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  1. Ok so I really really want to do one roleplay where I am playing Agent Fitz and one Roleplay where my partner is playing Agent Fitz. I have a metric shit ton of ideas because I have been wanting a roleplay with this character for a very long time. I post anywhere from several times a day to once a week depending on several different things, my mood, my availability, work and my friends. My posting length varies from 1 good paragraph to 6+ paragraphs, depending on the situation. So here is my pairing idea's:

    Fitz x Inhuman
    Fitz x OC
    Fitz x Hunter
    Fitz x Ward (this one will get dark thus why there is a rape tag and such)
    Fitz x Mack
    Fitz x Coulson (kind of a daddy kink going on here)
    Fitz x Hydra Agent (could go the dark way or like a forbidden romance kind of way)

    so each of these I have somewhat of a plot in mind, I am ok with playing either role for all of them.
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