Akuma Miwaku-Tekina-Yobidashi: Midnight Attraction (MetalbladeXRebel-Dynasty)

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  1. Akuma Miwaku-Tekina Yobidashi: Midnight Attraction
    Chapter One: The Morning Breeze

    The skyline of Tokyo paints itself orange as the sun breaks through the darkness of night. Birds begin to chirp as the large ball of light carries life into the morning. The spring's air is breathed in by runners preparing for their morning jog. Alarm clocks wake up students, teachers and business people all over the city. It is just another day in paradise.

    one hour after the sun fully rises.

    Most fast food resturaunts are open for business. Anime, video game, card game and most hobby shops are opening around this time. The public transit systems are runnning, and the streets are starting to buzz with students wanting to get to school early, employees either getting to work or looking for breakfast and a coffe and people just looking for an early morning stroll.

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  2. Gwen stifled a yawn, stepping out of the coffee shop with her double-double in hand, weaving between the crowd of people making their way to school or work, her school bag draped casually over one shoulder.

    Man, there are a lot of people this morning. She mused. With exams coming up, it wasn't any wonder. Still, she had hoped to get to school early, and take some time poring over her notes before the daily rush filtered in. Oh well, looks like it's going to be crowded, today. Maybe I'll study out by the bleachers, instead.

    Stopping at the street corner, she waited patiently, coughing when the city bus lumbered past her, choking the air with the pungent smell of diesel. Noticing that the crossing signal was flashing, she crossed the street, glaring when another student streaked past her on his bike, nearly knocking her over.

    She sighed. It's going to be one of those mornings...
  3. Professor Ikko Harrison stood in front of his desk; black messenger bag hanging off his shoulder and an extra large, random coffee his wife had bought him when she dropped him off in hand. He placed the coffee on the side of the desk and gently placed the bag on the chair. He adjusted his square frame glasses on the ridge of his nose and looked up at the clock.

    'Only an hour until my homeroom class starts,' He thought to himself as the sweet coffee livened up his taste buds. 'I figured some would be handing in their term papers early, or coming in to study early. Being weeks away from exams, I would expect nobody to slack.'

    The five foot four man walked to the back of his room and pulled an old copy of Sherlock Holmes off of his large book shelf. He walked back to his desk and placed it down beside his coffee. Placing his bag at his feet he took a seat at the desk and opened his book, expecting someone, at least someone, to walk in the door.

  4. Well, so much for that idea. Gwen huffed, shaking her head at the group of girls fawning over the football players. She had tried to going over her notes, binder balanced in her lap with her bag sitting between her feet as she sipped her coffee, but with their loud, high-pitched giggles and constant chatter, it was impossible to focus.

    Deciding she would just head to class instead, she crossed the field to the parking lot, and entered the school, taking the steps two at a time. Mr. Harrison usually comes in early, she thought, with any luck, no one else will be there, and I can study in peace!

    Of course, there was also her term paper to consider; after just barely squeaking by on her last report, she needed to get more than a passing grade to make up for it.

    Reaching the classroom door, she took a deep breath and opened it, her breath coming out in a whoosh of relief when she saw the teacher sitting at his desk, a battered novel in hand.

    "Good morning, Mr. Harrison." She greeted, riffling through her bag for her term paper, and placing it on his desk.
  5. "Good morning Gwen." He says as his head nodded. With eyes still glued to his book he reached up and straightened the paper on the edge of his desk. His obsessive compulsive disorder annoyed a few students, but he did not really care what they found annoying or not.

    "Please tell me you are here to study." He spole as he turned the page to his book. "If you are, you are the smartest of the class. You are lacking in marks, however." He shook his head, looking up from his book. "I expect more from you, Gwen."

  6. Gwen blushed, offering a quick nod in return. "Y-Yes sir, of course," she stammered, face burning hotter when she nearly dropped her coffee in her haste to get to her own desk, two rows back from the teacher's, "I'll do my best, sir."

    Setting her bag on the floor next to her, Gwen dug out her binder and her pencil case. Flipping the binder open until she found the notes she was looking for, she began studying, the coffee at the corner of her desk all but forgotten.
  7. "Every year you have proven to be a better student than this." The professor shook his head. "You have handed in very little lately, and the assignments you have handed in are very...as the kids say these days, half assed." He sticks his finger in the middle of his book, holding his spot. "What has been going on, Gwen?"
  8. Fumbling for an answer, Gwen's eyes dart to her coffee cup. Snatching it up before the teacher notices, she guzzles the rest of it, hoping that by the time she gets down to the dregs, she'll have an answer. Fate had other plans, it seems, for instead, she started choking on it.

    Tears gathered in the corners of her eyes as she pounded her chest, trying to ease the cough. Once her throat had cleared, she hunched over her binder, pen flying over paper as she adopted an air of nonchalance.

