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  1. I got this idea for a post apocalyptic Rp that's not set after a nuclear holocaust or with a horde of zombies baying for your flesh but in a world where society has broken down but the world is relatively intact where your worst enemies are the other humans around you. Now this is just the very rough outline for this Rp and i'm willing to listen to input from others, so anyone interested.
  2. Ever read a book called One Second After? It's about a rural town surviving through a nuclear attack. However, rather than being a conventional attack. The nuke was detonated in the atmosphere, which created a huge EMP that knocked out all modern electrical grids. So, the US has to survive on no electrical devices. The result is quite scary.
  3. Hmm, I have never read the book but the situation I was thinking was similar in that tech is mostly dead but I was thinking of a more nomadic group of people rather than a town/nation/state as a whole.
  4. Well, it does turn very... primative since people need to scavenge for limited food. Esstentially, there's massive societal breakdown.
  5. Ya what I envisioned was a group of people leaving the cities behind due to danger but the wilderness isn't necessarily safer due to them contending with other animals for resources and the inevitably of encountering others who are willing to kill them for their resources.
  6. This sounds amazing :)
  7. While the main focus is on the nomads their will be small towns that they will need to interact with at times through the Rp.
  8. Interested!
  9. I will put up the CS and the actual RP advertisement once we get one more person interested.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.