Aliens: Colonial Marines (not the game!) [Looking for Cpl. Hicks]

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Hey guys! I'm just curious if anyone's interested in roleplaying in the Aliens universe with me. This will be OC/Cannon only, and I'm on the hunt for someone to play Corporal Dwayne Hicks for me (hence the title), while I'll be playing as my own female character. I am also willing to double up and play any of the male canon characters for you.

On that same note: This will be F/M only and absolutely NO Xenomorph fetishes/kinks of any kind; like slave, rape, etc., none of that... It will be strictly human/human when it comes to sexy times. Oh, and please be able to post more than two paragraphs, I like a good written post with lots of detail and dialogue; specifically between 2-4 paragraphs or more. Also, please have a good and/or basic grasp when it comes to spelling and grammar. I'm not picky by any means... just make sure I can understand what you're saying, that's all.

Now I do have a plot in mind, so feel free to send me a private message and I'll gladly share my idea with you. I'm really, really wanting to do this with someone! Oh, and also please be knowledgeable within the universe; like the use of weapons and stuff like that. Thanks loves! :D
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