Alfenheim: The Emergence of the Elves

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  1. A prophecy fulfilled... A new Race appeared on a planet that knew no magic... Thus it was with Earth, not all that long ago. Many were the Elves that suddenly made their appearance upon the Planet of Earth, and that appearance was enough to send it's inhabitants reeling. Suddenly, without any prior warning (for most humans), the population was increased by one-third.

    That was twenty years ago, and now, humans and elves are struggling to live in peace. Racism and Species-bigotry is somewhat rampant, causing the standard acceptance issues. However, governments are not to blame, this time. It is simply the human race at fault.

    Miec is a tall, platinum blonde male elf, with a well-defined figure, and simple clothes, confident in his ways. Since coming to Earth, he's taken a job with a carpentry contractor, and has made a decent living. However, humanity being what it is, he has to be quite careful about his actions.

    He simply wanted a few friends. A few people to go through life with. That's all.

    (OOC) I will give this a try. All I ask is that the players not god-mod, be sarcastic, or hurtful. I hope we can have fun.
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    "Please don't run." Kanai said in a rushed tone. The two blond haired girls that were sprinting at the side of the pool slowed their pace to a mere trot, traveling over to the nearest sets of tanning beds. The swimming pool was packed full of kids, and who could blame them? It was one of the hottest days of the new summer and the only way to fight the heat was to douse it with water.

    Kanai wiped her brow and finished the process of tying her brown hair into a tight ponytail. Luckily, she had a small athletic bottle filled with cold water which she used to drench herself and her thirst as well. A blur of color rushed past her face, and in less than a second, she puckered her lips and blew once on the whistle that was in her mouth. The tiny object let out a shrill shriek and all of the heads turned to gaze at the woman sitting patiently on the life guard tower.

    "Don't run."she said slowly, to every last one of them. The kids all stared at her for a second, gazes lingering on her green eyes. Her voice wasn't harsh or strict; it didn't have a ring to it either. Kanai just had the ability to turn heads, she was something interesting to pay attention to.

    "That is all." she said and the kids went back to frolicking about in the water. Kanai let out a exasperated sigh, waiting patiently for one of the kids to screw around and almost drown. She needed some sort of action.
  3. Pawsteps rang heavy on the concrete, the young Xyft trotting briskly through the tunnels. 'Twasn't long before his sleek body wiggled from its exit and out forth into the open air, his hiss of relief fairly audible. He wasn't exactly what you could call caustrophobic, but still, tunnels and such were so not his thing, though he did enjoy their frigid atmosphere, prefering it far more than he did the crisp heat of above ground.

    Irritation pricked his veins at the sound of children frolicing. Something else Split disliked, vehemently with a passion: children. Anything of young age, whether it was of his own species or otherwise. They were loud, obnoxious, and arrogant little pests. Fortunately, these seemed to be herded by a sort of responsible-looking chick, so maybe all was good. Hissing once again, in a warning should one be necessary, he threw his head down, hoping to get by unnoticed by the cretins.
  4. Miec stood at the apex of the hill down-wind and above the scene, seeing the female, the children, and the creature below. His ear pricked up as he heard the strange lilt in the female's voice.... She's, at the very least partially, of the fae people. No other creature could turn heads with her voice.... He thought silently. He watched the creature move stealthily away, and found the figure fascinating.

    He returned his eyes toward the female, and smiled gently, and used his telepathy skill to send a message, "Please do not be afraid. I am Miec. I would like to speak with you, if it is acceptable..." He did not know if she had the ability to receive his message, as one had to be able to use the skill to be able to receive any telepathic communication. He remained still, and did not move a muscle, the warm air blowing through his thick, platinum hair.