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    Reasons for why Hicks is back:

    1) He never died, and we follow that supposedly "canon" bollocks from Colonial Marines, which suggests that there was some other dude in the EEV.

    2) We completely ignore Alien 3 and 4.

    3) He's a clone.

    4) He's a synth.

    5) He's a ghost.
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  2. Make him a synth. They do it with everyone else mildly important.

  3. 2. We're ignoring the events of 3 and 4 as if they never happened.
  5. 2 or 4 could both work, but only if we add Colonial Marines to the list of awful things that never happened.

    Also, Blomkamp directing an Alien movie? Fucking yes please.
  6. Blomkamp is a brilliant director, he'd probably be my first choice for a new Alien film. Also, it can't possibly be worse then 3 or 4.

  7. #1

    Not out of preference, but because I'm pretty sure they had announced that the game was canon.
  8. Fuck Hicks!

    I want them to bring back Charles Dance. ;_;
  9. Bring back Dallas

  11. My inner nerd is screaming. I watch the Alien movies often and Ripley is one of my favorite characters. She's such a badass ;-;. We need more badass female leads like her.
  12. #2, call it an "alternate timeline", boom, original timeline left in existence (so that anyone who enjoys #3, 4, and Colonial Marines for whatever morbid reason can sleep at night), but now we have a new, not shitty timeline to explore.
  13. Whoop whoop. It's official. Alien 5 will be set "years after the Prometheus sequel".

    Hopefully by then mankind will have learned to not take their helmets off and touch black goo.
  14. Hopefully they'll have bred that level of stupidity out of the species by then.

    Or shipped anyone below a certain IQ level to LV-426.
  15. If they make it PG13, I will kill at random.
  16. I'll join you in firebombing Fox's offices, if you like.
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