All that glitters is not gold

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  1. As Alouette ogled her reflection with a small sigh, a breeze just forceful enough billow her cloak had blown the thin hood off the scalp it sat upon. Lustrous strands of what closely resembled spun gold fell upon her shoulders, bringing to life her drab brown gaze. As she turned away from the mirrored image with disgust, she heard a sound that was unmistakable for a trained ear, the noise coins would create when shifting in one's purse. Her senses had sprung to life then, reminiscing of the differing aspects of gold. The tang of metal as one would bite down upon a coin to authenticate its worth, the weight of a bar in her hand, the shine produced by the precious metal having been polished with a loving touch. There was only one sense she couldn't account for. As desperately as she tried to imagine the scent filling her nostrils, it seemed as if she were trying to remember a dream too vague. The tavern door was being exerised by the inflow of patrons, and she followed in tow, hoping to catch glimpses of coin parting from one hand only to occupy another.

    Taking a seat in a corner booth, the serving wench made swift effort in approaching her. What will you have today?" Alouette thought for a moment, peering around the waifish woman as if her presence was little more than a complete nuisance. "Tea." She spoke curtly, her impolitness causing the woman's friendly smile to wane. "Very well, Miss." She would have no hope for any moments contemplation amongst the slurred chatter of rowdy men, the sound of boisterous laughter reverberating against the confines of the small space. When made up to her preferences and placed before her, all she could do is watch the tendrils of steam rising from the watery beverage for it would be too difficult an action for her hands to perform in bringing it to her lips. She had a cross to bear for her past transgressions, one too obvious and bulky to conceal. Even now as she sat, she struggled positioning the stiff wood until resigning with a sigh, rising from the shaded booth and coming upon the door with hurried movements. "Just give the tea to one of the destitute lot for me."

    Pausing as she took one last looking around, her gaze fell to the dusty floorboards. "Although having been victims of circumstance, they weren't unscathed of the devastations of my past lootings." Alouette urged the woman to lighten her pocket of a gold piece for her troubles and was out the door. The steady plodding of her peculiar staff upon the cobbled street, she turned the heads of all she passed. The townspeople simply eyed her contemptuously, and shook their heads. She had become famous upon these streets, but this had earned her the shun of the community. She was the subject of much ridicule, having incurred the wrath of the Gods for her actions in her previous line of work. The tiny offspring which littered the streets from dawn to dusk had regarded her with laughter and the protrudence of their little pink tongues. "How heavy is the cross today, 'Luette? Heavy with the contents of the coffers you had emptied? The alms you had appropriated by false means?" When the people were sufficed upon her receiving their verbal lashings, Alouette crossed the threshold leading away from civilization.
  2. A stray jest or two had followed in tow, as if the hateful words had latched onto the tail end of the tattered garment that was draped about her small frame.The radiant orb of the sun beheld the world below. It, like its lunar sibling, ever the watchful orifices upon the valorous and infernal actions of man, shedding light upon every shameful secret they harbored. She knew that these eyes belonged to the Ayilta, the Sky Being. Alouette had heard tales of the deities bestowing gifts upon a pure and faithful heart, but she had seen firsthand how vengeful they could be to those that are impure of thought and deed.

    Sure it wasn't the worst of woes that could haven befallen her, but her palate was an arid landscape and she couldn't extract even a drop of saliva to quench her parched throat. Atone had spared her from what would be a swiftly approaching death from dehydration and starvation, but cursed her thoughts to run rampant of the memories of tasting such savory delacacies and drink. She seemed to be cured for life of hunger, of thirst, of sleep. Most would count these as blessings, but she had not transcended the mortal coil. Each year she would grow older, her body would feel the tolls of age and strife. She looked to her hands, seeing that the black fingernails were brittle and the laquer was flaking off. As much as she tried to turn her focus elsewhere, her attention was drawn to the silver spike that bound her left hand to what appeared to be large staff enameled of white and gold, and its twin fastened to a crystal orb. A she moved, a sanguineous liquid sloshed about, it seemed to be her cruor trapped inside of the strange gem. A scale was affixed to each end of the staff, an old, worn skull inhabiting one and several bars of gold and loose coins filling the other. She was used to the pain by now, but had no use of her hands. It was another stipulation of the curse upon her, the only movement her hands permitted lay in her fingers, which she was able to flex and stretch from time to time.

    The Goddess that afflicted her with such a castigation had not been completely unkind, for she had imbued Alouette with a tongue to weave some meager conjurations, and to afflict those with punishments befitting the crimes they had comitted. She would only be allowed a small respite from her ventures, but her duty to roam the earth and scourge the troubled souls had eaten at her all the while. Alouette sighed, arching her back and wincing as she could not lift a hand to shield her from the harsh light of day.
  3. Since Alouette had not a free hand to perform the sign of her faith, she quickly observed the sky in genuflection before announcing the name of the Goddess. "Azriel Yula Atone. She was just to cast such judgment upon me. My thievery knew no bounds. I was not a mere member of the common rabble and cutpurses, the unpracticed spelunkers and looters. I, single handedly impoverished the peoples of this land. They lay listless in the streets, and still did I spare them? They were too emanciated and frail to defend their earnings, their heirlooms. I've robbed them of their lives as I also relieved them of their remaining trinkets. I've shed so much blood all in the name of profit, of gold, silver and glittering gems. I was but an unwelcome visitor in delapidated homes and grand palaces. From the humblest of fanes, to the most grandiose of holy structure, I was a blight upon their coffers. I've even stolen the golden idols of worship, and scoffed at the consequences of doing so."

    Her hands were held high above her knelt form, causing twinges of pain to travel along her sinewy muscles. Her head was bowed, her tawny gaze concealed behind heavy lids. "You, too, have sinned against the Gods. I am but an instrument, an extension of Atone's will. Your transgressions have not gone unnoticed." She rose rather unsteadily, slowly turning to face her visitor. "Octavion. I know of your murderous deeds. It is a befouling stench you haven't cleansed yourself of. I do not think it is even possible for this to be absolved, for the Goddess has turned but a deaf ear to you." The scales swayed in the balmy breeze, causing much of the loose coin to spill onto the ground. It seemed as if the shining currency would be lost forever amongst the grass and earth, but each and every one was accounted for by a twist of tongue, magickally appearing back upon the rest of the pile.

