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  1. At the very heart of The Great Lands, lies the invincible Empire of Argos, the birth place of civilization itself. Known to all the peoples as the Eye of the World, City of Shadows and the Demon's Refuge, Argos is lorded over by it's monstrous and tyrannical ruler, Wraithan. A dark demigod, Wraithan is the son of the demonic god Scarr-Talos, lord of the Sixth Realm of the Abyss. For a time Wraithan has ruled supreme, his power absolute. His cruelty is legendary throughout the Great Lands, his subjects living in perpetual fear. At his side are his two nieces, known as the High Priestesses of the Order of the Abysmal Shadow, powerful sorceresses, they are beautiful but just as malevolent as their uncle. For years no one has challenged them, not only out of fear for the demigod, but also for the demon Scarr-Talos and his control of their immortal souls. For years the Great Lands have cried for they who would liberate them, that day may soon be at hand...

    Emperor Wraithan


    Once upon a time, the Kingdom of Argos was ruled by the benign King Arcus and his queen, Anastaz. Soon a son was born to them, Prince Darris, who was destined to rule at his father’s passing. However one night, tragedy would strike. Anastaz was a radiant beauty and desired by many men of the kingdom. Unfortunately she also drew the attention of the demonic god of the Sixth Realm of the Abyss, the monstrous Scarr-Talos…who also desired the queen. When he appeared to her one night, with an offer for to her rule the Sixth Realm as his queen, she flatly refused, swearing loyalty to her husband. This enraged the monster and resulted in her brutal rape. Soon after she found herself pregnant with the unwanted seed of Scarr-Talos. When the child was born, he was hideously deformed, much to the chagrin of his mother. Given the name Wraithan, he was locked away in the lower dungeons, to be kept a closely guarded secret. The demon demigod was forgotten and neglected by all, save for his half brother, Darris. The prince took pity on Wraithan and saw to it that he was kept comfortable. As a result of her rape and demon born child, the queen was overcome with self loathing and despair and soon committed suicide. A few years later, King Arcus was killed in a skirmish with another kingdom and young Darris assumed the throne of Argos.

    It was during this time that Wraithan began to get visits from his father. The demon lord would appear to his young son and make it known that he had special powers and abilities due to his half demonic lineage. These powers began to manifest themselves when Wraithan hit adolescence. He soon grew to the unnatural height of over seven feet tall, slowly honing his supernatural powers at the behest of his father. It was in time that King Darris married, and had two beautiful daughters, the princesses Phobiana and Scartarra. Being the benevolent ruler that he was, Darris sought not to abandon his brother and set him up in comfortable and lavish suites, albeit hidden part of the palace. To reinforce this, Darris insisted that his daughters spend time with their uncle to make him feel more as a part of their family. But secretly, Wraithan resented his older brother for being able to carry on a normal and happy life. Moreover he desired Darris’s power and rule, a position he was convinced belonged to him. Still under the tutelage of Scarr-Talos, Wraithan decided to use his nieces as a means in which to get the power and respect he always craved. He indeed began to form a close bond with the sisters, slowly over time poisoning their minds against their father. He began to teach them the ways of the dark sorcerer’s arts of the Abyssal Shadow and the forbidden knowledge of the Blood Magics. Effectively forging both of them into powerful practitioners of the black arts. Both Phobiana and Scartarra grew so devoted to their uncle, that they were under his complete sway. He convinced the sisters to release him from his decadent prison, so they could finally claim all the power that was their due. But unbeknownst to both of them, was what Wraithan planned to do next. In an act of extreme cruelty, he murdered his brother Darris, exiled his queen and seized the throne of Argos for himself. However he made good on his word to his nieces and granted them absolute rule and unbridled power at his side. Over the course of the takeover, they transformed Argos into a sinister haven of tyranny, fear and oppression. Now he rules as the supreme Emperor and his reign is absolute and unchallenged. The demigod has nearly conquered all the surrounding kingdoms of the Great Lands, all of them paying tribute to Argos, lest they be punished in blood. The new government is that of the worship of Scarr-Talos as their patron god. Wraithan rules with an iron fist…his cruelty and bloodlust unmatched.

