After the Fall

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  1. As the story goes...

    In 2521, Man was able to genetically engineer artificial humans in labs. We created the perfect soldiers, unable to feel emotions such as anger, love, fear, etc. The soldiers were fast, strong, and some have their own abilities. The soldiers came to be called Homunculi. There would be no more unnecessary sacrifice of valuable human life.

    Things went as planned for the first decade or so. The soldiers did what they were created for; war, killing, destruction. In 2533, one malfunctioning Homunculus attacked and slaughtered a few lab techs, but was later captured and locked away for the safety of the public. What they didn't realize was that this Homunculus was carrrying an extremely toxic infection, which started infecting other Homunculi. All it took was a bite to infect others. Soon, the HCC (The Homunculus Creation Centre) was overrun with infected Homunculi, which eventually found their way out into the open world and began infecting others. Many human and Homunculus lives were lost.

    It's now 2583, fifty years after the outbreak at HCC. The world mankind once knew is gone; cast into eternal darkness caused by our own hands. Towns, cities, and homes are now nothing more than rubble, abandoned and dangerous. Infected Homunculi are now the dominant species on Earth. However, some Homunculi remain untouched by the disease. They have developed more human personality traits, able to feel emotions just as any human.

    The infection has also changed over the years, now able to infect humans just as it did to Homunculi, making them deadly, bloodthirsty hunters. As the infection gets worse, the human flesh and tissue begins to change and deform, making them lose their human shape and become more like monsters. They come in different shapes, sizes, and forms. They have different abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, but all are deadly and must not be underestimated if you wish to survive.

    Humans and Homunculi began to despise each other for their differences, and for the Fall being the fault of the Homunculi in the eyes of the humans. Homunculi wish to be treated as equal to humans, and not like the infected, which both species fear more than anything. Humans don't want to interact with Homunculi. So the species divided up, refusing to deal with one another. Some humans and some Homunculi choose to try and survive on their own, while others know their best change for survival is with their own kind, in a group. They take shelter wherever they can.

    How will you choose to survive? In a group or alone? Will you learn to accept the differences of the species or will you destroy each other on sight? Something must be done to insure the survival of one species, or both. It's your future.
  2. Early morning Ajax was out photographing a group of infected homunculi. He wanted to document what he could for when a solution was found to bring humanity back to the position of dominant species of Earth. He hid beneath a pile of rubble. His position completely hudden from the creatures who were about 50 feet away. He had collected about 10 photos and was about to leave the area. No reason to be anywhere near the ravenous things.
  3. Annie had mostly kept to herself since she lost her brother. He had always told her that if anything ever happened to him to keep moving. And every time he told her that, he made her promise that she would do just that.

    It was pretty safe to say that she didn't keep that promise.

    This day happened to find her alone (which was usual) in what remained of the city. She had camped that past night in a tunnel that trains used to pass through, though the tracks had remained silent ever since the fall. Annie had packed up early and was leaving the tunnel just as the sun was coming up. She had a small backpack flung over her shoulder, which really didn't have much in it, just a small canteen and a blanket; and she carried her staff in her right hand. Although she knew a lot of people had been there before her, Annie wanted to see if there was anything she could use in the ruins. She began making her way further into the city, looking behind her every now and then to make sure that she wasn't being followed.
  4. Calliope clicked her tongue in the back of her mouth, sending out sound waves to echo across the room. Although her eyes worked perfectly fine, she found that using this echolocation not only helped her practice exercising her power, but at night it could be used as camouflage -- any noises she made could be dismissed as some bats trapped inside. A slow grin spread over her face as she locked her eyes on her prey, sleeping soundly in a hidden corner. She could hear his heartbeat and, if she concentrated, the blood flowing through him. Her mouth filled with saliva as she anticipated the coming meal. The bloodlust roared through her, always combating her caution and good sense. But it would not win this time.

    As she approached, a loud crashing noise echoed from the other room. Her head turned towards it sharply, then back to the now waking boy. Shit! she thought as his eyes groggily locked onto her. Then the fear kicked in and he was scrambling up, reaching for a weapon. "Oh no you don't!" she exclaimed, pouncing. The boy cried out and fought back, landing a few good hits on her. One of them bounced off of her solar plexus, sending pain and her breath from her. She doubled over and he took his chance, vaulting over her and to the exit. She screeched in anger and pain and took off after him. She quickly caught him from behind and ended it with a sharp twist of his neck. As his body collapsed, she stood over him, looking down at him as her anger diffused along with her adrenaline rush. After a moment, she was calm again, basking in her victory. And then she sat down to feed, sharp teeth piercing his skin at the wrist to let the blood flow into her.
  5. Not too far away an infected homunculus was feeding. He turned slightly to get a good angle for his camera. In doing so he knocked over a peice of wood. It clanged on the ground loudly. This was not good. So not good he thought. He pulled his shotgun from his back and attempted to cock it. It stopped half way. Somehow it had jammed. Shit shit shit he thought as he attempted to clear the breach.
  6. The low swishing sound of a knife flying trough the air followed by a low thud as it hit something soft and crunchy. The infected collapsed with a knife embedded into it's temple.
    John rose from the overgrown vegetation of an old ditch and moved carefully towards the corpse to retrieve his knife. He could hear more of them nearby. But the over growth and scattered ruins of buildings and vehicles gave him plenty of cover.
    The man tossed a glance towards the rubble that had distracted his target before he begun searching the body for useful things. Grabbing an old package of cigarettes and stuffed it into the hidden pockets of the old cloth he wore as a cloak.
    If he was lucky enough to find a group or a small settlement. Those cigarettes could fetch him a nice prize. Turning his gaze once more towards the rubble he pulled out his gun and moved towards it. Based on the sounds someone was in there.
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  7. Giggles erupted from Infinity's lips, her chest shaking from laughter. She had been hiding from one of the infected, hidden inside a locker located at an abandoned high school. Once she saw the infected Homunculus searching the lockers for her, she could barely keep in her excitement. The infected Homunculus jerked his head towards her, his face twisting into a snarl. Infinity had only enough time to grab her machete before he was on her. The infected Homunculus opened up the locker and grabbed a hold of her, twisting his fists in her shirt. He then lifted her in the air. Almost on instant, Infinity lifted the machete in the air.and brought it down on the Homunculus, blood splattering across her face.

