolutely adore The Doctor, Loki, Harry Osborn or a dark version of any character.))

    It was that time of year when the nights were still very warm and you could hear the mosquitoes swarming. It was the time of year that Electra Serpentine would stay up late and do her homework, and she would be so exhausted. She decided she would do a prayer to ease the stress. She lit her candles, cast her circle with rose petals and she relaxed. She felt a presence. She absentmindedly grabbed her wand and opened her eyes.

    Today was a day of firsts for Electra Serpentine. Her first college test, her first kiss, her first break up... It started two weeks ago. She met a boy she thought she liked, but when they started dating, it was evident she wasn't comfortable. After they kissed today, Electra broke up with him. It didn't feel right. Perhaps she wasn't ready for a relationship. The boy was impacted greatly. He said some things that made Electra feel terrible. But she wasn't happy, she couldn't do this forever, could she? She was drained when she got home. She cast a circle of rose petals on her bedroom floor. She set up her altar and adorned it with candles and crystals and leaves. She was going to pray to the god she was closest to: Loki. "Loki, wherever you are, please hear me," she said aloud.

    It had been a long week. Classes had been stressful, and she had several moments of panic. But, it was late Friday night on the night of a full moon. The perfect night for some magic. Electra pulled a large black box with a cushioned lid into the middl of the room. She cleansed her space with moon water and salt, a candle and incense. She set up a cloth on her box, adorning her altar with pictures of her love, Loki in times they spent together. Though they rarely met in person, Loki would contact her from the heavens and he was able to hold her at night from the realm of Asgard. It took some magic on his part, and Electra could always feel him there. She also heard his voice telling her things in her head. He called it her 'god phone.' She would wake up after a hard night with a letter from him under her pillow. She loved him, he was the one who proved that love did exist to her. He wasn't all that sweet all the time, though. He was very distant. He left her for an entire six months at one time. She barely heard him talking to her, no more than only once every few weeks. But, she could always feel him at night. Electra centered herself, "Great God, Loki, I call you here with me."

    ((Tell me if reading. AU where Loki is the King of Frost Giants. If you've seen The New Daughter, I kind of want this to be similar.)) Ants live in colonies with one queen. When that queen dies, a new one is born to carry on the race. And what if there is no queen? They find one. Electra Serpentine had just won one war. It was something dark that latched onto her, it was her very own depression. Or so she thought she won that war. It kept coming back. It just kept coming back. She had to fight those battles over and over again. To be honest, she was miserable. She wanted to die. Until she began having the dreams. She began dreaming of somewhere so cold. She thought it was her own mind at first... But there were... Creatures there. They looked like people, like beautiful people, but something insidious was vibrating through their aura. She liked it. Then came the voices in her head. Several beings were talking to her at once. And then she started changing, isolating herself, holding herself higher. Finally, one night, she met their King, Loki. He explained that they needed a Queen to carry on their race, much like a colony of ants, and she was just perfect. She couldn't refuse. She wanted to die, every cell in her body could no longer tolerate living in this world. He wouldn't take her immediately, but the creatures... The citizens would often find their way into her dreams, and she would always wake with strange bruises and scars. She woke from one of her reoccurring dreams: she was in a cave, constantly giving birth to these creatures. She sat up straight when she felt a presence and woke.
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