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  1. Sorry this is a continuation of my other question, is having main characters under 13 allowed in libertine as long as no sexual actions are preformed by them? I have a few ideas about a romance that starts from them being kids and slowly building up into adult hood.
  2. There shouldn't be any problem with that. As long as the sexual stuff doesn't happen until the characters are older, starting their history when young won't be a problem. There's also the option if your storyline will have sex, but isn't a sexy RP to have it in the regulare 1x1 section and if later you feel the content is getting to risque for the occassional hidden behind spoiler scene to have it moved.
  3. As long as no sexual acts are done to or by children under the age of 13, then everything is allowed. You can start the rp with kids, but make sure nothing sexual happens with them before they've become older, otherwise you'll be chased down by Diana's owl army o.O

    I would recommend to start it in the normal one x one section so that the mods in the libertine section doesn't get too confused by the appearance of child main characters in their section. Then it's just to ask for it to be moved once the sexual themes are introduced at a later stage. Alternatively you could leave a note to the libertine mods in your first post, telling them that no sexual content will appear before the characters gets older, just to avoid misunderstandings.
  4. If the mods see a roleplay in Libertine that has characters under 13, we're going to assume it's breaking the rules. I'd advise doing the roleplay in One-on-Ones and if you're going to have sex later on, get it moved and put a note in the first post or something so you don't get flagged for writing kiddie porn.

    We also don't allow there to be kids in Libertine RPs where the kids are PRESENT for sex scenes, so for example, playing a kid character in a group Libertine game wouldn't be allowed even if the player wasn't going to actively participate in sex scenes.
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  5. Yep. Completely allowed. Heck, unless i'm mistaken, you could even have sexual events happen between the two during the play, as long as they're 13 or older. O_o