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  1. Basically a noise to make a beep noise whenever a new message is posted.
    To help those who might have it on a different tab and not notice a new message.

    Much like programs such as Skype do.
    One could also mute the noise or turn it off if they don't like it.

    Edit: I should clarify, I mean a sound effect for CBox messages, not Iwaku Alerts.
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  2. As far as I have noticed, the alerts won't update immediately if you aren't using the site. If you are on the site but aren't moving around in any way shape or form, the alert won't pop up, thus it is safe to assume that the alert won't pop up when you are in a different tab. If you on the other hand is writing or moving the cursor over stuff like "Forum", "Characters" etc, or you're scrolling down or up on the site, the update will be instant.

    The reason I have noticed this is because I often have my chrome browser on half the computer and my opera on the other half since I'm watching youtube videos while surfing. If I am doing something in only Opera for a long time, my alerts won't show anything even if I get new ones, but once I hover my cursor over the alerts or start clicking around on the site or start scrolling, there can suddenly be lots of alerts from an hour ago.

    So since you need to actually be on iwaku to get the alert box to update, a sound won't help when you are in a different tab, because iwaku won't update the alert anyways, since you're not using it. In that case we would first have to update it so that the alert box updates even if we aren't moving around on iwaku.
  3. I should have clarified, I mean a sound effect for messages on CBox, not for Iwaku Alerts.
  4. Oh, well that's another thing xD *Redblood should learn to read titles*
  5. This is probably not something we will do, or at least may never get to. o___o Our cbox is coded from scratch by kehvy, and he's already got a hefty wishlist of things to work on for the new chat.

    Maybe ooooone day though, when we have all the important things, as long as it had turn on/off options. 8D
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  6. Sweet!

    CBox I don't need to physically monitor I will have you... One day.
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  7. ...


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