    Played By: Chris_Reaper

    ***The next two roles are available to anyone interested...

    Phobiana of Argos


    Age: 24

    Height: 5’7

    Weapon(s): Dark sorcery

    Power(s)/Special Abilities: Mastery of the Blood Magics of the Sixth Realm. Skilled Necromancer…can briefly control one’s mind and force them to obey her will.

    Occupation(s): High Priestess of the Order of the Abyssal Shadow.

    History: Phobiana is the first born of the now deceased King Darris. As the first born princess of Argos, Phobiana was groomed from birth, as one of noble rank would be, to represent her family and marry well. Her parents were absent for most of her childhood, what with the responsibilities of a king and queen. Phobiana felt alone and abandoned, finding solace only with her younger sister. And her uncle, who was kept hidden away by her father. The princess began to form a deep attachment to Wraithan, seeing him as a trapped soul and a parallel with her own life. She saw the greatness that lied within him and began to feel that he was the only one who truly understood her.

    As Phobiana grew, her mother La'Shea, soon took interest again, preparing to find a suitable husband for her, introducing her at court, and numerous other duties that pulled Phobiana away from her beloved sister and uncle. The time when she could escape, Phobiana would retreat to her uncle’s suite to complain, or cry, or simply listen to his advice. The more her mother pushed the more Phobiana began to pull away from both of her parents.

    It all came to a head one evening when Phobiana’s father announced that he had chosen a suitor. The lovely young woman flew into a rage, disgusted as her father had chosen a much older man that would provide them with more wealth and an alliance with the neighboring kingdom, threatening to run away. In response, Phobiana’s father yelled back, stating that her opinion was of no consequence, and that Phobiana would do as she was told. It was the only time Phobiana had been scolded by either parent and it would not be easily forgotten.

    That night, Phobiana and her sister, Scartarra, snuck into the wing of their home where their uncle’s suites were and resolved to free him betraying their father, and their kingdom. Once he was freed, Phobiana’s uncle killed the girls’ father and assumed the throne. Her anger and resentment towards her father after their fight was enough for her to block any guilt she might have felt for her betrayal. Seething but not wishing to see anymore blood spilled, it was she who exiled Queen La'Shea from Argos…commanding her mother to never again return. From that point on, Phobiana grew more callous and cruel, devoting all her time in the emergence of her new dark powers as a shadow sorceress.

    Her life now is immersed in ritual and service to her uncle. She serves him and her sister as well as she can, as well as serving Scarr-Talos. She has delved deep into the dark arts and teaches everything she can to her younger sister. A cruel and twisted version of her former self, Phobiana only shows her true emotions around her sister, if even then. The guilt she holds over her betrayal of her parents remains buried deep, though it is very much still in evident. Phobiana has grown to be just as feared as her uncle Wraithan, earning a reputation for her seemingly cold heart and emotional detachment…her soul frozen in ice.

    Scartarra of Argos


    Age: 21

    Height: 5’ 5

    Weapon(s): High grade dark sorcery. Ornamented knife for sacrifices.

    Power(s)/Special Abilities: She is extremely skilled in the dark arts of magic and necromancy, her power’s rivaled only by her sister and her uncle. She also has a limited ability to read minds.

    Occupation(s): High Priestess of the Order of the Abyssal Shadow.

    History: Princess Scartarra was born the second daughter of King Darris, of the kingdom of Argos and his wife, Queen La’Shea. She was given the name Sarina at her birth. Darris was not an only child however, he had a younger half brother named Wraithan, Scartarra’s uncle. Wraithan had been conceived during the brutal rape of the then queen Anastaz by the demonic god Scarr-Talos. The vicious and cruel assault eventually led the queen to insanity and finally suicide. Scartarra was never made to fear her uncle, but rather to see and treat him as a normal part of her family. Darris did not believe Wraithan should be punished for the sins of his father and encouraged his wife and daughters to spend as much time as possible with their uncle. Scarrtara and her sister did just that, often when their parents were busy the two girls would spend hours unsupervised with their uncle listening to his advise and promises. Both the sisters felt severely neglected by their parents, due to them always being away and dealing with the numerous pressures and problems of ruling a kingdom.