    Since this unwieldy device was a cruel whim of Atone, her flesh couldn't be parted from it, nor could it be defiled in any way. Perhaps the gold bars had caught the hungry gaze of bandits, but if they had even attempted to lessen the weight by one coin, they would have been smote by the Divines before their fingertips touched down upon it. Who would dare anyway? Atone's name wasn't a scarce thing upon the lips of mortals. It was often boldly spoken upon the lips of saints and said with less courage upon those besmirched with the stains of their wrong doings. Still there are some that speak it with much hesitation, only after their hearts become too ladden with the weight of their guilt. She brandished the staff as if it were a symbol that was only reserved for the use of clergy, parting her lips just enough to permit words to roll off of her tongue. "Will you speak it? Before the heavens, will you speak the name of Atone and confess before both Gods and Devils?"

    After a hard day at the shop Ulric was ready to call it a day. While most pursued adventurous lifestyles carrying with them epic tales of glory. He sought instead a simple life with a peace of mind. A treasure many sought; but few could ever obtained. He desired no selfish glory, for there was little glory in being a blacksmith and even less pay. After closing shop the 6’5”half Spanish half Asian male would wander down the dirt trodden roads. Considering his vocation it would come as no shock that not only was he rather tall, but he was also rather big. Wearing nothing but wooden sandals, sack cloth stained trousers and a blacksmiths apron. Ulfric would silently traversed through these crowded streets. Weaving in between the locals while over towering them like some sort of giant. His once serene existence recently found itself spiraling into chaos as a new power had stirred within him. Something he could not describe with words.

    At first glance nothing about him stood out, he seemed like every normal human. Just an average citizen paying his taxes while trying to earn a living. But behind this projection lurked a different tale. One which threatened his lust for inner respite and an ease of mind. With a heavy sigh he would tread down these streets filled with broken aspirations. His ears picking up the idle bantering of the local populace as he aimlessly wandered. In truth this brute just wanted to walk and be alone. He sought a reclusive approach to handling his inner disposition.
    Unbeknownst to Ulfric he would find himself heeding a call. Hearkening to the thunderous hymns of fate woven; he would find himself seeking shelter within those walls. After passing through the mouth of the tavern Ulfric would notice that one by one each patron lost themselves in the call of alcohol. Each with a different reason to digest the self intoxicating beverages. Some sough to forget, other to celebrate, a handful longed to sedate their sexual hungers. Ulfric himself sought none of these things, he only wished to forget. But he would not stoop as low as to turn to a bottle. Such was not his way. Being a humble and meek man he generally sought a higher path for enlightenment then the bottom of a bottle.
    Slothfully his eyes would divert from this dreadfully dull scene. His attention being captivated and wiled by a woman who carried scales. Something about her was different and like a moth to a flame he found himself drawn. He knew following a stranger was not the wisest of choices. Yet still he felt compelled to disobey his inner instincts and stalk the other fellow who also seemed beguiled as if she were some sort of siren. Keeping his distance he would follow, his stride wide however not riddled with a sense of over inflated pride like most men. As the woman stopped he could hear her words being spewed rather insipidly from her lips. They seemed both bitter and vicarious by nature. It was almost as if she suffered from some sort of unquenchable thirst for power.
    Stepping forward with hands at his side Ulfric would speak. Though he would keep it both brief and simple. “You talk a lot.” Ulfric being blunt and direct as usual. At this time one might notice the scars which adorned his brutish frame.
    Being an orphan Ulfric spent his youth defending the other orphans from gangs and bullies. Each scar was earned from a different battle. His knuckles mildly worn serving as a testament to the number of conflicts he engaged in. “I don’t know about God’s and demons. My grandfather taught me there was only one true god that is time. And there is only one thing we can say to time…Today is not my final day.” He spoke referring to the religious dogma she so passionately referred to. His voice was deep, however it did not command respect or attention. His body language lax, which would come as a bit strange considering he willingly approached such odd company.
    In truth he cared not what manner of beings this man and lady were. Such thoughts never lingered on his mind. He had learned early on that there is no worse demon then that of a corrupt man’s heart. Nor is there any greater poison then man’s baneful delusions for power. In fact these two might find him to be the strange and out of placed one. The way he spoke regarding her words was not that of someone stricken with confusion or fear. Rather someone who simply did not care for the sins of one’s past. If this woman tried to peer into his own history. She would find only obscurity in the form of a swarthy cloud. As if something or someone was interfering. Though what or whom would remain elusive.
    “Hey new girl…” His eyes attempting to lock with her own. Referring to her as the new girl due to her being the most recent female to venture into town. “What is that?” He would ask pointing toward her scale. Suddenly the man would fall to the ground, grunting as sweat began to form on his face. A jolt of electricity running from his finger tip to his shoulder. Only further adding to the confusion no doubt.
  5. Alouette had presented the rigid staff before Octavion's very gaze, so that the relic manifested of Atone's accursed design would seize him, to force a contrite admittance of his horrible secrets. It was an immaculate thing, unflawed by the slightest of imperfections. The ornate, intricately whorling bark was forged into existance to serve as both a curse and a gift, for it may serve as a direct essence of Atone's divinity. "Behold the staff and you shall quake, for you stand now upon the precipice of your damnation." His unsuccessful attempt at evasion had transported him back to the place he stood only moments before. The blades of grass were bent in an impression of his feet. "Do you wish for the ever burning flames to lap at your body, your soul? You cannot escape your fate!"Her tone was fervored in context, but her voice was monotonous, manufactured.She did not smile or frown, and her eyes were not alit with fury. The flesh of her face seemed but a masque of dead skin and muscle, that lie atop of bone like unworked clay. Her eyes were hollow gateways to her soul, his visage painted upon brown hued irises.

    Whether he plead to the heavens above or reviled them, it did not matter. She would have to perform the rites which would chastise him for his wickedness. She couldn't simply turn her cheek, or ignore her orders. This would be a worse grievance than blasphemy. Her instructions were penned by the hand of Atone, forever ingrained upon her labrinthian mind. The blood that coursed through her veins pump throughout her small form to the symphony of the ethereal beings, her heartbeat drummed with the vigor bestowed upon her. "You have been weighed, measured, and found wanting." The silver buckets bobbed about as she moved, contents shifting as she stepped to close in on Octavion as if she sought to snuff out all the oxygen around him, despite being outdoors. She sought to suffocate him, as if his struggle for normal respiratory function would coerce an avowal of his misdeeds, and worthy himself for Atone's forgiveness. "Does your tongue lie still? Such arrogance shall be the death of you, lest you forsake this reckoning. The truth shall ever ring within your soul, wrought with the torment of your crimes." The air seemed to grow cold then, frigid fingers tearing at her cloak as if in a such a motion to snatch it from the body the sable colored cloth had enveloped. Her flesh did not seem to react to the sensation of the benumbing weather, the winds seemed to be conjured of the deepest part of the forest where not even the tiniest beam of sunlight could pierce the heavily leafed treetops. "You shall feel the humiliation of a death before the eyes of the community, under the light of the moon. You shall feel the venom of the crowd, recceiving not an ounce of sympathy but revulsion in its stead. As dawn breaks over the horizon, you will wake from your earthen slumber anew, but with the memories and scarrifications of your said deaths, so that you may behold your marred vessel and suffer the consequence of your actions always."

