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  1. Bring your food, your water and money. Bring it to the castle and give it all up. Have any spare clothes, give them to the castle. Music? It's not your anymore. Oh, I'm sorry, are you hungry? No one cares. The king is a ruthless ruler and will have anything and everything for himself. All he cares for is himself and his children. The children get everything and are never told where it comes from. Does your child have a favourite toy? Give it to the princess, now. A new axe, I see. It belongs to the Prince, now. Thirsty? The river is just over there. Forget the dead bodies floating down it. do you wish to rebel? Go ahead and try. he moment your king is dead, the next kingdom will come and rule here. Have you been to their home? It's horrible, there. At least here, your children aren't taken from you and forced to train in the army. Oh, well, sometimes they are. Too bad. You'll have to deal with it.


    Basic Outline:

    So really, you are a person in the medieval times. The King is horrible and single with twins, the Prince and Princess. You may be somewhat rich and survive by being on the King's goods side or you can be a civilian, surviving the best that you can. You can fall in love, hold parties or die. Your choice. Oh, but I should warn you. The kingdom and it's neighbour are on the brink of war. People have gone missing and the king blames them, though they've been abducted for the army.


    - Iwaku's rules.
    - Spelling and grammar is important. I understand mistakes so just do the best you can.
    - You can be anyone within the kingdom, civilian, guard, the king himself, even.
    - Sub plots are important. Do whatever you wish, just make sure it fits the main plot.
    - If war does break out, then feel free to pick either side.
    - I'll make the thread once forms are posted.
  2. Elizabeth sighed, brown orbs peering out from behind the door and out onto the dusty street before her. With a grunt, she lifted the wooden beam that barricaded the door and set it aside, wincing slightly when the wall it was leant against almost collapsed. The lady paused where she was, catching her breath as shuffling could be heard behind, only to relax when a soft snore reached her ears. Lizzy smiled slightly, slipping out from under the unhinged door and gently set it to look like it was closed behind her. Breakfast today was going to be different, Lizzy was determined about that.

    Erin leant back against the white washed back of a garden bench, his legs crossed in front of him. "Please, God, let today be a safe one," he murmured to himself, holding a closed fist to his heart. Once the prayer was done, he kissed his fist before letting the tiny cross fall out of his hand. He then stood and walked over to the end of the path where a small pond was to his left. The dirt and dust from the garden was starting to dirty his shoes and he knew that if he was caught that way, unspeakable things would happen. He needed to look his best in order to serve the King. He knelt by the cold water and cupped some into his hand, letting it fall out over his boots. He repeated this quite a few times until his shoes gleamed black once again in the morning light.
  3. Mariana let out a soft sigh. She wore a light dress that exposed her arms and legs, as she sat next to the river only a few yards from her home. Her cheap armor sat next to her, and she scrubbed it in the river with a rag until it shined, and dried it carefully. She continued this, until all her armor had been taken care of. She carried it back to her small home, where she entered and set the armor on her bed. She changed into her fitted black pants and a white shirt, where the sleeves cut off at her shoulders. She didn't bother putting on the armor, but simply set it carefully in the closet. She would retrieve it if she was being sent out to the borders or somewhere dangerous.

    Maria quickly sent a comb through her long black hair, allowing it to fall down her back delicately. Her sharp, blue eyes stared ahead of herself, glancing in the broken mirror of her room, before grabbing her black boots and sliding them on. She put on her belt, which held her sheathed sword. She then left her home, briskly walking toward the castle. She needed to get her orders before starting work.

    Her thoughts wandered, thinking about what her duties would be for the day. The king was not a kind one, but she owed him for taking her in. She thought herself to be orphaned, whether it was true or not she wasn't sure. But it's what he had told her, so she was willing to accept it. He had fed her and clothed her, however little amount it was. Maria hated how the others suffered, though. She was often skipping a meal to give it to the citizens.
  4. Silence and patience, two vital things that Arratay needed at that moment. From his position high in the tree he could almost see down the entire length of the wall surrounding the town. If you could call it that. The town, situated around the large castle wasn't much of a town at all. The castle was very grand and beautiful, if one did not know of the blood that the castle was bathed in to make it that way. So many had died due to the demanding taxes, people could not afford food, proper shelter or anything else of the means needed for safe and productive living. Why was that? Because the King was a complete Tyrant. Taking everything for him and his family and leaving little to nothing for those who truly needed it. That was why Arratay was here. He had formed his group, The Guardian Knights, for this very reason. He and his group would do everything necessary to save and protect the citizens of the Kingdom. Even if that meant open rebellion.

