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  1. Welcome to the Afterlife Program!

    It started when you woke up on a unfamiliar bed.
    It started when you realized you had no memories other than your name.
    It started when you were told you were here to learn and to 'get better'.
    It started.
    But did it really start there?

    Welcome to Afterlife.

    The idea of Afterlife is simple: Rest, rehabilitation, recovery, and learn. What's not simple is why the students can't remember anything other than their name. They don't know what they're recovering from. Their mind is a blank slate, and the people- things -running school won't tell them why.
    When memories start to surface, along with secrets meant to stay under, the school won't remain tranquil for long.

    Hello, welcome to the interest check for Afterlife! Like all my other roleplay ideas, I'm not very confident this one with succeed, but whatever.
    Basically, this would center around students- ages 16-20, not that they remember that all too clearly -who wake up without their memories in a sort of boarding school. At first, of course, the school would appear to be normal other than the no memory thing, but as time goes on it would slowly get darker.
    It's a mystery/school roleplay with a dab of action and supernatural elements. Neat.

    The posting requirements would be minimal. The only requirements for such I can think of is no one liners and having somewhat proper grammar. So... yea.
    If anyone's interested that'd be neat-o. I'll probably put up a signup anyway though.​
  2. interested as heck
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  3. :'^) I'm glad that u are because I'd love to start this up
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  4. definitely keep me posted !!!
    should the character sheets use anime pics or human pics?
  5. Either is fine! I'm not too picky at all with that, to be honest, because I know how hard it is to find pics you like sometimes B'^)
    I'll notify you when the signup is up!!
  6. Dropping an interest
  7. neat! I'll tell you when the signup is up!
  8. Interested, cause I'm got some characters in mind to choose from already.
  9. Cool! I'm almost done with the signup- hopefully it's good, since I'm super tired right now :'^)
  10. I'll pop into the sign-ups once I have my CS ready; I'm OCD about disrupting the list with a post that just reads RESERVED :P
  11. Haha, that's fine. Take your time. The IC will probably be up on Tuesday at some point
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