Alien 3 never happened????

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    So, first things first. I liked Alien 3. The Assembly Cut - which is the best salvaged version of what the director actually intended to make before the studio stuck their dick in it - is an awesome, dark and spiritual conclusion to Ripley's story. What began with FEAR in Alien, became HATRED in Aliens, and LOVE in Alien 3.

    That being said, I still despaired at knowing that the brilliant quasi-family unit of Ripley, Hicks, Newt and Bishop would never be seen again.

    So the news that MeinKampf is effectively saying FUCK YOU to half the franchise is great.

    But still....

    This is one hell of a retcon. Something that can't be explained with time travel like it was in X-Men.

    It's not even a reboot. Simply a direct continuation of the Aliens narrative.

    Doesn't that feel weird to anyone else? That those two other stories (Alien 3 & Alien Resurrection) will simply cease to be of any significance even from a legacy perspective? The storyteller part of my brain had accepted them, just as they had accepted that Xenomorphs were around in modern day via the AVP films, and that the weird shitty thing at the end of Prometheus was an ancestor of the Giger-Tiger.

    It's what most fans want. And it's what the studio wants (money).

    But this feels very disorientating. It requires selective amnesia on the part of the audience.
  2. A lot of Alien fans are going to be disappointed by this, but something tells me that they're used to disappointment by now.

    Somewhat OT: Wasn't a fair bit of canon omitted and changed in the Aliens: Colonial Marines game?
  3. A wizard did it.

    It's easy for me to reconcile this. I just put one narrative in one universe/reality, and this new Neil Meinkampf narrative is going to be another reality.

    Boom, done.
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  4. As far as I remember, Colonial Marines asserted that it WASN'T Hicks in the escape pod that crashed on Fury. I don't think anything else in the canon was altered - just some bullshit tacked on about the Sulaco pissing around and Hadley's Hope not being quite-so-nuked as we all believed.

  5. Wait, people played Colonial Marines?
  6. If they're getting rid of Alien 3, they fucking better ditch Colonial Marines too.
  7. I hate it when they ignore part of the series and try to re-write the entire canon like events didn't happen. >:[ they did that shit with Highlander too and it really pissed me off.

    If you're gonna do it, REBOOT IT. >< don't ignore canon and create weird paradoxes and plot holes!
  8. Sometimes it's nice being genre savvy.
  9. Aw, that's shit. I loved those movies.

    Then again, look at Star Wars. All those canon books, comics, stories, etc are now retconned and voided by the new movies.
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  10. Makes me think of Clive Barker and him (finally) doing a proper reboot to Hellraiser. And they're even recasting Doug Bradley as Pinhead!

    But really, Aliens is one of my favorite series and I don't care how null and void the other movies become (save for Colonial Marines, haven't played it and from what I know I don't want to play it) I will still love them with my ooey-gooey heart!
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