    Wraithan fascinated Scartarra, it was hard to deny the power he held and he seemed to care for her deeply. Sometimes she wondered if he loved her more than her parents. His words always sounded like wisdom to her young ears as he gradually twisted her worldview to fit his own. From time to time she would bring him treats but she was always strictly forbidden from allowing him to leave, even swearing an oath to her father more then once. As time passed the beautiful young woman grew more distant from her parents. She instead found the affection she wanted from her older sister and her uncle. It was Wraithan who first proposed the change of her name when she was ten, suggesting once while they were playing a board game alone that a beautiful and talented child like her deserved a name with meaning and destiny. It was their secret, shared only with Phobiana but as the years passed, she grew more and more attached to it.

    Bit by bit, the demigod began to ask the girls more directly for the favor of his freedom. Promising them power without limits, respect and admiration, a chance to be more than just the wife of a king or noble, but ruling queens. The manifestation of his otherworldly powers were quite undeniable. Though his offers were tempting, loyalty to their father kept them from releasing him. But every time they spoke he would promise more and more showing them glimpses of a life unhampered by rules or anyone’s wishes but their own. It got so that it was almost all Scartarra dreamt about. Finally it came to a head after Phobiana got into a fight with their parent’s over the man she was to marry, Scartara too joined in, fearful of losing the sister she idolized. It was that night the two decided they would act on their uncle’s pleas and take control of their own destinies.

    It was an act of treason and betrayal against a father who had never hurt them, but emotion, lust for power and brash impulsiveness won out and the girls loosed the bonds that kept Wraithan trapped. Without hesitation, the monstrous demigod murdered Darris and usurped the throne of Argos. In her heart of hearts, the girl, though merely 14 at the time, still blames herself and feels a deep though un-admitted guilt and shame for her father’s death. But her uncle had made good on his promises of power to the girl’s, soon Scartarra found herself a High Priestess and master of the dark arts, third in command of an extensive empire. And that power consumed Scartarra as did her need to please her uncle and her sister. This was not the life she had pictured but somehow the power was addicting, drawing her ever deeper into evil. But underneath the powerful sorceress lies an insecure young woman longing for the things all young women of her age do, for affection, for acceptance and mostly to be loved. These feelings she keeps hidden masked by her desire to please her uncle who granted her the powers she uses in his service. She is close to no human being but her older sister whom she idolizes and still strives to be like.


    The Order of the Abyssal Shadow
    The official “religion” of Argos. It revolves around the worship of the demon lord of the Sixth Realm of the Abyss, Scarr-Talos. Scarr-Talos demands a plethora of bloody human sacrifice on a monthly basis for his continued patronage and sanction. The Order has issued a mandate that all young men and women who are born with red hair become priests and priestesses in service to Scarr-Talos. The Order’s two High Priestesses, Phobiana and Scarrtara, rule Argos by the Emperor’s side.

    The Shadow Legions
    The ground military forces of Argos. The Legions number several hundreds of thousands in strength and are the most feared army on the face of the Great Lands.

    (Shadow Legionnaire )

    The Dragon Born
    The “Air Force” of Argos. These warriors fight with and control large, black winged dragons that belch forth black fire. The Dragon Born are fierce looking warriors, possessing strange powers all their own. Each Dragon Born is psychically and spiritually linked with their dragon, which they refer to as their “Steeds”. They can also spit large quantities of black fire from their own mouths and eyes. Rider and dragon are so closely linked to one another, that if one is killed the other will die as well.

