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  1. You're exhausted from work/school/social/doing stuff all day. Maybe a little sore, too. Probably kinda hungry. Generally, you're just glad the day is over

    What do you do to regenerate after a long hard day?

    For me, usually just getting home to a comfy seat and my laptop is good enough, but tonight requires extra-strength. Tonight requires tea, pyjamas, hot shower, and LOTR Extended Editions.
  2. Lucky bastard.

    Anyway, how I unwind is turning on Netflix and playing video games. It used to be hot chocolate with extra whip cream on the top and watching LOTR (non-extended -.-), but I grew allergic to dairy products and my friend's son actually ruined my series. I held a wake for the poor DVDs that would never work again.
  3. Pretty much involves changing to pjs, laying down in bed and browsing le web. Usually chatting with friends or watching videos. Oh, and drinking water. Lots of it.
  4. They're on Canadian Netflix now!
  5. I'm in America sadly.
  6. Hot shower and some whiskey on the rocks. Naked.

    If it's the weekend and I've had a hard week, I'll whiskey and cigar on the back porch.
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Solitude, my computer, and either amusing YouTube videos or some video game. The solitude is a key component, chat programs off and no multiplayer games.
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  9. Video Spree or Low Demand/Effort Video Game.
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  10. Nice shower and taking a nap.
  11. If it's been a tough day, I go ahead and skip to tomorrow. I'll wake up in a new day at two or three on the morning, do everything I needed to do the night before, and go forth to try again on making a day pretty okay.

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  12. I just did that right now. *cries tears of delight*
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  13. Vidya games or anime. Anything to keep my brain from working
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  14. While I'm not in school video games for sure. While in school though? A hot bath and a movie. If I play video games while in school I wont get any work done >> and also snuggles from @Rain of the Night always make me feel better after a hard/stressful/bad day.
  15. If I'm really exhausted? I'll have to settle for Youtube or Tumblr, then let myself zone out for a few hours and eventually feel so tired and zombie-like that I don't even want to get ready for bed when the day's over, thus making me stay up way later than planned. >_>

    Watching the shows that I like and playing video games are both nice options, but they have to be saved for days when I'm only sort of tired... otherwise, I just can't focus on them. @_@ Which is unfortunate, because zoning out on Tumblr or Youtube doesn't really make me feel recharged, just... mildly dead inside.

    That's why, if I find myself consistently overworked and really in need of a break, I'll plan out a nice evening for myself ahead of time, so that I can sit down and enjoy it before I'm completely burned out. :D
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  16. Smoke a little bit. Sit on the balcony surrounded by my garden. Listen to some lake shore soundtrack.

    Maybe some Subnautica or peaceful Rimworld. Sometbing that I know and can just watch progress.
  17. Crawl on the floor to die a peaceful death.

    Sometimes I make myself some hot-coco and listen to music.
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