    Arratay watched the wall closely, waiting, very patiently for the supply wagon of food that would be making its way to the castle. If he timed it right, he'd be able to get in, steal the food and get it to the citizens so they did not starve. That was the plan and that was why Arratay was here.
  5. With a deep breath, Elizabeth turned away from her damaged home and jogged down the pathway. The roads had long since cracked and broken apart, leaving the dirt underneath it to move with the wind. As the freezing breeze picked up, the lady pulled her jacket tighter around herself, using the hood to shield her eyes from the dust that was picked up. 'Damn wind,' She thought to herself, shivering as she she slowed. Her next stop was the gates, where she might be able to find the scraps which had fallen off of the wagon.

    Erin finally stood from next to the small pond, dusting off his clothes and straightening them out. Today was to be another full day. Putting on his biggest smile, he walked into the large castle via the servant doors, and headed down the servant halls. The castle had the main hall, but like any other,t here were also the servant halls, ones that allowed them to move without being seen.
  6. Suddenly he could hear it, the sound of a horse drawn carriage being pulled towards the castle. It was several long moments before Arratay actually saw the carriage. He watched it silently for several moments before going on the move. Arratay jumped from the tree, grabbing the branch of the next tree and swinging into it. He did this several times, changing position as he went so that by the time he arrived he was in front of the carriage watching it come towards him. He scanned the carriage, looking for the security that would occupy it. There was one guard sitting next to the driver but other then that there were none to be seen. However, Arratay was far smarter then that. He knew that there would be atleast two backup guards inside the carriage itself. For most people a three to one odds would be favorable. For Arratay, being out numbered was considered common for him.
  7. Maria continued down the road, pausing for a moment when a sharp wind whistled by. She winced as it blew her hair around, but brushed it off and continued on. There were some people out on the streets already; the citizens were beginning to get up and get to their daily routines. It was pitiful how everyone went and did all their work only to give it to the castle. It was truly depressing.
    Her eyes scanned over the people that went about their business. There were children in ragged clothing, adults in nothing better than their children.

    Maria glanced up at the sound of wheels. It was the supply wagon, on its regular routine. She moved to the side and came to a halt as it passed her. She gave a slight bow, the other guards returning the favor with a head nod. Once it had passed, she continued, looking back a couple of times. Something felt odd, but she didn't have time to wait around for something to occur.
  8. As she was almost at the gates, Lizzy slowed once more until she had almost stopped. There was the carriage, and it seemed she wasn't the only one ready to attack it. Perhaps she should leave the work for him and take whatever scraps manage to fall off. It would be enough. Settling on the decision, she sat on an old crate to watch, one that had been left in the middle of the street, probably by some children.

    Erin hummed, picking up the pace so that he wasn't late. He began to run up any flight of stairs, skipping to every second step.Grinning to himself, he paused just outside of the King's room and slipping out of the servant hall. Straightening his clothes once again, he took a few deep breaths to slow his heart rate. Her then knocked, making sure the king was still asleep before entering the room to wake him up. "Good morning, Your Majesty, the Lord has blessed us with a beautiful day."
  9. Arratay pulled the cloth over his face that served to mask his face. He worked very hard to make sure the guards would be unable to recognize him. He wore a mask to keep his identity a secret. For now, he was just the faceless symbol of the rebellion. The Leader of the Guardian Knight who had no identity. The day may very well come that he would have to show his face and take an open stand against the King but for now, this was what was best.

    Arratay was completly silent as the carriage rumbled closer, now was the time to strike otherwise the time would be too late. He swung from the tree once again this time pulling his sword from the sheathe on his back as he flew towards the ground. Arratay hit the ground at a roll and as he came to his feet he struck a single horizontal cut and sliced the front right wheel in half.

    The carriage collapsed with loud crack, the weight of the carriage falling causing the other wheels to snap and collapsing on itself. Arratay immediatly dashed right back into the woods. He couldn't do anything until he was able to draw out the guards. He moved silently through the trees until he was in a completly different position. This way, the guards would have no idea where he'd be coming from. Carefully studying the movements of the guards of the carriage.
  10. Maria ogled at the supply wagon in awe. She knew she needed to get to her post, but this was just too amusing. She wandered over in a relaxing manner, going to the back of the wagon. The wheels had been broken by a man who had shielded his face and then darted away. Smart.
    "Lady Maria!" one of the guards came jogging over to the backside of the wagon. She turned to face him, "A stranger attacked. This wagon is useless now!"
    "Well," she commented, "Did you see where he went? Should you not follow after him and capture the culprit?"
    "Well, you see.....he ran into the woods."
    "So grow a backbone and get in there after him. They aren't haunted. I'm sure you'll have an interesting time explaining your delay to the king, to which he will demand punishment for the perpetrator. If you have no one to blame, the king will simply blame you."
    The guard looked at her uneasily, but then turned and gave orders for the men to run in after the stranger.

