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    Hello everyone, Cephrain here with news that AoF is just about to reopen next weekend!
    Link to our PMC page: http://www.planetminecraft.com/server/age-of-fatality-1719814/
    Link to our website: http://fatalityasadia.enjin.com/home

    We are whitelisted; therefore, players are required to apply on the forums to join. Here is the link to the application process: http://fatalityasadia.enjin.com/APPLY/m/20634053/viewthread/10963930-application-guide/page/1[/b]

    Server version: 1.7.2
    IP: Soon to be updated

    What is AoF?

    Age of Fatality is a medieval-fantasy roleplay server with a highly dedicated staff and weekly events that advance the server storyline. Players are able to join one of three nations and roleplay, gather resources, and explore in the world of Asadia, a 3500x5000 custom WorldPainted map. We are a Bukkit server, so we have plenty of plugins to enhance the experience, and we also have a custom resource pack to accompany the theme of the world.

    We also have an extensive, in-depth lore that provides context for the story, explains how things such as magic work, and provides the history of each nation, among other things. Even if Minecraft isn't your favorite game, I implore you to give us a try if you've got an account. The game primarily functions as a supplement to the roleplay, albeit a massive one.

    Storyline Synopsis

    The world is divided into three separate nations following the aftermath of an era of brutal war that lasted thousands of years: the Age of Fatality. God fought God, and humanity's prosperity was torn asunder. Now, the remnants of the Knights of Atheros have reformed into the Order of Paladins to protect the remaining human population.

    Explore the world of Asadia as it recovers from the horrors of a conflict that nearly ended the world, and join the three nations in their quest for reunification as they struggle to regain the lost glory from before the war. However, sinister shadows lurk underneath the nations' veil of hope, their intentions and nature yet unknown...

    The Nations

    In the world of AoF, there are 3 separate nations that players may join, each with their distinct look, culture, and resources.

    Calium- The nation of the rolling plains, Calium is nearly entirely dedicated to agricultural pursuits. They are led by King Tarkus Karavian, and are a hard working, simple folk with the largest population of the 3. Its capital, Ostia, is situated on a cliff face that overlooks the ocean with docks below. Finally, the Calium Institute of Magic resides a short distance outside the walls and is the only location in the world that formally trains mages in the art of propulsion magic.

    Arbolan- Arbolan is a proud kingdom within a lush, verdant forest. Home to both the order of the Healers and the Arbolinian Rangers, their men and women are stubborn but kind, taking great pride in the prowess of their soldiers and craftsmen alike. Arbolan is the first line of defense against the ork-ridden swamp, and their soldiers are battle-hardened from endless encounters with the brutish creatures.

    Karador- This nation sits high atop looming mountains, and its people are steel-willed and dependable. Humble yet strong, the residents of Karador never take their possessions for granted. Defended by the bulky, heavily armored knights of the Iron Aegis, Karador is typically passive when it comes to conflict, preferring to defend from the peaks rather than charge the enemy. Though they take advantage of the vast mineral wealth provided by the mountains, their relatively low manpower results in slow progression.
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