Air is Fire

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  1. Just a short poem I wrote one day during math class, interpret it, I dare you :)

    My throat is burning
    Air feels like fire
    My heart races
    Loud in head
    My thoughts run
    So do my feet
    On the solid ground
    But I’m flying
    Between every step
    I soar
    I feel like I’m playing with gravity

    My legs don’t hurt
    Or burn
    They aren’t being stretched
    My lungs are
    They burn
    From air made of fire
    I gasp as I stop
    My lungs and throat
    The pain is too much
    My legs and spirit
    Want to fly again

    My lungs win
    I sit, I read
    I let my spirit fly
    In a safe way
    A painless way
    A way that makes
    Air nothing

    And I fly
    With story plots
    And amazing characters
    My spirit soars along with theirs
    And air isn’t fire anymore​