After Murder, Life and Death in Remnant

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  1. (This is a short story based on the outcome of an RP held here some time ago, and is only one of the multiple outcomes for the pair's lives together)

    Pretty Boy had been studying with Yang, Ruby, Weiss, and Blake, along with a whole mass of their friends for a number of years now, and had changed his appearance to better fit in, even adopting the name Graham, for ease of use. He'd started to find his own aura, and had learned to use it properly with some help from the girls

    He and Yang had grown close, going to fight hives of Grimm almost every night, not coming back until early in the morning sometimes. It would be a lie to claim they took that long to fight them, or that they had slipped out for the training, they both enjoyed to be alone, so they could talk about things that had happened back inside of the simulation they were both in, during the Murder Game.

    (By this point, they live together, and have gotten engaged, but not don't really plan to rush into a wedding anytime soon, as it's a fancy and frilly thing they don't need so soon in the relationship)

    Graham smiled and hugged Yang from behind as he walked into the kitchen "Making more chili, Dear?" he asks with a smile, kissing her on the cheek

    "Yup...this pot'll be almost as hot as watch" she says with a smirk "I put extra peppers in this time"

    "Oh boy...I can't imagine eating anything as hot as you...I'd be burned alive from inside" he teases with a smile

    "That's not what you said last night~" she replied boldly

    "Y-Yang...don't say such things..." he mutters with a faint blush "I might have gotten bolder...but you're only going further as I go on..." he whines with a slight pout

    She smiled and giggled "That was the point, babe"

    "You're way too playful..." he mutters with a smirk
    He loved that about her, that no matter how long they'd been a couple, she had never changed, she'd never had to...he loved her the way she was, and he hoped she felt the same about him

    "Come on, let's eat, you goofball" she said with a giggle, eating her chili with a smile as he joined her, doing the same

    It was then the phone rang...

    That damned phone...

    "H-Hello?" he asked with a nervous look, he'd never been contacted by the head of the military before...not for a Grimm nest...this must have been big "O-Okay" he muttered as he hung up "Sorry to spoil the night...but we're needed downtown...big Grimm, some kind of saber tooth by the look of it...we're needed" he said as he slung his coat on and grabbed up his Chakram with a sigh


    He and Yang arrived a few minutes later, to see a huge Grimm, easily the size of 4 big Ursa, it was...nothing short of terrifying. It was chewing on a car when they showed up, bodies strewn around the street as it lay there, it stood upon seeing them, as if knowing why they were there

    He gave her a nod as she fired a round it's face, drawing the beast's focus as Graham split his Chakram into two hand blades, grasping the handles of them as he started to fire the built in guns at the thing, the bullets plinking uselessly against it's hide as he slapped him away with a huge paw

    Graham was flung through a store window as he saw several small bursts of flame on the beast's face, from Ember Celica no doubt. He stood back up shakily and sighed, climbing back out and firing at the fleshier areas of the beast, before dashing forward and slashing the back of one of it's legs, causing it to whine and slam a paw down, which he slashed at too

    Yang grabbed him under the arms and fired a shot down, launching him upwards, and his blades met the beast's neck, the blades biting deep as he gashed the beast open, firing into the wound repeatedly until the beast fell over, dead

    That was when he'd seen her...

    Yang...lying against a chunk of rubble, three rods of rebar pierced her chest as she coughed quietly

    "Y-Yang!" he yelled as he ran to her, clutching her hand "Y-You'll be okay...I promise...just...look at me..." he said, tearing welling up in his eyes

    "G-Graham..." she whispered weakly, her blood staining the clothes she wore heavily "I-I...know when it's time..."

    "N-No...Y-You can't...I-I need can't leave me...please!" he begged, as though she had a choice, his hand clutching hers tighter as he pleaded with her

    "Graham...don't be so naive..." she said with a pained hiss "You think I'll make it with three holes in me?" she asks

    "Please..." he begs, but his words fall on deaf ears, as he sees the all too familiar sight of a corpse
    "D-Don't go..." he begs as he pulls her from the metal poles "Not like this..."

    He holds her body close, and doesn't notice as his changed appearance shifts back to how he was before, the creeping coldness of his flesh, the fog that had began to roll into the city, he didn't notice as words and music flowed into his mind, words of pain and sadness, and to a degree, anger too

    Leaving her body he stood and a stream of cold magic shot straight from his body, freezing and shattering the beast's corpse, as he took his blades and hacked at the biggest chunk of meat he could find, before he felt a hand on his shoulder

    Turning, he saw a ghost, with blonde took him a moment, but he soon wrapped his arms around her in a tight hug " missed me...I've been dead maybe 10 minutes" she muttered with a giggle "You're really lost without me...aren't you?"

    (If you read this whole thing...I can only say congrats...I'm a terrible writer, not much better at RPing, either...but I had to get this little story out of my head and onto the page...even if only for my own sake...
    I hope you enjoyed it a little, even if it was full of grammar mistakes, and it was lacking in a lot of areas...

    Yeah, thanks for reading and I hope you liked it ^_^)