    The newcomer was acknowledged in a state of mingling confusion and anger, her words stalled in her throat. Then, she observed his predicament. Beads of perspiration had bloomed upon his skin, it was apparent that he was agonized by some sort of adversity. She knew not how to approach this pained creature. "Much woe betides you." Alouette stated the obvious, planting the bottom of her staff into a patch of barren earth. "Are you also wracked with suffering for a trespass that weighs heavily on your soul?" His body reacted in such a way that it appeared he was smote by lightning, causing him to convulse before her. "Were you covetous,lustful, or...was it more sinister? Do you seek to be bathed in blood that will cleanse you of your immoralities? Speak the name of the Goddess and recant!" The blood contained within the walls of the crystal orb began to roil with a thunderous sound. If one were to witness it, it would seem as if the bubbling juices stirred to such a sudden increase of heat that it threatened to escape the sanctuary within in an eruption of broken glass.
  6. After several moments of examining under a keen gaze, Alouette shook her head softly. "It seems that this unfortunate fellow had trifled with the Gods, and what heedless of the consequences of what would be to come of doing so." She could only utter a few last words his direction in parting, "I pray Atone has mercy on your soul." Her concentration was once again directed to Octavion. "Eat, drink and be merry, for tonight will be the last of your mortal life unerred by the ravages of death. A strong imbibement perhaps? Alcohol could be one's most cherished friend at a time like this. What of your most baser appetites? Of course, I cannot help you with those." She started back into town, leaving Octavion and the mysterious man behind.

    The streets were abuzz with excited chatter, forming thrown together committees as if to discuss crudely formed ideas for the festivities which would be taking place at darkfall. The gleeful cries of celebration became like a living entity,conjured into being by the sheer merriment and humor of what was supposed to be a wholly somber and sedated occasion. Did they not care that the the heavens will become ablaze with the fires that would gredily consume one of their own, that his flesh and bone would be reduced to ash before their very gazes? They almost seem to beseech the Gods that this would come sooner. Alouette maneuvered through the crowded 'square. It seemed only merely moments after she had cast such dire judgement on Octavion, yet a pyre had already been erected in his name. The melodical clang of the crier's bell seemed add a musical tone to the situation, the raucous noise of song and dance of the drunkards after becoming inspired of sipping on liquid courage. She hoped that he would join accompany her this day, for it seemed a rather morbid notion that he would wish to spend his remaining time alone.
  7. She stepped into the tavern, feeling herself becoming upswept in the tide of new arrivals. Alouette attempted to smite at the hands that seemed to probe her frail form, but felt herself falling under their clusmy grasps before she could utilize her staff. Mead and wine continued to flow, and she had to squirm out of the way or become trod upon as if she were fresh soil. Even the Lawmen had taken up drinking, so there was none to enforce order in the chaotic streets. She searched for Octavion in thought, as if she could transmit a telepathic beacon his way. Soon the interior of the hovel was further put into disarray, loutish men assailing one another with their fists and and tankards.

    She heard the sound of breaking glass as the body of an especially rotund individual collided with the window, and his body landed in an askew position outside. She feared becoming trampled, and it was not an easy task to migrate to safety through the inebriated lot. The others began taking their place before the stage the convict would grace later that night. It was as if these people wished for an unobscured look of their own reflections in his gaze, feel the heat of the burning effigy. The community seemed to crave bloodshed in all of its forms.
  8. This woman called out to him, she spoke like a prophet. Spewing out her doctrine as if she herself had some type of connection with the Gods. In all of Ulfrics life he had not known the Gods to be kind beings. He had only seen their more destructive side growing up. And even now he still witnesses their cruelty. In this blacksmiths mind such beings enjoyed meddling in the affairs of mortals. Plaguing their corporeal shell, stepping onto their plane of existence in the hope of swaying their souls. Like children they knew only folly and selfishness. But that was his opinion on the matter. Even as this monolithic brute fell to bended knee. Clenching his fist tightly as the shock sent a pain which traversed his mortal coil as a whole. He could still hear this new girl speak to him. He could still understand what was going on around him. Foolishly she would begin to draw deductions. Assuming his affliction to be some sort of blight or punishment. Sown into his soul and flesh in order to birth some sort of retribution. However the burden weighing heavily on him was not that of a celestial nature. Nor was it an offspring of the devil. Instead it was something entirely new.

    Grunting in pain Ulfric would stare at the ground. The once pearl white in his eyes becoming blanketed over by what appeared to be an ink like substance. Crawling and spreading from within his eyes. Ulfric would fall to the ground. slipping into a state of torpor for a brief moment. Becoming pale as cuts had begun to form on his skin from out of nowhere. Blood would trail down his defined body as he simply laid there. His breathing shallow; one might conclude he was either very sick or demon possessed. The truth was neither. The frigid grip of death would not linger for long. Springing back to life without any warning the simple man would jump to his feet. His eyes averting toward his palms which were now shaking. He could fee;l a tingling and warm sensation. His breathing became heavy as a few drops of sweat now adorned his forehead. His long brown hair blowing in the wind as an eerie silence engulfed him.

    Quickly he would regain his resolve and bearing. Putting what just happened to the back of his mind. For during that short time what he felt and observed was hard to explain. It was almost as if he had traveled to another world. One he had visited before as a child, but recently has been calling out to him. If one were to look hard enough and possessed a potent third eye. One might begin to notice a strange energy outlining his aura. One which belonged not to any known plane of existence. "I never envied another man. nor did I desire his wife. I have never struck someone out of wrath; nor have I lied. I may seemed cursed. But not everything in this world which befalls you is a punishment. My only having bad luck." Now retorting her inquiry earlier regarding past transgressions. Doing so in a way as to not even acknowledge what just transpired moments ago.