    "N-Nothing sir. There's nothing going on, really." If she wasn't careful, she could kiss that scholarship goodbye, and then what would her parents say? A thrill of fear crept down her spine at the thought, forcing her to meet the teacher's gaze, "You aren't going to tell my parents, are you?"
  9. Harrison sighed and looked up at the ceiling. He was feeling a moral confliction inside of him. He really liked her as a student, thought she would go amazing places. "Tell you what." He began. He closed up the book and stood up from his chair. He walked over to her, and handed the Sherlock Holmes book out to her. "Hand in that paper, and then read this book. Have a ten page, front and back, single space report about how detective Holmes works, how he catches the bad guys, and is detective style."
  10. Gwen released a breath she hadn't even realized she'd been holding, her shoulders slumping in relief. Oh, thank you.

    Aloud, she said, "Consider it done." She offered him a nervous smile, taking the book from him, "When is it due?"

    With the two reports she was behind on in her other classes, she hoped that she'd at least have a few days to work on it; she couldn't afford to cut any more corners, and she knew it.

    Between the stresses of home life, her parents nagging about school work, chores, and everything else they could think of, her part-time job waitressing at the karaoke bar, and her friends constantly trying to hook her up with one guy or the next, Gwen was grateful for the break Mr. Harrison was giving her. But if that report was due before the weekend, she didn't stand a chance of making up for her rapidly declining grades.
  11. Turning to his small cell phone Harrison pulled up the callender app on his phone. "This isn't all what it's cracked up to be." He sighs out. "This isn't going to be a vacation. I want this report handed in on the day of the test, fifty marks deducted out of one hundred for every day it is late."
  12. Gwen stared at him, dumbfounded.

    The day of the test?

    "You do mean the day of the exam, right?" She asked cautiously, peering at him from beneath a fringe of blonde hair.

    That didn't sound so bad; exams were a couple of weeks away. That gave her plenty of time to do a report on Sherlock Holmes, and his methods for catching criminals.

    So, what's the catch? She wondered.
  13. "The exam, yes." Harrison nodded. "I want you to read the book, thoroughly." He says, picking up the book and examining it once more.

    "If that means reading it four times, then be my guest." The old man internally smirked. "All thousand pages. Here is the thing, though. I want an example from every chapter. Whatever you are talking about, I want examples."
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  14. Gwen let out a defeated sigh.

    "I knew there was a catch..." Glancing up at him sharply, she said, "Wait...a thousand pages? I'm a fast reader, but even I can't read that in two weeks--not with work and my other class assignments. Please, Mr. Harrison...does there have to a chapter-by-chapter analysis?"

    She was begging now, and she knew it. Unless she spent every waking moment that she wasn't at work on the report, she'd never be able to finish it on time. She'd be lucky if she got to sleep at night!
  15. Harrison ran his thing over his stubbled cheek bone.

    "Gwen you have ample time to write this, as well as read this." As he smiled his warm, intimidating smile he ran his fingers against the book cover, and beran to tap it with his fingers.

    "I believe you can do this. I know you can, Gwen." He places his index finger to his temple. "You just need to balance your time out wisely."
  16. Gwen swallowed against the lump in her throat, and sighed again, resigned to her fate.

    Well, on the plus side, at least this will give me a good excuse to blow off the other's attempts at hooking me up with every guy available at school...

    "Alright, sir. I promise to have the report finished by the time exams start." I hope, she added mentally.
  17. "Very good." He spoje over his shoulder as he took his seat behind his desk.

    There was a firm knock at the door. Upon being invited in by the profesor, a man of at least 6 fest tall, broad shoulders, a clean shaved face and slightly messy hair walked in. He wore a brown hacker that fell to his knee caps, and had a faux fur hood. On the right breast he had a shining Tokyo Police badge pinned to it.

    "Good morning, professor. I couldnt help but overhear that you are over working your students."
  18. Gwen, who had just cracked open the Sherlock Holmes' novel in an attempt to get a head start, glanced up at when a knock came at the door.

    When her gaze landed on the police officer, her heart skipped a beat, her mouth suddenly dry. What was a police officer doing at her school--in her classroom, in fact? Was Mr. Harrison in some kind of trouble?
  19. "Officer, I was simply-"
    "Can it, old man." The officer said as he made his way towards the desk. "That amount of work it too much for one girl to do." Harrison dat there, silent. He locked sure with the officer, and traded hateful glances with him.
    "Okay, up you get old man." The officer reached into his inside cost pocket and drew out his pair of handcuffs.
    Professor Harrison stood up and held out his hands, but then his arms opened up and wrapped around the officer. After the quick hug, Harrison pulled away. "Gwen, I'd like to introduce you to my son, Detevtive Lee. He just hot back from Osaka for training after his promotion."
  20. Gwen watched the exchange with mounting terror--until Mr. Harrison and the police officer hugged, that is. Then she released her breath in a whoosh, relieved.

    Getting to her feet, she put one hand to her chest, and extended the other to the officer, "You had me fooled for a second there," she admitted with a shaky laugh, "It's a pleasure to meet you. My name's Gwenyth Lamelle--but you can just call me Gwen."

    Now that she was looking at the officer, she could see the family resemblance--but unlike Mr. Harrison, whom she liked as a teacher, if nothing else, Detective Lee was kind of...handsome, in his own way.