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  1. Ok, well after making you guys wait- which I am totally sorry about. Here is the OOC.
    And I guess here is the CS too. Oh and any thing else we want to discuss here.

    Race: (White, Asian, Black ect)
    Appearance:(Real life picture or anime doesn't matter)
    Job they had before the apocalypse: (Nurse, Dr. Soldier ect.)
    Weapon(s): (Just so there isn't too much gun happiness characters allowed to carry up to 4 )
    Misc. items:(Food, water, first aid ect.)
    Any combat/self defense training: (If yes, list them please)
    Any family that survived?
    Where they originally are from:

    Well that's basically the CS, but feel free to add more to it. ^.^ Oh and the setting or at least the start of the rp will be in NYC...if no one likes the location then I can change it, it's no biggie to me.
  2. Name: Ezekiel "Zeke" Klein
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Race: Caucasian
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Job they had before the apocalypse: MMA fighter
    Personality: Zeke is smart, resourceful, strong willed, brave, respectful to those he trusts, loyal and confident in his abilities. On the other hand, he has a survival of the fittest mentality, untrusting of strangers, a bit of a smart ass, a bit gullible and afraid of being eaten by the undead.
    Weapon(s): Fire axe, 8-shot .357 revolver, and his hand to hand combat skills
    Misc. items: A couple cans of food, a small canteen, some nylon rope and a few rounds of extra ammo inside of a survival pack he found on one of the undead.
    Any combat/self defense training: Trained as a mixed martial artist for years and some light training with pistols.
    Any family that survived? None that he knows of. Currently searching for them while he tries to survive.
    Where they originally are from: South Carolina.
    (I'll add some history in the RP)
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  3. Approved. :D
  4. Name: Matt Lucas

    Age: 30

    Race: White.

    Show Spoiler

    Job they had before the apocalypse: Businessman- owned a big business.

    Personality: He is usually calm and collected and thinks quick on his feet. He can be friendly when he wants to as well as being cold and ruthless. He doesn't have a hard time trusting people and is willing to help if needed. But he always trusts his gut instinct and usually acts on it.

    Weapon(s): A small hand gun, a lever action hunting rifle and a japanese katana

    Misc. items:Bottles of water and first aid, plus extra ammo.

    Any combat/self defense training: Some martial arts- hand to hand. And also trained to use a katana

    Any family that survived? None, they all died before the apocalypse happened.

    Where they originally are from: He is from New York.
  5. Name: Jayson Sky
    Job they had before the apocalypse: Ex Canadian military soldier
    Personality: Jayson is a Canadian patriot, He does whatever he believes in, if he doesn't believe in something, He goes against it or doesn't do it, He is really responsible for his little girl, He respects a lot people only if they respect him, and is a leader type
    Weapons: Compound bow, Colt M1911 Pistol

    Misc items: 12 bullets (M1911) 10 arrows (compound bow)
    Any combat/self defense training: He has is trained with assualt rifles and hand guns, he also knows how to use a bow, He has martial arts training (not much) and survival tactics
    Any family that survived: Daughter and wife
    Where they originally from: Windsor Ontario, Canada
  6. Signups still going on? Or did I remember too late? xP
  7. Sign ups are still good.
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