    "I see no reason why we should celebrate. You are one who likes to dance close to the fire. You love enticing the devil. Sadly people like you in due time get what they deserve. what we all deserve...a rendezvous. A rendezvous with our only true god. Death." He conversed with her as he followed behind her into the tavern. His minds eye never straying too far from her or the demon boy. "Hey new girl...What is happening to that man?" He would pose an inquiry. "He seems arrogant...he knows no fear. Though this can be good. I often find such people ofttimes put far too much stock into their abilities. No doubt you're encouraging if not welcoming such a bold mentality." Abruptly halting behind her, his bare and ripped form over towering her and the patrons around him. A few would bump into him here and there. Pausing only to glance up at him while sending a fearful apology his way. However Ulfric would fail to acknowledge them.
  9. She suddenly became emboldened by the asperity of her patron Goddess, as if she was but a conduit for the roiling cruor that now surged up the length of the staff, seeking an import to her veins. She became an idol of vengeance, rising from the floor as if guided under arm by unseen beings. "Jubilee upon a day that one of your peers is condemned to face his execution , such impertinence. Becoming inebriated upon the wines that flow in celebration in lieu of such a grave matter. The bottom of the staff struck the floorboards, sending both living forms and inanimate structure to encounter one another with painful results to the former of the two. The drunken individuals stumbled to their feet, easing away from the female utilizing swaying scales. Most were too hesitant or too intoxicated to control their bodies enough to divert from her path.

    "You shall suffer for your mockeries as Octavion struggles with coming to terms of his impending execution! The energies of your derision and antipathy have festered within you, and you shall wear the pox you placed upon yourselves!" The multitude of people which had occupied the tavern had begun to exhibit the signs of judgment cast down upon them from Atone. Flesh had yielded from bone, displaying bloody rifts upon what had been canvases previously unblemished, but a abrupt turn of cheek had been not enough to satisfy the Goddess. The maimed herd wailed their repentance for their actions, but Alouette continued to rain down wrath at its most absolute form.

    They looked as if they were cast into sanguinary waters, most were sputtering on the vital fluid that filled them from wounds which were located in inconspicuous places. She could hear bones fracturing, as if they had stood a persecuted lot before their peers that were armed with the favored, albeit crude projectile arsenal of their age. Smoldering embers manifested upon their skin, boring holes into pliable tissues. "Now, that's I've caputured the audience befitting of a vessel of the Divine Atone.." She cleared her throat authoritatively, hearing naught but the sounds of a sinewy membrane working upon the faces she beheld to seal their tongues within. "We shall treat this solemn occasion as what it should be." She surveyed the butchered masses, directing the tip of the staff at a point toward the door. The wooden wall was obliterated, showering the town in splintering bits. "We shan't be late, tis almost sundown." Her voice returned to a tone that was normal for her, as she felt the power of the Goddess that had seized her body departing.

    She made her way to Ulfric, a blush upon her rather drained pallor. "I do apologize for that ..spectacle. Are you quite alright? I'm certain I could find something to dress your wounds if you wish for my aid. She had heeded his words, finding no way to answer them at that moment. She shook her head softly, recounting the curse she had placed upon the man, and that he was to be executed. He seemed have already realized this, as it was most difficult to keep such a discovery a secret amongst the petite community.

    "His crimes of murder shall not remain disregarded, and the reproof of a hallowed tongue shall lash him until his parting breath." Upon becoming engrossed in both conversation and the nagging curiousity of the man before her, she had not noticed the sun sinking upon the horizon. "I suppose it is time." She ushered the people out of the tavern, which was filled to capacity. The crowd witnessed his absolution in the form of a sanctified fire, in silence. She bowed her head, shutting away the sight of his crisping flesh.
  10. Like a lamb to the slaughter, the male octavion willingly faced his demise. Offering little resistance save for a few bitter words. His final thoughts littered with misguided hatred toward the local populace. The smell of burning fleshing contrasting against the resolve plastered on his face. With unwavering fortitude he endured the touch of the flames, never once crying out of pain. Ulfrics nostrils flaring as the foul aroma of his life being extinguished before his very eyes filled his lungs. Tickling his senses, evoking him to clench his fist firmly. All the while the strange new girl seemed to derive pleasure from this morbid display. In the black smiths eye she was some sort of deprived masochist. Disguising her pleasure with the foul bantering of praise to a supposed higher power. Casually his gaze would avert from the man with the sealed fate. Resting on this hooded woman. In truth he doubted her to be human, rather something unnatural like himself. But unlike himself she seemed to cling to a more insidious agenda. Willingly embracing her vile insipid side with open arms. Like a drug she seemed dependent on the suffering of others, a parasite whom had no purpose for existing. Save to exist that is. An empty purpose which like a black hole sucked everyone in it's path into a spiraling tornado of chaos of woe.

    Narrowing his eyes the once unwanted and painful jolt of electricity now calmed his stirring soul. No more would he cringe from it's call, no longer would he loathe it's whispers on the back of his mind. Through this woman he slowly but surely was understanding the power he once tried so hard to refute. It was not a weapon of unbridled destruction. Rather a shield which stood a near infinite capacity to protect those he loved. Unlike those around him, Ulfric sought not his own gain. He was no selfish child, nor did he take pleasure in needlessly striking others down. The path he traversed was that of a higher purpose. The calling he answered was that of benevolence. The whispers filling his mind would dissipate as the now blushing woman turned her attention toward him. offering him a few simple thoughts. Void of expression his eyes would meet with her own. Permitting an eerie silence to grow between them. But only allowing it to thrive momentarily as he mustered a proper response.

    His fellow kin would find themselves rushing from the safety of the tavern. Beholding the now crisp frame of Octavion. A man many would label a sinner and cast judgement on him for simple being a demon. However unlike most, Ulfric saw no need to act so xenophobic toward one of his origins. His gaze now barreled down on the corpse. He felt nothing, save for pity. "No sin is without forgiveness. Even murder." He would boldly refute this new girls claim. "You have no right in judging him. All men or demons, regardless of past atrocities merit a shot at redemption." Still refusing to look at her he would pause. His fist clenching tighter. "New girl...I do not know who you are. But I know what you are." He would sigh, permitting his eyes to drift earthward. As he pondered over the reason for her concern. "Do not worry about me. This is nothing...I have endured worst." He replied with confidence. Undoing his apron he would permit it to rest against the ground. Revealing his ripped form. His tan skin and defined muscles were littered in tiny scars. Each scar harrowing a different tail of struggle. With strands of brown hair now obscuring his face, the half asian half spanish male would once more glance at her.

