Air gear with a twist.

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  1. The city of air or Kurongi

    This roleplay is based on the concept of air gear (Roller blades basically really tricked out with certain wheels and stuff) but mine has clans these clans include.
    1. Red clan: Most violent of the clans

    2. Blue clan: Keeps order (blach)

    3. Black clan: Mysterious and have the fastest riders.

    4. Purple clan: Strongest riders.
    Then there is one person that dosent belong to a group (Thats me but if you ask nicely i might let one more of these beauties into the rp)
    There are also relgalias
    Ragalia: Special type of almost power put into your air gears

    Rules (I know boring but we must WE must!)
    1. Dont put a swear in every single sentence
    2. Dont have sex you will get pregnant and you will die not but seriously do it in pm.
    3. Kissing is allowed just dont put to much detail please god no.
    4. at least 1 paragraph per post and post 1-4 times a day please
    5. Dont criticize how i made this rp its mine deal with it.
    6. Ask to be a leader please
    7. ask to start a war please
    8. I will announce battles that take place.
    9. you need money to live (battles, jobs)
    10. Ask for a regalia

    Age: (15-21)
    Description: (Picture or words)
    At Description:
    Bio: (optional)


    Name: Ri
    Age: 17
    Description: (Picture or words)[​IMG]
    At description:[​IMG] Light blue with the regalia of ice. My regalia is able to use the air around it to form ice.
    Specialties: Speed and martial arts
    Clan: Not in a clan/ loner
    Extra: One of the most skilled riders in the city of air

    Ri sits on the edge of a fence near the west side of the city looking at the small river that flows by, She watches the fish and the small toads going on with their daily lives. Contrary to popular belief she wasnt all mean and evil and vicious she could be very sweet kind and gentle too but she couldnt show that to people because she would be labeled as weak. She gets up and sets her ats on the pavement small ice crystals forming around her, With a flick of her ankle shes gone. She feels the wind flowing by her as she races past houses and newspaper stands, any paper lying about is swirled up into the air.

    She takes a leap and lands on one of the building roofs, she then begins to jump from roof to roof doing small flips and tricks. When she gets to a certain building she stops takes off her ats puts on sneakers, takes off her hood and walks inside heading for a gold elevator. She presses the button hailing the elevator when it stops someone is standing in it.
  2. As the elevator dings and the door opens Psy sees the person in the door. Surprised, he jumps slightly before recognizing who it is. Eying the woman for any signs of threat he speaks. "Hey... Arnt you that solo chick. The one that wont join a clan?
  3. "That would be me.." She eyes him down "Let me guess ummm purple correct hmmmm wait ohhhh your the balance guy." She points. Balance boy hmmmmmm he dosent look un even and he seems perfectly made for balance but still it would take alot of work to muster that much balance. "hmmmm, Welp I have to go up" She shoves her hands in the pockets of her pants. She then steps in and presses the button pushing him out "See ya Balance freak." She laughs a bit and heads up.
  4. Psy smiles and chuckles "You wanna see a freak?" He mumbles to himself. From the bag on his back Psy removes his ATs and puts them on. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, slowly exhaling his eyes shoot open. With a flash Psy speeds towards a near by light post. Using his acceleration he performs a vertical grind up to the top. Launching himself from the small surface Psy bounces from window ledges and walls, acceding along with the elevator until he reaches the stopping floor.
  5. [​IMG]
    The sound of grinding metal could be heard screeching through the cool air as a lone rider with his face covered by a hood travel the rooftops. It was almost the afternoon. A light cold breeze could felt blowing softly against his face as he raced forward towards the shopping district on his way to work in a parts store.The parts store he headed to was the best of the best as far. It was a small shop, hidden back in on alley. They didn't get many shoppers, so those that knew about them only came for special parts. As a result they kept many specialty parts in sock as well as high end stock parts.​
  6. She steps out of the elevator pulling her hood up and looking beside her smirking as if saying "I see youuuu" She looked across down the hall way and began walking down. She walks to her door slowly unlocking it. The sound of the lock clicking open echoes through the almost empty halls as she opens her apartment door. Before she closes it she begins taing off her sneakers and going around the house looking for different stuff.