Alien and predator role play

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  1. I was just checking to see if anyone is interested in an alien /predator RolePlay
  2. I'm a bit interested. But will it be an invasion-type thing like Predator and Alien v. Predator or will it be more like a space-based thing like the Alien movies?
  3. I wanted to try space based then move to invasion type
  4. Then I'm definitely in!
  5. I think I'd be interested too
  6. OK I've got some idea of what I'm looking for but I could use a little help hammering out the details to have an active RolePlay we need a ship

    I was thinking of using a rival companies Wayland Corp and the others joint venture on a project which leads them to encounter xenomorphs

    After which during the transportation of a queen

    We have the ship crash on predator hunting preserve planet where humans have settlements scattered throughout the area

    This is just rough draft and can be changed I'm open for your input
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.