All Roads Lead Back Again

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  1. Hermy is back! :D

    I'm not certain anyone here remembers me, as I left way back in August when school resumed, but I'm preparing to return here to Iwaku come June, when school lets out. I realize I kind of disappeared, so I'll make no pretense; I will likely only be returning for the summer before leaving for yet another lengthy hiatus. In the meantime, however, I should be open to some relaxed 1x1s and group RPs.

    I'm hoping some of my old partners are still hanging around here; if we had a 1x1 before, I'd love to make arrangements to continue it if you'd like to, even after all this time. Also, while my Harry Potter addiction was my sole obsession, over the past months I have also gotten into Sherlock and Doctor Who, thanks to my little friend Jackie.

    So, um, yeah.
    Same old awkwardness, same old Hermione, escalated obsessive nature.

    Sounds about right.
  2. *Busts in riding a Unicorn*

    Hello Hermione! Welcome back to Iwkau even though I do not know you. Hope you have fun when school lets out!

  3. Welcome back! I hope you have fun during your stay :D
  4. Welcome back!
  5. Thanks everyone. cx
    And @Lady Amalthea that's a brilliant video! xD
  6. Welcome back, Hermione! I don't know you, but glad to welcome you back. ^^
  7. Aw! Glad to see another come back! Sorry I don't know if we were on around the same time but: WHOOT FOR HERMIONE!
    With that, I bid ye adiu, and hopefully I shall see you around the boards.
  8. I see that 'after all this time' reference in your post.
    I see it and I enjoy it immensely.

    I didn't know you before - as I was not here myself - but I couldn't resist popping in to say hello when my HP senses started tingling.

    So.. hullo! Welcome back! Enjoy your summer break!

  9. Welcome to the site, Hermione! :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.