INTEREST CHECK Aliens and the 1800s?

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  1. Alright, I've been influenced by to different gernes lately, historical and sci fi, and decided to combine them for the hell of it! It's still in the developing stages but if I were to make an OCC and such would anyone be willing to play a RP where Aliens come to earth at some point in time and try to join human society? I still working out the reasons why but if you have any suggestions then please post them!
  2. Totally willing to give this a try. Sounds fun!
  3. woot, reverse Firefly + aliens
  4. Steampunk aliens?

    *pushes Tegan out the treehouse*
  5. I might be able to play, Harpy. I shouldn't join anymore, but we'll see how my plate is doing later.

    Simply going to post my interest. If any ideas come to mind I'll be sure to post them.
  6. yay! I'm glad all of you guys are taking an interest!

    I have a couple ideas for how to start it and an alien design but I would like to ask you all this first. Should there only be one species of alien or multiple? I was thinking that one type of alien would not only keep things simple but also allow to deeper polt play and such. However if you think differently please tell me! any ideas or opinions are much appreciated!
  7. Alright, an OOC has been made! I'm still working on it but you can at least see the basics. However, don't let this stop you from sharing ideas, I'd love to hear what anyone might have to say!