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  1. Hello and welcome to you!


    My name is Cirilla and I am on the hunt for some game lovers that are up to rp!. I have a few to many to list so I will put down a couple of my faves and leave it up to you to suggest others.

    Few house rules:

    1. No one liners at all.
    2. Decent spelling and grammar.
    3. Be up for chatting in ooc chat.
    4. Be able to post regularly. (minimum once a week)
    5. Be creative! I may have many ideas but I really would like a partner who will contribute to the rp.
    6. Have fun!

    Few Things About Me:

    1. I am female.
    2. I work and study.
    3. I have been in the rp scene for six to seven years now.
    4. I can play any gender to any pairing.
    5. I can write over 500 words a post but I choose to just adapt to my partners post length.

    Games List:

    *= Plot
    <3 = Craving

    Assassins Creed*

    Devil May Cry <3
    Dead Island
    Dynasty Warriors
    Far Cry <3 <3 *
    Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X, XIII
    Guild Wars
    Jak series <3 <3 *
    Kingdom Hearts <3 <3
    Metal Gear
    Resident Evil <3 <3
    Sly <3 *
    Sengoku Basara
    Star Wars
    Saints Row
    The Last Of Us <3
    The Darkness
    Tomb Raider

    Witcher 3 <3 <3
    Warframe <3
    Warriors Orochi

    If you are interested or have any ideas pm me or comment below. Please do no be shy I do not bite haha <3​
  2. Really interested. What about Mass effect or red faction?
  3. Would you mind doing a skyrim RP?
  4. I'm kinda interested in Assassin's Creed stuff. However, I am curious if your okay with romance?
  5. I'm always up for an Assassin's Creed rp. If it's still available, what's your plot idea?
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  6. Yo, quick question. Are you looking to use original characters for these, or no?
  7. Either really, I can play cannon or oc characters.

    My plot is very incomplete and I just found your pm in my inbox so we can chat there.

    Sorry to take so long! I've had a new job so it's been busy ^^ I'm keen for a skyrim RP PM me and we could plan something out.

    You and I are doing an Assassins Creed RP already hun ^_^
  8. Okay, shoot me a message. I'm online all night.
  9. What about our rp?
  10. I just got a new job and have alot of catch up work so please be patient and please don't message me here we have two PMs...
  11. Hiya, little late to the party here but I figured I'd ask, I know most of the games on your list (adore kingdom hearts so much, same with portal) but I was just wondering if you had ever heard of a game called Darkest Dungeon? I've been craving an rp in that universe was just curious!
  12. I'm interested in the Jak series plot (hope your referring to Jak & Dexter) if your still looking. I love those games! =)
  13. Yup! Jak and Daxter series ^_^ I love the games too! Please pm me and we can plan something XD
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