    Maria inspected the wagon curiously. She quickly grabbed a loaf of bread, hiding it behind her. Surely no one would notice one loaf missing. Even if they did, the guards of the wagon would be blamed for it, not her. Maria strolled over to some children that were playing in the street. She bent down and smiled at them, then held out the bread.
    "Here, don't tattle on me now. Run along before the guards return and catch you. Be sure to share."
    The children nodded and did as they were told, running for the safety of a home. Maria smiled again as they left, then turned to see how the guards were faring against this mysterious man. She waited patiently by the wagon, not particularly interested in any of the civilians that were glancing over at the unmanned supplies. If they took anything, it would only be her problem if they were caught.
  11. Lizzy blinked, tilting her head as she watched the lady take the bread and hide it behind her back. She looked like she had worked for the king, so why was she helping. Shaking her head, she looked back to the cart, paying no more attention to the lady next to her. Should she do the same and grab something now, or wait a bit more?

    "Erm, Your Highness?" Erin mumbled, having gotten no response from his first attempt at waking the king. He sighed, walking over to the heavy blinds the refused to let the morning light in. "Your..." he started, heaving them open. "Highness... It's time to wake up. You have an appointment in three hours not to mention the planning for the Prince's birthday."
  12. Arratay watched in amusement as some of the guards blundered through the forest. It'd be far too easy to bring the guards down, he almost didn't want to bother but he knew that he did not have a choice. He could not afford them returning to recover the food. Reaching up he flawlessly pulled himself into a tree so he could studying the positions of all the guards. As easy as it'd be to bring all the guards down, Arratay still preferred to proceed with caution. One always made mistakes when they rushed their actions.
  13. Maria gazed curiously at the woods. What was taking the guards so long?
    "How annoying." she murmured. She really needed to get going. She could foresee some trouble if she was late.
    She walked over to the tree line of the forest, assessing the situation. The guards were taking quite some time, not that she actually cared if they caught the man or not. But it would hang badly on her conscience if the idiots were dead.
    Maria drew her sword, entering the trees. She gave a single look back to the cart, which was now being raided by citizens. She shrugged, and continued forward.

    Maria stepped as quietly as possible, avoiding dead leaves and the like. She kept herself on high alert, looking more for the guards than the mysterious man. This was truly a waste of her time. She neared a small break in the trees, and avoided it. No point in making herself completely vulnerable if this man was willing to kill the king's workers.
  14. Arratay waited several minutes before making a move. He dropped from the tree, landing on a guards back and slamming him into the ground. The man was still alive though. Arratay jumped off him, convinced that he would not get up for a bit. He flicked his sword up, catching the blade of the next guard against his own. Arratay merely slid his sword to the right, and twisted his blade. The guards blade flew from his hand and embedded in a tree. Arratay twisted the grip on his sword and slammed the pomell into the guards temple who then collapsed unconscious. Arratay then chose to melt back into the trees.
  15. Huffing, Lizzy stood from where she was watching and hurried over to the wagon, hoping to be able to pick out enough before everything was gone. Once she has gathered enough, she turned and ran back towards her home. Don't get caught, don't get caught, don't get caught. Those same word were the only thing she could think about. Though, once she had reached her home, the front door was ajar, as if someone had gone through it.

    Libby hummed, skipping along the edge of the old cracked road. Not a thing was on her mind except that she was trying to keep her balance. Soon, her humming had changed into a song and she began to sing the old lullaby her father used to sing to her. Elizabeth wasn't a great singer, though she was always speaking the lyrics to the song so that the little girl wouldn't forget them as she grew older.
  16. Maria heard some noises, and headed that way. She moved quickly, finally coming across the source of the noise. The guards were laying on the ground. She let out a huff, and shook her head.
    "How annoying." she muttered.
    She gently kicked on of the guards with her foot. Knocked out cold. Her eyes looked up, glancing around the trees. Was the man up there somewhere?
    "You can show yourself." she raised her voice, "I do not intend to battle with you." she added.
    She waited patiently, listening to her surroundings.
  17. "What makes you any different if I may ask?"
    Arratay's voice sounded out suddenly. It seemed to come from all around, without an exact source. After a moment's hesitation he continued speaking by saying,
    "I fight to free these people of the injustices of a ruthless tyrant. If your intention is to bring me in then I must act, I will not allow the people to suffer just because I was not willing to lift my hand to defend myself."
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