    "Why did you blush? Why do you show concern? Such acts seem to contrast when compared to your religious spewing?" Without tact he would address her. His tone not riddled with anger or resentment. Rather that of curiosity. "Do you have some sort of interest in me? Or maybe it's aimed toward the other inside me?" Most might assume he was referring toward demonic possession. Honestly what plagued him was entirely different and nothing so cliche.
  11. She had just realized that their chance meeting was devoid of introduction. They spoke as strangers, but she was certain to remedy such a gaffe on her part, and privy him to her identity. "I am Alouette. What name do you own? Her facial features softened, although some of Octavion's cremated remnants were aloft in her direction and she was unable to lift a hand to bat at the air that tickled her nostrils. Embers that alit the night like fireflies stung her eyes, making them lacrimate a salty substance that mingled with his ash to sooty her cheeks. This nuisance played at the muscles beneath her epidermis, causing her eyes to open and shut rapidly, her nose and lips to twitch. Suddenly, it appeared that she was touched with a soothing hand, one that was undetectable to the people around her.

    "Atone is an unforgiving Goddess. The hale of the Trinity." Her composed form went through a rather violent transition then. she had surrendered control of the appendages that were unattached to the cumbersome rod, piting her against the convulsions that overwhelmed the sylphlike female and and brought her to her knees. "So you say that -my- judgement is unwarranted? Have I erred somehow?" Something writhed within Alouette's form, and she then fully succumbed to the conflict occuring in her, and the entity revealed itself upon her flesh in the form of smoldering fissures that exuded a molten cruor. As she became alivened within the human husk, Alouette's head was thrusted back so that the Goddess could behold the man with a turbulent gaze. "I -am- Atonement..but these pitiful specks do not deserve my absolution... the disgraceful, the unrepenting! The vulgar, weak, liscentious lot! I shall rise the very flames of perdition to enkindle the land, I shall bring down torrents to cleanse the wicked from the face of the earth!"

    The very ferocity of her voice had obliterated most of the sound structure about them, and the town's inhabitants were given the gift of flight in a violent upheaval, although the one she was communicating with remained unscathed by her whim. "What roils within you? You do not suffer afflictions by my doing, so what wracks your body?" Alouette rose, making her way upon the charred corpse that was Octavion. "Octavion, I bid you to stir within your expired form, I bid you to awaken, and your body shall shudder with its first breath!"
  12. Events had begun to transpire quickly as Ulfric found himself being sucked into the void which stirred within this womans corporeal shell. Though at first the sudden shift in their plane would bear a subtle mark, eluding his attention until such a time as the storm of conflicting brewing within this woman exploded. Peering into those unwavering eyes of her's Ulfric would keep the disclosed identity of the new girl close to his heart. Continually she showed social graces which defied the conflict within he sensed. Perhaps being that they both suffered from some sort of inner blight her invisible scar tissue somehow reverberated from his own aura? Ultimately though this was nothing more than a guess which perhaps in time would be put to the test. But rather then toss around whimsical ideals the simple blacksmith would permit such idle presumptions to remain locked within the vault that is his mind. "Alouette..." Her name parted from his lips ever so softly. Pondering to himself how such a troublesome woman could be adorned with such a ravishing name. It wouldn't be long before he would meet her etiquette with some of his own. Uttering his own brutish identity toward this woman. "My name is Ulfric." He'd simply reply at first. His eyes remaining fixated on Alouette. With decipline absolute he would grant her his undivided attention. "Then your goddess is a fool. Whom I harbor much pity for. Forgiveness is not a weakness rather a quite strength." Ulfric retorted, offering but a shard of wisdom which remained masked by his monolithic stature.

    Finally everything that had happen would cause a noticable shift. Seconds before the violent shockwave and gust of wind caught the local populace by surprise. Ulfric would drop to bended knee, extending both arms as a white liquid erupted from the pores of his appendages. Enshrounding them as the unknown material became one with his mortal coil. Streams of lightning would dance up and down his body as the liquid harden. His once human body now resembled something monstrous as his arms and legs became unrecognizable from before. His pearl white arms and legs glistened as the fire from the charred corpses reflected off them rather brillantly. As the violent mealstrum of thick energy exploded from this new girl Ulfric's eyes would narrow. Grunting slightly as he remained perfectly in place. Watching as the helpless innocents were flun across the scene like ragdolls. Becoming deadly projectile as they slammed into one another and the nearby structures that remained unharmed. Slowly Ulfric would rise to his feet, his eyes now staring at a new being. The once pleasent Alouette was gone. Leaving in the wake of her metamorphisis something far more manevolent.

    "Judgment without redemption is not judgment." Ulfric would reply void of fear. His eye's meeting that of the supposed goddess. His resolve unfaltering as if this spiritual entity posed no threat. The entity which was Aluoette now flying toward the burnt corpse of octavion with grace. Nesting above the cross the unknown entity would peer down at the charred corpse of the demon. Commanding him to awaken from his state of topor. Finally both Ulfric and this woman would meet not as they appeared to be, rather for what they truly were. No doubt the goddess would detect the presense of two beings of likemind. Where as earlier there could only be felt one. Raising his palm over his face ulfric would close his eyhes, exhaling as the same white material hugged his face. His one's masculine facial features now being covered by a pearl white mask riddled with intimidating and twisted features. His eyes became similiar to that of a cat with silver eyes. A soft growl parting from the teeth of his mask.

    "There is no friction, there is only tranquility. Thanks to your interference I was able to slip into a vivid dream state. There I met the power I have feared for so long. It spoke to me, assaulted me until I was able to defeat her. And now I call both her and my own inner resolve to manifest in our world. But unlike you, she does not seek dominion over men. She does not assert herself as a weapon but as a shield. There are two people in this world with power. Those which foolishly devour everything around them for their own selfish agenda. And those which use their power to protect what they hold dear. I am the latter." Boldly he would proclaim as he clenched his fist. This woman had just harmed everyone he loved. And though not all of them were dead, some no doubt would not see another night. And so he must be there strength. No matter the cost he would do what he can to put a stop to this pointless conflict.
  13. "Silence! You may be the harbinger of a wholly benevolent God, but I will not have you sully my ears with such nonsense. These mortals need to be chastised, they need to be disciplined! Or the sin in their hearts will run rampant, and consume everything upon this temporal plane. The fetor of the chaos that eats them from the inside will despoil the earth, and it will become a ruinous landscape where nothing shall thrive!"With that, the uncompassionate being was evulsed of Alouette, who collapsed upon the flinty soil. Her hands showed no wear of the ordeal,fortified flesh reinforced to her staff, so she would evermore wear the stigma cast upon her. The rest of her weary body had not escaped the trial without blemish, for she was branded with a lattice work of scarring. "It is a delight to make your aquaintance, then." A rosy tinct to her cheeks, she turned briefly to eye the plume of smoke that rose from the kindling at the base of the pyre. Then she assessed the destruction of the town, becoming disheartened that the population was reduced to such an extreme, that their homes were banished from the plot of land they were erected upon. She recalled his words prior to her metamorphosis, and closed the gap between them.

