All kids are different

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  1. in the bustling city countless people run their little arrand paying litle attention to what around them,even this little kid who looks barely eleven. the kid walked looking nerviously at the people as soon as they looked back his eyes darted to the ground. he held a black stuffed cat to his chest while he walk he tried talking to a few people but they merely walked on not responding. he walked unti he saw a wall and sat down and dre his legs to his chest the stuffed cat between his legs and chest. he looked around somewhat scared by his surroundings. several older kids notice him and start whispering amonst their group.

  2. A young woman, not over seventeen years of age, and patently not quite human, stopped on the street before the boy. She was wearing a black t-shirt and an equally dark-shaded ankle-length skirt that hung fairly close to her legs, but of course that isn't what most people noticed first about her. Rather more important to folks' reaction to the girl were her ears, which looked like big gray fur-covered rounded-off triangles, and constantly moved, picking up all kinds of sounds from the city around her, and her eyes, which were a dark yellow color. At first glance they might look light brown or hazel, but anyone who looked too closely found those eyes unsettling, like those of an animal--and that was not an entirely invalid understanding of the origin of their unusual color. As for the rest of her, her skintone was tanned, the genuine sort of someone who cannot help but be out in the sun often, she looked physically fit although not especially attractive, and her hair, just short of shoulder-length, had the same dark grayish color as the fur on her ears.

    She turned to face the boy almost as soon as she'd noticed his presence, and in no time she was kneeling in front of him with her hands on her knees in an effort to make eye contact. "Hey," she said with as winning a smile as she could manage without opening her mouth, "you look kinda lonely sitting there on your own. Are you alright?"
  3. still looking across the street at the older kids his voice soft like a kids, but something stange tinges in the way he speaks " i'm a little scared". the older kids starring and begin to walk over their body language hints towards something bad. " hey kid.. you got a problem?". he curls up tighter "n-no". " you must have" the for a semi-circle around them. " leave me alone" closes eyes clutching the stuffed cat.
  4. "'Scuse me?" The girl stands up straight and gracefully turns so she's right in between the younger kid and the older ones that have begun to surround him, facing the latter. "You got a problem with my new friend here? 'Cause I'd love to take it up with you," she says, and puts on the most threatening smile imaginable: Her eyes have a threatening gleam to them that makes their unsettling color all the more noticeable; her open-lipped smile takes on the character of a beast baring its teeth, as her teeth are all quite predatory and sharp. Her hands are held behind her back casually, and her body language isn't all that hostile, but there isn't much doubt she means business.
  5. " our issue is with just him" his voice shaking. " i-i dont want any trouble" he stand and walks to the kids and closes eye nervous to what will happen. the eldest grab a hold of the kids arm but after that he reams motionless eyes begin to widen his face contorts to asn expression of horror. the kid turn to her his voice not shaking or nervous but still soft and rather sweet " im different too..." smiles sweetly then turn back to the kid his right eye turning even more red than before. suddenly the kid flies backwatds and back across the street. the other kids rush to his aid tending to whatever wounds he has. the kids voice is very apologetic " i may have over done it" turn back to her and smiles again giving her a friendly hug " i'm kaiza...and you are?"
  6. The girl turned to face the older kid when he grabbed Kaiza's arm, and had drawn her leg back in preparation for a kick when she noticed what was going on; then she quietly returned her foot to the ground and watched. Once they were gone she put an arm around the kid's shoulder in as friendly a return hug as she could manage, given the height difference, and answered, "Oh, I'm Lana. It's great to meet you!" She takes a moment to look over at the group of older kids. "Serves 'em right. Looks like he'll live, anyway....I just can't stand bullies."

    "...You think we should get outta here in case somebody calls the cops or something?"
  7. " nice to meet you" he looks back to the kids " i dont like mean people with no reason to be" looks back to her still witha sweet smile on his yes " i think we should go. just in case" looks around unsure where to go " do you know this area?...i've never been here before." starts tossing the stuffed air into the air playing with laughing.
  8. "Well, I've been around here before a couple of times, but I'm no master. I would say we should probably go that way, though." She pointed in the direction opposite the injured bully and then started walking that way, presuming the kid would follow. "So what're you doin' in town, anyway?"

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    follows and stick close to her " i dont really have a i wander most people are really nice to they give food and maybe a place to stay" walking he looks back to the bully. his red eye darkens as the bully and his friends just loks around as they don't know why they are there " that's better...they won't tell how are you different?" poker her with his free hand out of curiousity
  10. Lana reflexively draws back a little from the poke, but she isn't upset by it and doesn't comment on it. Instead she just answers the question. "I know it must sound silly to you but I'm different 'cause I'm small. I guess that isn't really what you meant..all my family is different from normal humans the same sorta ways I am, though, so it's not so different to me. I think a long time ago, like, in my great-great-grandparents' time, they were humans who did some kind of ritual to join with wolf spirits or something. But these days we're just born like this, all-in-one."

    "..I have a lot of brothers and sisters. All of 'em older and bigger than I am."
  11. his eyes are wide from child-like fascination " cool" takes his thumb and points to himself " im cambion..its a fancy word for a half-demon" looks at his stuffed cat and begins playing with it again " my mother was a demon of darkness....but i've never met her before"