Akuma Miwaku-Tekina Yobidashi: Midnight Attraction

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  1. *let me just put this out there that I have been playing a lot of slice of life, horror, and highly fucked up visual novels lately, as well as watching some anime that has put me in the mood for this.*

    Modern day, Tokyo, Japan.
    Life as a normal teenager couldn't get any easier

    Akuma Miwaku-Tekina-Yobidashi: Midnight Attraction
    *cue innocent opening of cute girls and happy settings with the song "At Least Give Me My Dreams Back, You Negligent Whore" by Adept playing in the background.*

    On her final year of high school, -insert main character's name here- is stressing out. She has exams, she has work, she has a group of friends who want nothing more than to get her a boyfriend who can "help her get rid of stress and tension". She is just your regular girl, living your regular life. She get's straight As, she gets paid top dollar at work, and she doesn't realize it but all the guys drool over her and wish they had her. She only sees the stress, and not the good stuff.

    The night before exams, her friends take her out drinking after a few hours of trying to convince her to go and relieve stress. As soon as she steps in to the club, something feels...off. She finds herself attracted to a random stranger-that's me!-, and they spend the night drinking, dancing, and talking. She finds herself having the time of her life..she finally found someone decent..

    She starts to hang around with him more. They discover Tokyo's secret past. They discover things that neither thought were real. Mystery and suspense falls over Tokyo when -Main Character's Name- friends start to dissapear. What could be happening? What's going on?

    Main female (Rebel-Dynasty)
    Main possible love interest (me)
    Second possible love interest (Rebel Dynasty)
    Third possible love interest (open)
    Best friends-
    This is a roleplay that will work like a visual novel: There is one main character, a group of possible love interests, best friends, plot twists, mystery, and an ending to leave you in shock. The way this roleplay is meant to be played is, the main female is the one that will have all the surprises happen to her. Everyone else will know what's going on, because we will have events planned for the main character. If you want to be the main character but there already is a main character, there will be other entries in this series. Please try to keep characters anime and stuff. Anybody interested? Taking reservations now.
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  2. Sure, I'm up for it.

    Is it one slot per person, or can we do multiple roles? If only one role, I'm up for being the ordinary girl (her name will be Gwen) or I can play the secondary love interest with Phenex (points at avi).

    He can also play a friend role too, if you prefer.
  3. You can play the main female as well as someone else, but I won't tell you what will happen next or any plot twists or anything like that. Are you alright with that?
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  4. Yup, not a problem. :) Anything that keeps me on my toes is fine by me.

    So I guess I'll call dibs on the main female and secondary love interest?
  5. Yup yup! The roles are yours! When we have most spots reserved I will have the character sign up sheets and page up.
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  6. Sounds good. ^^
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  7. If we don't get any more new comers in a few hours, I'll just fill the spots myself with the characters I have written up for the Visual Novel I'm making that this is based around.
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  8. Cool. ^^ I take it the title's no accident. I know what Akuma is (or at least, what little research I've done on them) but the rest kind of eludes me. ^^;
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  9. The title was indeed no accident. It's meant as a clue for anyone who can read japanese. You have part of the hint. Please don't go and translate it!
  10. Sorry. ^^; *Discreetly edits post*

    Also: I'll have to make some adjustments, such as Gwen's age and make Phenex human for this (since...well, he's not ordinarily, lol).

    Do you want me to post basic bios for them here, or elsewhere?
  11. Here works, I'm pretty sure this could work as a sign up area.
  12. Okay, so for the RP specifically...


    Age: 19

    Physical Appearance: [​IMG]
    Pale green eyes, with short, feathery golden blonde hair that goes down just passed her chin; average build for her age, neither thin, nor chubby; small-chested, lean arms, moderate waistline, with slightly thicker, though muscular, legs; moderately long nose, slightly upturned; pale freckling across her nose and cheeks; she stands at about 5’2.

    Attire: Various, though she prefers jeans, T-shirts/tank tops, and hoodies over most other forms of clothing. She has three piercings in each ear—two at the bottom, one on the cartilage—in the form of steel hoops and gold studs.

    Personality: Average, relatively smart academically and otherwise; proud, stubborn, and prone to fits of teenaged angst. As quickly as her temper flares up, it dissipates, leaving her feeling awkward, embarrassed, and defensive. Despite her shortcomings, Gwen means well, and is very sincere; she occasionally shows wisdom and maturity beyond her years, and readily tackles any obstacle, though she has moments of uncertainty when alone. She is athletic (though sometimes clumsy), a hands-on learner, and has an aptitude for repairing household appliances and electronic devices. She likes being outdoors, particularly on summer nights.

    Age: 25
    Physical Appearance: [​IMG] (Just ignore the flames, lol) Lightly tanned, somewhat golden skin; tousled, feathery auburn hair, with thin sideburns; clean-shaven, slightly rounded face with boyish features; small nose, dimples in his cheeks when he smiles, though he often grins in a crooked, playful manner—sometimes with a dangerous glint in his eyes; eyes are a mottled amber to golden colour. Stands at 6'0.

    Attire: Dark jeans, a simple white, graphic T-shirt, and a black leather jacket (usually unzipped), with a pair of white and black sneakers to complete the ensemble. He also has two piercings in the lobe of his right ear; two thick hoops with a single golden bird engraved into each one.
    Personality: Phenex is impatient, has a fiery temper, and thus, is prone to impulsive behaviour, from time-to-time. However, he can also be rather quick to forgive the subject of his ire, if the person in question proves to be sincerely remorseful. He can be very sarcastic at times, but overall, has a good heart. He sometimes has a bad tendency of saying cruel and hurtful things to those closest to him when in a fit of anger; though it doesn't come easily, since he can be a very proud and hard-headed individual, he always rights the wrongs he's done to others, and once he's forged a friendship with someone, he's loyal to a fault.

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  13. Okay, so I'm just about ready to get this started. Want me to open a thread in OneXOne or do we take it to PM?
  14. OnexOne sounds good. Pity no one else joined, but oh well. ^^
  15. This is one in a series, so there will be more visual novel style roleplays to come in this same series! Okay, I'm going to get the starter up.
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