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aion school for the super natural and mythical (ALWAYS ACCEPTING!!!!!)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Danielle reaver, Sep 11, 2015.

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  1. We welcome you to Aion. The leading school in all things well how should i say.... Different.. From the normal world. You as you may know from you being here are not normal in the least. You may be a monster or a mutant or maybe even a God. But your special and the human world doesn't know it or doesn't accept it. We provide sanctuary and peace from the life of concealment and hiding your true potential from the world. Will you join our school for the specially gifted?

    sincerely. your new principal Thana/ Thanatos

    You have been different your hole life and you know it. You know what you are and the potential of your species but theirs a problem. The human race doesn't know of your kind or the fact that the world they see in movies about alternate realms and other sophisticated creatures besides them exist and live among them like elves or gods or any other mythological creature. to them your just mythology but your not alone. There is a school for people like you a school that provides sanctuary for all creatures different from the normal human.

    the school: Aerial_view.png
    Replace the water with forest

    all iwaku rules apply
    Romances is allowed
    Please not a lot of sexual content and fade to black

    baciacly all mythical creatures and humans are allowed and can be any age
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  2. Character sheet:









    What year of high school are you in:

    Where do you live (dorms house ect):

    Bio (optional):

    family (spouse, boyfriend, mom, dad, sister/ brother ect):

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  3. Name: Thana/ Thanatos

    Age:at least 7 million years old (looks about 21

    Gender: female

    Sexuality: straight

    Race: godess of death

    ability: manipulation of the dead, immortality, ability to change manipulate create and control souls, ability to manipulate create and destroy shadows

    Personality: thana is a warm and loving woman who usually puts the needs of every one else before hers. but on the out side she is a cold and sinister being with no emotion for most people and very little kindness when it comes to punishment. shell rarely show any one her warm and loving inner self

    What year of high school are you in: principal

    Where do you live (dorms house ect): in a mansion in the woods near the school

    Bio (optional): to much history to put down

    family (spouse, boyfriend, mom, dad, sister/ brother ect): none

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