    "I show concern because I am a compassionate creature amongst those of hardened hearts. "Antipathy is a sin. It is a gateway for more grave of transgressions, as you've witnessed a few moments ago. The people extended not a prayer for the salvation of this man. A stipulation of his curse was that his peers may not reflect sympathy unto him, but it is ultimately one's free will that could have meet this with opposition. Instead they chose to surrender to their predilections of hatred for those who are different, and the tavern roared unto the heavens in their carousal." Alouette's voice lowered in decibel, and strummed upon timid vocal chords. "You must be famished, good Sir. I have some coin I could part with if you'd care to join me for a meal. The neighboring town is famous for its bistro. There are also many shoppes that offer a bargain for their provisions, if you may require anything." With a soft nod, she then turned in said direction of the next town, looking upon the rooftops that seemed to reach miles into the sky from the close vicinity they were standing.
  14. Ulfric found himself puzzled by her sudden transformation. Everything from her body language to her aura shifted drastically. Almost as suddenly as the carnage met an abrupt halt. An eerie silence would brew between them at first, as those feral eyes of his peered past the pearl mask. A mechanical hiss parting from it's fangs as his gaze averted from one morbid sight to the other. In due time they would find there way back toward the epicenter of this destruction. The author of this transgression. Alouette was more than some new girl, more than the image she originally portrayed. within her stirred a fearsomely violent power.

    Ulfric cared not if it was truly divine by origin. The only thing which concerned him was whether or not she could tame the monstrosity within. He felt uneasy around her due to the fact at any moment she could slip into insanity once more. The faint groans of the wounded locals served as a daunting tone. A harrowing reminder of what had just transpired. Clenching his brutish fist tightly he would stare earth bound. Her insipid words entering his ears, however they would not sway his resolve. He knew what he had to do. He knew what must be done and understood fully what the consequences would be. And so like a lamb to the slaughter he would willingly venture down this trodden path of despair. She had stirred something within him, something he had long forsaken regarding the destiny bound to his power. And that was no other than conviction.

    A mechanical shrill would reverberate from the few standing walls around him as Alouette tried to rationalize what just happened. Women, children, old and men all their lives tossed away as if they were just rag dolls. As if they were nothing more then mere playthings.

    "You....You may try to justify this as you will. But no matter how honeyed your words may be posed. Ultimately it doesn't change a thing..."

    Quickly he would raise his head, those feral silver eyes of his attempting to lock with her own. Within these pools to the soul she would bear witness to a strong belief which burnt everlasting within him.

    "...That you're wrong. Both you and your God wish to use my family, my friends, my kin as play things. You sit high a mighty and dare to preach to me about sin and judgement. But you yourselves have hands far tainted then these people."

    Slowly Ulfric would raise his hand and point his finger at this stranger who had managed to turn his life upside down in only mere moments.

    "A God who kills without so much as a second thought. Is like a king who butchers his followers! What good does it do you? What good does all this destruction and potential wasted serve you?"

    It was quite clear where Ulfric stood, in opposition with what he just witnessed.

    So many bodies, so much death. The houses and shop he once knew by name lost forever. The people he shared smiles and laughs with forever stripped from his life. And all this woman could do was offer him some food. As if he could eat with the disgust stirring within his abdomen.

    "I have no interest in eating with you. The only thing I wish to to destroy this false God of yours! And if that means I must destroy her vessel...then so be it! I am resign to whatever fate this may bring for me. At least this way I can die a human death, I can die doing what I believe and know to be right!"

    He would finish his lecture, not truly caring if she belittled his words or hearkened to him.

    The sudden shift in the flow of spirit energy would not go without notice. For many months now the House of Vipers dispatched an agent to spy on Ulfric from afar. Tracking his progress and making detailed reports. But what had transpired of late would come even as a shock to the female agent. She couldn't imagined such a powerful spiritual entity wandering into such a small and insignificant town. Perhaps Ulfrics and her Aura's attracted her like a moth to a flame? Or perhaps it was just plain old bad luck? The fiery red headed beauty wouldn't ponder over this for long as she observed the scene from afar using her potent third eye.

    "I see...It seems this being somehow jumped his progress ahead a few months. I must admit for just unlocking his power this simple blacksmith has real potential. It would be a shame for it to be snuffed out so soon."

    She whispered under her breath, the arches to her luscious lips contorting to form a pleasant smile which adorned her already picturesque face. Grasping her blade firmly she would unsheathe it. The hoarse harrowing of steel clanging against steel would resonate, disturbing the normal clamor.


    She whispered to the blade as she held it bu inches from her lips. The blade shimmer a crimson light before altering it's form completely into that of a wooden bow. Decorated with a lush array of wild flowers blooming from the weapon itself. It was quite clear that this weapon wasn't your typical bow. For something about it seemed special and gave off a rather intimidating vibe. But before she could launch into the action she would sense the arrival of another. His sudden intrusion causing her to arch a brow. She was stricken with both concern and curiosity. After all she was ignorant regarding his status. Was he a friend or foe? Without doing some proper recon and questioning she could ultimately be stepping into a trap.

    "Where did you come from?"

    She'd question to herself before melting away from sight. With uncanny speed she would gracefully traverse the battered rooftops. Jumping and twirling from one roof to the next. Her feet kicking up a few loose shingles. A reminder of the flaccid state of these structures. Within a few brisk moments she would suddenly appear ten or so feet behind the newcomer. With bow in hand she would take aim. Those deep blue eyes of hers standing in complete contrast to her porcelain like skin and her fiery red hair. But behind those ravishing eyes could be spotted the intent to kill. The sort of intent only merited through countless years of combat. It was a warning, that she wasn't here to play around.

    "I would rather not kill you needlessly. So tell me something...Who are you? Why are you here? Are you somehow aligned with that thing down there?"

