Ah, my very own first thread!

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  1. Hello my friends! Jim, I see you're doing good. Sean, still got that rash problem? I told you to see a doctor! Wait... Is that really you Mr. Markinsonsington? It's been ages! Still drinking tea? I figured...

    Hello, hello! and welcome to my thread of new beginnings! This is indeed my very first post! And you know what that means? Yup, I have no friends... sad day. That's right, that whole first section was all pretend! Because that's all the friends I have... Will you be my friend?

    On a some what serious note, I am new to the site, not new to the game, though I haven't done it in a while... I could use a couple of friends to write with!

    I prefer most wring styles, group or private! And there aren't too many genres I won't do, as I can exercise my writing in any of them! Just don't be way too serious please! Seriousness is my enemy, and I won't stand for it! Not in MY THREAD!

    So, yeah, I would write about me, but I guess that's what the about me part in my profile is for ;P (No, I don't use smiley faces in my actual writing...) So, please be my friend?
  2. Well hello there Pom Poms. >:3 Why does that name make me giggle... I hope you enjoy your stay here, I bet you'll meet looooots of friends!



    [: (: Welcome to our humble abode :) :]
  4. You chose to use an avatar I made, so I suppose we can be friends. =)

    Welcome to Iwaku!