Aldnoah.Zero or Code Geass like roleplay?

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  1. Hello there! Considering you clicked this you are either just curious or you have watched/are watching the Anime mentioned in the title. My idea is rather simple and can be advanced with whatever you'd like. It can be based on either Anime.

    Short explanation of Aldnoah.Zero (this contains minor spoilers):
    It is the year 2014, humans have made contact with another race from mars which is technologically advanced compared to the humans due to a power that they have acquired which originally is the power from an even older species. Humans and Martians do look alike as they are basically both from earth, with the difference that the Martians long ago have been moved to live there. The situation is a rather hostile one and both planets do not exactly look at each other as friends, but still ever since the so called heavens fall which partially destroyed the moon 15 years ago they somewhat get along and the princess of mars is seeking peace due to various reasons. The problem is that she gets assassinated by an unknown group which the martians later see as a declaration of war and attack earth.

    So from here on my idea would be that we could either go a way that the princess survives the assassination due to various reasons and ends up with a group of humans, or just a single survivor of the attacks, or any other kind of groups, be it on the martian or the human side.
    As for both the ideas here I will note that romance, sexual things, military based things and anything else can, but don't need to be added to the story. I am really open to discuss anything about it and go with any kind of setting inside the already mentioned basics, so feel free to talk to me and figure out a way we both enjoy it!

    Short explanation of Code Geass (just as before this does contain spoilers):
    In a somewhat different version of the world Britannia a now gigantic country has conquered most of the world. The royal family is ruling over the territory they own and this obviously also includes all kinds of back stories for all characters within the family. So our story follows a young student in Japan, which has just recently been conquered by Britannia. He has a giant back story and I won't go deeper into it, the anime will if you are interested. Basically though he does find a young woman which offers him a kind of powers, called the Geass, what it does is simple, you can give any order to a person when you look at them with the Geass within your eye and they will follow that order as crazy as it may be. This is the basic setting of the world we would play in.

    From here on out it is once again up to us to decide what kind of person we pick and who we want to focus on, obviously this doesn't need to include the characters from the show and we can use our own characters, but the options here are many, we could go for people within Britannia that seek to conquer the last bit of the world left or we could go for another country that is looking to find freedom and free from the Britannians. Either way is fine, any other setting for the story within this world works and we could add any kind of romance or whatever to it.

    Now to the other things I'd like to make clear before anything happens. Both these stories do include Mechas and it would be good if we could decide on a style we both like there so that we both are on the same page as to what these machines could do, should we decide to make them a part of our particular story. I have a few expectations towards my partner and I personally feel as if those are not too crazy.

    1. Please be honest!
      I wouldn't want to start a RP you are uncomfortable with just to be dropped or ditched later on, if you don't want to go any further or dislike my writing, tell me and we can figure out something or eventually both leave without any bad thoughts about the other.
    2. Be active!
      I don't mind waiting for a reply, I really don't..but please don't just ditch me, I hate to wait for a reply when all I will get is bad excuses as to why it takes longer until I eventually stop caring and you were too lazy to just say you disliked it. I'd love at least a post a day, but I don't mind one in a week too, though if it's just one in a week, please don't make it a one liner!
    3. Enjoy it!
      I am a very open person, I can deal with any kind of kink, story setting or mostly every pairing, if you enjoy something that you think is odd, tell me anyways! In 99% of the cases I will probably either like it or not mind it within my story and I'm sure it only helps if you have something you love about the story!
    This is about it for my little partner request, I hope to find someone as interested as myself soon. Should this not have been to your liking, I'm deeply sorry and I hope you find your personal interests as soon as possible so that you can enjoy it here as much as everyone else does. Thank you for your time and just drop me a comment or PM me if you found what you like here :)
  2. *stumbles, trips and faceplants into forum* o_o I saw Code Geass! Gimme gimme!
  3. Er...I already have two people for code geass now...I guess one more is okay, but yeah, but any more and I might get bored of the setting way too soon xD
  4. How many for Aldnoah.Zero?
  5. Oh nose D:
    I'll come back once I've watched it. =3
  6.'s ongoing that might be in like more than 10 weeks xD
  7. Yeah I know, I've been planning to watch it.
  8. Okay o.o
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