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    What do you have a passion for - something that you genuinely enjoy and love to learn about, talk about, etc?
    Is it something that you tend to share with other people, or is it a passion that you keep more to yourself? Why?
    Do you tend to enjoy interacting with others who share this passion? (Or do you wish you could?)
  2. Food!

    No, seriously. I love food, how it brings people together, how that even with the simplest ingredients there can be so many ways to prepare it and how it nourishes the body and soul. I adore learning about where different food originates from, how it traveled and became popular or finding "obscure" items. Food, not manufactured eatables that deplete the body, the soil, the spirit of the workers that produce it. From the ground up. Food in the garden. I want to someday fish and hunt so that I had a part in bringing my meat to the table. I don't have a dream house, I have a dream kitchen.


    Hi, you're having a party? What do you want me to bring?
  3. I actually have a huge passion for being a Community Administrator. I always knew that it was something I loved doing, but I forgot that for a awhile during the years before I shut down my old community. o__o Those months where I had nothing going on, I REALLY missed it. I kinda felt left a valuable part of me was gone.

    I am pretty sure I talk about Iwaku and the ins and outs of running it to the point of driving people insane. 8D I take it very seriously, because it's something I have a huge passion for. I love watching the stats change, I love the people aspect of running a staff and helping members. AND it's about a topic I have an equal passion in (roleplaying!) so it's a double bonus.

    ....I am also a Foodie. >> Maybe not as much as Ocha, but I LOVE food. I like to cook good food and I love enjoying good food! And feeding people good food. >:3
  4. ._____________.
    I have too many passions..
    I just had this discussion with a friend the other day. I have TOO many.
    They said IMPOSSIBLE!
    I said, No.. tis possible. Q ^Q I can't keep up with them all..

    Listening to music, singing, dancing, playing percussion/drum line, drawing/sketching, writing poetry, writing in general, nailart, baking, cooking, running, yoga, working out in general, gaming, reading stories, star-gazing, cloud-gazing, watching rain/storms, watching snow, reading scripts, editing scripts, producing, filming, editing film (technically, it's tape, though. Film is not used anymore..), make-up, fashion, Sudoku, Pokemon, plushie collecting, cosplaying/thinking of cosplays/looking at other peoples' cosplays, getting lost in though/Philosopher Staci Mode, tea, taking care of animals, playing with animals, coloring, splatter painting, watching movies/analyzing movies, cuddling/being a hopeless romantic, mowing the lawn in fun shapes, taking care of flowers/dead-heading flowers, playing pretend/day dreaming, table-top gaming, socializing..

    I have more, I think..

    a big one is the Passion to make people smile.
  5. ...Cats. Everything about them. Care taking, behaviour, breeds, fur patterns, kittens!


    Not a very useful passion, but its a passion~

    Singing is another. Nothing professional, that would seem too much like work, but i love to sing~ Recently been getting back into practicing every day, and its been keeping my spirits up~
  6. It's easy to like things, but it's hard to be passionate about them.

    Why do I say this? For a while I was very interested in learning about the weather. So I picked up a textbook on weather modelling, then got to the primitive equations, vector calculus, fluids, etc. It's not that "oh noez MATH" deterred me, just that it asked me to invest significant mental effort into learning it, because I'm not a clever man by nature. I'm already spending days just attempting to nail the fundamental concepts of quantum mechanics into my head.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm not a very passionate person. Curious, maybe.
  7. I have a passion for pleasure. >:[

    I love pleasing people, making them happy, seeing them smile, receiving their thanks and the such. For a long while, I thought that was why I was put on this Earth. I do things for people all the time, whether they ask me to or not. I honestly have a hard time saying no to people, especially if I know it was please them. Sometimes its good and others not so good.

    Now, I'm not a dumbass. I work in an enviorment that calls for making people happy. It's my passion. I get paid for making people happy. I love it. I love smiles.
  8. I think that my largest passions are the English language, reading and writing, but especially the English language. I simply love speaking, writing or even reading in English, and being around the language takes up most of my time. It is so bad that people joke around that I know English better than my own native tongue, and I have admitted that I speak better English than Hungarian. I still write better in Hungarian in my opinion.

    Most people know about my love of the English language, but I do not think that many know of my passion for reading, especially because I have been neglecting my novels lately, and they are sitting on my bookshelf right now, waiting for me. However, I am working on changing that. Some other people also know that I write, but they probably do not know how strongly I feel about it, only a select few do, who are usually also fellow writers. Other people just look at me and think I am weird.

    I tend to seek out people whom I can share my passions with, especially my passion for writing and speaking English. That is also one of the reasons I roleplay: to read, practice my English, and write so other people can enjoy my prose.
  9. My passion, creativity :9

    I love to draw, paint, play music, write stories and so on ^^ So creativity is my passion ;) I'm not that good at it but I don't freaking care xD
    And of course Japanese is my passion too :3 I love to learn Japanese and I can't wait to get to Japan and study ^^
  10. The arts, and pretty much anything involving them. My main focus though is writing and drawing. I've always enjoyed telling stories and if I can do it through drawings, it's where I'm the happiest. However I don't feel the same way about sharing my passion with other people. I am perfectly fine with sharing my art with others, you know, letting them look at it and what not. I even have the majority of my artwork posted on Facebook for my friends to see. But when it comes to my writing, there is no way I am gonna let other people see it. Probably because I'm very self conscious about what I write and it's easy for me to get hurt by what other people say. I'm also a bigger critic towards my writing than my art so go figure. >.<
  11. Animals :3. Right now I'm trying to see if my tortoise can be clicker trained to do a high five... >.> 'nough said :P