    She'd boldly inquire into. Her eyes shifting toward the general direction of Both Ulfric and Alouette who at this moment seemed to be in some sort of stand still. Most likely the calm before the first chord of the storm.

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  15. Although the harshness of his words had not riled a discernible display out outward emotion, her inner feelings were like an eye of a storm, the momentary calm that would lull one into a false sense of safety. "Do you think I receive some sort of enjoyment of this? Do you perceive me as not standing here before you, but with my feet prancing and my hips in gyration to the sounds of my own merriment? If so, your eyes must be plagued by illusion or you must be suffering from a psychosis of which there is -no cure for!- I am but one of the unforgiven, castigated by Atone for my previous exploits. I am but her vessel, she had deemed me worthy to inhabit her body, to enforce her order! I wish not to incur her wrath again, for my weak form could not survive such..malediction. Look at me!"

    She mustered her strength in attempting to pry her hands from the cumbersome relic, to show him that the spikes would be driven deeper into the wood. This act had caused her much pain, that would overwhelm the tranquility of her features. "Wouldn't you think that perhaps I could be inclined to use my hands, if tempted with coin or beverage? My palate yearns for the tastes of food and drink, the bite of whiskey and pungent spices of curried lamb! I am forever relieved of having to partake of these as a way to sustain life, but flavors dancing upon my tongue shall be like the ravages of time upon dream once so vivid. I suppose I had taken these petty endeavors for granted when I possessed the capabilities to sup."She frowned, feeling insulted and rejected by Ulfric.

    "It pains my heart that through my veins, I brought life to my Goddess. My body was just an instrument for her to dole out destruction, my legs were but a vehicle for her Divine form." In a flash of premonition, she would see two silhouettes. "There are two overlooking our conversation." Alouette uttered, oblivious to anything else taking place at that moment.
  16. Ulfric found this Alouette to be a weird one. Despite appearing to be not much older then himself. Her words were posed like that of a scolding mother rich with sarcasm. Though the image of seeing the new girl prancing around like a tree hugging elf was enough to warrant a brief chuckle. However his facial features would remain unaltered, for it was a notion birthed from amusement as oppose to humor. The blacksmith's apprentice would not lower his guard, still unsure what to think of this one.

    One moment she seemed friendly the next second she was spewing forth hellfire and bantering on about just judgement. Even now she continued to justify her actions through the use of flaccid theological standpoints. But what struck him as most disturbing was the way she viewed herself. It was as if she was but a worm deserving only damnation for the transgressions of the past. This realization evoked a frown to plaster itself on his masculine face. Though His pearl mask would obscure such a thing naturally.

    "If you can not forgive yourself than you can never truly be saved." He retorted, expressing the pity he felt toward her.

    Ulfric knew Alouette would not take super kindly to his bold statement. Ultimately what she thought couldn't alter what he was feeling. Nor would it dissipate the desire he felt to voice it. Such was his way, he was a man of conviction which often came across as intimidating to some circles.

    "Alouette..." He whispered under his breath before taking note of the newcomers around the same time alouette herself pointed it out.

    "Hey new girl...I assume they aren't friends of yours?" Clearly expressing his ignorance regarding their identities at the same time.

    Magdalena could sense the curiosity brewing within the stranger she met on the rooftop. Those potent eyes of his displayed this much, so it didn't take much effort to reach this conclusion. Sensing no deception in his eyes the flamboyent red head would lower her bow, removing him from it's lethal line of sight. Her way of expressing a basic level of respect and trust. After all there was no honor in needlessly badgering someone without just cause.

    "I see, I suppose though now we might have our hand forced. I do hate directly involving myself in other folk's affairs." She spoke with a heavy sigh.

    Her hand resting on her forehead as if to express the headache this whole situation was causing. She should of seen this coming, after all they weren't entirely too far from both the meathead and the child. At the moment there wasn't much she could do about it and so for now she'd simply roll with the situation at hand and see what happens.

    "It would be rude not to introduce ourselves now..." Those frigid blue orbs of hers locking with the strange mans before jumping off from the rooftops.

    The force of her leap causing a few loose shackles to come undone, falling down the side of the standing structure. Gracefully she would plant both feet on the ground, her eyes darting from Ulfric to Alouette. The impact of her fall seemed to have no effect on her whatsoever.

    "My name is Magdalena." Oddly enough her words seemed laced with proper social etiquette. Offering them a bow

    Ulfric looked up at the other man paying Magdalena little attention at first. Uncertain of the role both of these new comers would play toward the already fragile situation. Before replying to this strange woman Ulfric would attempt to lock eyes with Alouette, his brutish form over towering both women. He was trying to assess the reaction both her and her goddess would have toward these people.

    "Ulfric...." He'd simply state, nodding his head while waving his hand.
  17. "You may have the power of your God, but I have the power of invention!" Her words tearing through the shield of air that separated the two of them. She rose the object which was created in the likeness to a pistol, making the target quake with fear from being held up by the bizarre woman who seemed to inexplicably enter the scene. He eyed the device that was a peculiar aspect to this day in age, then her attire and fard. The man's mind muddled with confusion, his lips trembling as he uttered a prayer to his most favored deity.

    "What say you now?"The keen edge of her katana seemed to wail the last aspirations of the dying as it cut through the breeze, that they desperately wished to be spared of pain and perdition. An interweaving of what was to be their final expulsions of breath seemed to empower the blade with a shadowy aura. "I cannot kill what isn't real." She scoffed at his fervent petitions, addressing the beings that she felt were non existent. "..But I can kill -you.-"

    Her chin length jet tresses were tousled in gusts that seemed to radiate from her, the airy aura billowing the orphaned sleeves of her strange outfit. A highly manicured brow rose, as she eavesdropped on select words of his overly loud, faulty implorations. "Co'mon, there's really no need for this -display.- I've heard those prayers many times before in many dialects. Yours doesn't strike a chord in me." He rose, taking a look about as if to fashion a strategy to escape.