    (A Dragon Born Soldier)

    The Dark Slain

    The most elite, frightening and fearsome of all of Wraithan’s warriors. They are the Delta Force of Argos and possess a number of demonic abilities. A Dark Slain must start out as a Shadow Legionnaire and work their way up, usually gaining notoriety in battle and be exceptionally skilled in combat. Than when a candidate is chosen worthy by the Emperor himself. They are granted passage to the Sixth Realm to be Blood Baptized by the god Scarr-Talos. A process in which their immortal souls are relinquished and replaced with the dark spirits of over a hundred slain warriors. It is than that the initiates are bathed inside the Cauldron of Damnation to which they emerge as a bestial creature outfitted with all sorts of powers. After a time they are returned to the mortal realm and presented before Wraithan, who in turn awards them with their signature weapons, The Gauntlet of Souls. This is a weapon in which they use to capture an opponents very life essence, using it as a power source to fuel themselves. These demon warriors have an unwavering allegiance to both Scarr-Talos and Wraithan. They are the most dreaded warriors in the empire. They are so feared, that they have attained near legendary status.

    (The Dark Slain)

    The Blight

    The Blight are a sizable and savage tribe of cut throats, assassins, barbarians and madmen. Known far and wide as the Scourge of the Sands, The Blight occupy a desert stronghold in what is known as the Forbidden Dunes at the heart of the terrifying Land of the Black Sand. For generations, the Blight have been ruled by a succession of supreme warlords, the latest being Herron of Drachen, more commonly known as Herron the Feared. The Blight answer to no one but themselves and have even defied Wraithan on numerous occasions. Few would dare to get in their way and even fewer would seek them out.


    Character Sheet

    Physical Appearance:
    Faction Affiliation:
    Power(s)/Special Abilities:
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  2. Name: Jericho, Son of Herron

    Age: 25

    Height: 6'1

    Physical Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Faction Affiliation:
    The Blight

    Power(s)/Special Abilities: Practitioner of the combative arts of the Chakra, which makes his fighting ability near lethal. His straight blade is immune to any and all magics.

    Occupation(s): Former Blightsman, Chakra warrior, desert wanderer

    History: Jericho was born as the only son to Herron the Feared, undisputed warlord of the savage barbarian tribe known only as the "Blight". This venereal army of marauders, thieves and assassins roam the sands of the Great Lands and are greatly feared, known far and wide as the Scourge of the Sands. Jericho was brought up in this brutal life surrounded by violence and hardship. From the very moment of he could walk, he was forged in a living weapon. Taught in the ancient fighting arts of the Chakra, a combat discipline that is rumored to be the warrior art invented by Attrocitus, god of the Seventh Realm of the Abyss. Jericho grew with strength, cunning and most of all ambition.

    When he was twenty one years of age, young Jericho proved his mettle and fighting prowess by completing the near suicidal challenge of the Oracle of Tarshish. Enduring forty days of near constant combat, Jericho emerged as the sole surviving warrior to complete the trails. For this he was awarded his signature straight blade. Forged by the gods of the Celestial Twelfth Realm, the weapon is immune to any form of magic, divine or otherwise. Along with his sword, the Oracle also divined a prophecy for young Jericho. It was foretold that he would one day become a ruler in his own right by overthrowing another. At the urging from some of the Blight, Jericho gravely mistook this fortune to mean that he would overthrow his father and take control of the Blight himself. So it was that he challenged Herron, in a fierce duel that shook the very foundations of the desert outlands. But in the end experience prevailed against youth, and Jericho was soundly defeated by his father. Herron generously allowed his only son to live, but was banished from the Blight ranks and cursed to wander the desert sands.

    Now he roams about seeking his place in the world. Armed with his skills, cunning and magically immune sword, he may yet see the fulfillment of the Oracle's prophecy in another tyrant ruler...
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  3. This looks very interesting I have one question though. Is the character you play inheritantly evil or can be whatever you want?
  4. I'm not sure I understand the question...
  5. Like all the races sound like they come from a bad/evil source but does that mean all the characters have to be bad/evil or can we make whatever personality we want?
  6. Yes the Factions all do come from an evil source. The three that I would say have all exclusively evil members are The Dragon Born, the Dark Slain and The Blight...
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