AkiraWolf and Shadow Reaver

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  1. The place where we can discuss plots and also talk in OOC. Links to the rp whil be added into the description when the plot is decided. ^^
  2. Okie :3

    So far:

    •Vampire x human
    •Your playing female, I'm playing male

    Sry, had to put that so we had that down, or else my brain will go crazy and forget we already went over that XD


    Your OC lost in woods, mine finds yours and helps 'OR' your OC sees a cabin in the woods after getting lost and heads over there, meets my OC.

    In a big city, my OC stalks yours but acts unsuspicious.

    Idk lol
  3. Oh no worries. I would probably get dreadfully lost if we did not write it down somewhere.


    Ideas! :D

    Okay so I really love the idea of my OC being lost in the woods. I think if we went with you find me and help me it could be because I managed to fall into trouble and injure myself somehow. That way I have to be stuck with your OC for a bit longer than I would if I wasn't hurt.
  4. Okie sounds good! :)
  5. For OC apps I suppose we shall just post them here...right?
  6. Sure..
  7. Nice OC :3
    You wanna start?
  8. why thank you, I really like Leon ^^

  9. Thread or PM? sorry...forgot to ask.
  10. Thread please :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.