    A harsh laughter flowed from her lips."Do you think you could outrun a -gun?- You must be daft!" He was stupefied for a moment, and shook his head. "How could I outrun something, I cannot reckon it's capabilities?" She gave him a solemn nod."Perhaps I will not remove you from this world, spare your forsaken soul from drifting upon Purgatory's bay." world/sowandreap.jpg

    Alouette wasn't shaken from her trance, but her lips parted once again. "There will be more." Leuceous locks had collected the wisps of the stygian sky and a few stray threads catching the silvery beam of a winking moon, her hair seemed to reflect the very duality of her nature.
  18. The times were never changing, even now the battles of the past were set on an infinite loop. Only the names changed, but with each retelling the players caught within these acts found themselves playing their hands differently. Bringing about different results. Perhaps this was the extent of our free will? Or perhaps the notion of free will was just an illusion? An abstract forged by the human psyche to feel empowered. Even now as these events transpired before Ulfric; he could feel Deja vu creeping up on him. As if he had lived this life before...With a simple shrug of his broad shoulders the blacksmiths apprentice would brush this eerie feeling off.

    Alouette remained as preachy as ever, boasting her power as she asked another to call out their deity. While the strange man seemed content on slaughtering some type of monster which eluded Ulfric's senses. All the meanwhile the fiery red head seemed content on a simple approach. Even now as Ulfric locked eyes with those frigid blue hues of hers. He could feel her serenity. It was as if she feared no one. It was this unbridled confidence which reverberated ill with Ulfric.

    "New girl..." He called out to Alouette, averting his eyes from Magdalena. Casually turning to face the woman of duality.

    "I get the feeling that the red head is not our friend...More specifically I feel as if she dislikes me for some odd reason." Boldly he would proclaim out loud.

    No doubt this comment would strike Magdalena as odd. Perhaps even all of those around her as well. but Ulfric couldn't shake the feeling that she was plotting something. And whatever it was she was conspiring would prove to be in opposition toward his favor.

    "She has eyes colder than death." He would conclude, turning to face this woman.

    Magdalena willfully ignored the clamor of those around this brute of a man. Knowing her objective resided not with their affairs or well being. Rather that of this simpleton. However his ability to perceive would wound her egoism. He seemed far more capable of detecting that which is hidden then she previously thought possible. As Ulfric turned back around after exchanging idle words with Alouette the disturbed child. Magdalena would raise her head and in a series of fluid motion rosin up her bow. Taking aim before firing a single crimson arrow at the mans chest, around his heart.

    "Sorry but orders are orders. No hard feelings I hope. Sadly you never stood a chance against me. The gap between our power is greater than that between heaven and hell." She presumptuously boasted.

    With grace the fiery red head would jump back, increasing the distance between her and Alouette by several feet. Preparing for some sort of counter. With great speed and precision the arrow would dart through the air. Whistling slighting as it penetrated the winds. The arches of her luscious lips bending to form a smile as her arrow was just a few feet away from it's target.

    "By order of the House of viper's I...." But before she could finish her thought something strange happened.

    Ulfric sighed heavily as he reached out and grabbed her arrow. Clenching his fist with enough strength to shatter the projectile. His face void of expression as he simply gazed at Magdalena. Whose expression now seemed to be riddled with shock. Taking a few steps forward the pearl armored brute would close the distance between them. All the meanwhile Magdalena would continue to leap backwards.

    "You talk too much and assume even more." Ulfric retorted.

    "How is that possible? There's no way at your awakening could you catch let alone destroy my arrow." she bellowed.

    " is possible." He replied with confidence.

    Ulfric would peer at Alouette over his wide shoulders through the corner of his eyes. Giving her a lame thumbs up and a subtle grin. As if reassuring her everything would be fine.

    "Sorry new girl....this will only take a minute. After I am done with her I have a few questions for you..." But as soon as Ulfric finished speaking three more arrows would be sent his way.

    The three projectile would make contact with his chest. Each arrow but inches from his heart.

    "Got you this time. I aimed at your three arteries. You will die a slow and painful death, befitting for a low life like yourself." She declared with a snicker.

    Ulfric would fall to his knees looking up at Magdalena with a shocked expression.

    "It may have been a dirty tactic. But you shouldn't of taken your eyes off your target." She concluded.
  19. Raewynn Capoiraue was a fugitive of the past and future. There was a space between the two of which she had resided without worrying of capture, but even that wrinkle in time had become a danger zone, the forces of Good and Evil using her in a game of Tug o'War. Was she to do the bidding of both? How long would that last without complete chaos ensuing? Her the petals of her neckline, which resembled a demonic floral blossom, fluttered in the breeze as her aim sought not the vital organs but was directed in the area of his shoulder.

    The cartridge filled with an array of strange bullets, that were blessed of the blood of infernal and celestial beings,a shot would pierce the night, and his flesh. "You are impregnated with the seed, the sin of Greed. Your wound will heal in time, but your soul shall never recover." The bullet was driven into moist meat, his garbled scream was one of pain and shock. Blood would bloom upon his attire as if he wore the Devil's rose. Alouette's posture became rigid, her scales swaying as if they were swept by a forceful gale. It felt as if the relic itself was being torn of her grasp, and she bit back a cry of anguish. It wouldn't become loosened of her hold, but the staff seemed to channel a life of its own, as if she were grappling a large serpent.

    "Something wicked this way comes." Her fear was the fertilizer for many goospimples to sprout upon her flesh. Something sinister seemed to stalk the alleyway, the sudden appearance of the female whom seemed well acquainted with Ulfric, and of a being that didn't belong of this world. She didn't feel the power of her Goddess surging throughout her, didn't feel the struggle for control of her body inside and out. She somehow felt an emptiness within her that didn't allow for emotion to occupy.

    (Some of our posts missing due to Iwaku wipeout.)

    Raewynn would brandish the gun forged of Hellfire at all, her aim moved in a slow rotation from Alouette, to Ulfric, and finally Magdelena. "Shall I even concern myself with this trifle of a lot?" Her dark gaze rsembled the beady, gleaming eyes of creatures deemed the harbingers of evil in susperstitious minds.

    "What's your story?" Her fingers slid across the breeze in a gesture at the arrows which protruded from his acromatic form. Alouette stepped before Ulfric, raising her staff as to impede any more interaction from Magdelena. "Why does your arrows seek his heart? Why do you seek to purchase victory with his life?" The tawny gaze of the thief convert was fixed upon the woman, her lips furling into a snarl. "Murder is a mortal sin unto the Gods! Attempting harm upon another shall receive you harm in return, if not intensified for your wrong- doings." Raewynn's attention turned to Alouette, her projectile spewing device focused at the back of the female's head.

    "What are you, an evangelist or something? Clergy? -I- am Law and Lawlessness. You have become forgotten in my world, obsolete." A loud, mocking laughter had erupted from the woman, and then it suddenly died upon her lips. "What's going on here? Why are you killing this man?"