    "Die, die, die!" she screamed, falling onto the floor as the now dead homunculus fell. Infinity struck the dead homunculus one more time before sliding her machete back in its sheath. She wiped the blood from her face, smearing it across the back of her hand. "Maybe that will teach you to not mess with me." she spat before walking away, her hips swaying. Fighting was always her favorite thing to do, either it be the infected beasts or the homunculus. It gave her a rush that nothing else could give her. Grinning, she ran her teeth over her pearly white fangs.

    As she exited the highschool, she heard the sound of footsteps. Excitedly, she followed the sound to its source and eventually came up on a girl (Annie).
    "Hey you! Get over here!"
  8. Annie wasn't too far into her search when someone called out to her. She jumped in surprise and turned, holding her staff in a defensive position. The speaker was a blonde girl she hadn't seen before, which wasn't much of a surprise; there were a lot of people Annie had never seen before. It's just a lot of people typically didn't talk to her first. "Tell me why first." She replied, keeping her guard up, and resisting the immediate urge to run. It wasn't that she didn't trust a random stranger who just asked Annie to come to her, it was just that she... couldn't trust a random stranger who just talked to her. But that was what kept her there: whoever this was actually talked to her first. Which was pretty exciting, assuming this wasn't for business.
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  9. Infinity scowled, her crimson eyes scanning over the other girl. She didn't like how she didn't come over when she asked, which must have meant she was either human or a homunculus who was not infected. "I simply want to know if your not infected. I could use another ally, y'know, in this great big fight against the infected!" she giggled, walking towards the girl. "I'm Infinty, I'm not infected. That I know of at least." Infinty nodded, her blonde curls bounced as she did so. Giving the girl another once over, she immediately concluded that she was a human. She hadn't known that. Taking a large step back, she drew out her machete. "Are you human?" she asked, her voice rising into a scream.
  10. "My name's Annie," She says after Infinity introduces herself. She liked the sound of what Infinity was saying. Surely two heads were better than one, especially in a situation like this. Annie thinks it through for a moment before muttering thoughtfully, "To be honest, I wouldn't mind having a partner..." There were so many things that could go wrong with this, but hopefully the risk would be worth it.

    "Well, yeah. I'm human." There's no reason to scream. But why does it matter? After a minute, she takes a step back as well, her eyes widening with realization. There could only be one reason anyone would suddenly change like that. "But... you're not human... are you?" She asked, getting quieter, unlike Infinity. Her grip on her staff tightened and she took a second step back. Now didn't seem like a bad time to start running. "You're one of those. A homunculus. Aren't you?"
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  11. Ajax stayed completely still after making the noise. He couldn't tell if the man was human or homunculi. Either way it was better than an infected. "Take one more step and your insides will be outsides." Ajax called out commandingly.
  12. "huh just a human brat well aint i lucky so you from a settlement or something nearby?" John holstered the pistol and took another look at his surroundings before continuing. "No worries im human and i need a place to buy some supplies so do please avoid firing any gun attracting every infected around to our location" There was increasing activity from the surroundings had they caught a scent?
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  13. "Keep the fuck down!" Ajax whispered loudly. "Herd of infected. 20 meters to my left." Ajax quietly removed himself from the rubble. He hit the side of his shotgun and the bolt finally slid forward. "They're catching on. Quickly, there's a building to the west with easy roof access." Ajax was quick to trust John. Anyone who wasn't homunculi or infected was a friend in his book.
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  14. "Of course I am!" Infinity growled, "But you.... you are human! The last human I met nearly killed me! I cannot trust you!" She took a step forward, sliding her machete from its sheath. Her mind was racing, her crazed thoughts jumbling together. Then she thought of something she wouldn't have dreamed of ever doing, until now. She needed allies, and being a massive bitch wasn't going to get them. Besides, if the human girl does anything Infinity could simply crush the girl with a flying boulder. "How about we make a deal? We travel together and fight together, become allies. But if either one of us does something wrong, the other has the right to hurt the wrong doer. Maybe we can find a settlement or something." she wasn't too crazy about hanging around a human, but it was her only hope. "I don't want to do this, but its for the best." Infinity slid her machete back into its sheath before grinning wildly. "So Annnnieee, what do ya say? No or yes? Allies or enemies? You really dont want to be my enemy."
  15. For a moment, Annie thought Infinity was going to attack her, and even though she was pretty certain she wouldn't stand much of a chance against a homunculus, she stepped back and tried to prepare herself to fight. Then, something changed. But even with the other girl's sudden change in attitude, she wasn't as quick to let her guard down. She mulled the idea over in her mind for a moment before sighing and slowly slinging her staff back over her shoulder. "Well, I definitely don't need any enemies," She says reluctantly, taking a step forward. "So... deal. I hope I don't live to regret this, but I'm officially on your team... I guess." She was a little doubtful, but her desire to not be alone was a bit stronger than her doubt. Hopefully this will be worth it.
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